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  • Dorothy Belshaw at Vegas

    IMC's Belshaw Unveils Phase 3 Growth Plan for 2015

    GDA Editorial Director Warren Shoulberg talks to Dorothy Belshaw, president of Gift & Home Décor, for the International Market Centers, about phase three of the Market’s strategic growth plan, which will be implemented at the Summer 2015 event.  Two new Building C showroom floors will debut: C5 for boutique home decor, textiles and accessories and C11 for gourmet housewares, tabletop and gifts. (Our video reports are brought to you by the International Market Centers.)

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Retailer Excellence Awards

REA Awards

63rd Annual Retailer Excellence Award Gala

August 17, 2014


Retailer Webinar Series

GDA Webinar

If you missed the chance to attend Gifts and Decorative Accessories' live webinar, "Merchandi$ing for $ucce$$," you can view a recorded version of the event. This session featured Liz White, owner of retailer Mason & Madison, and Casey Simmons, owner of retailer STUFF.  Both speakers discuss the best ways to grow and market your retail business.

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  • Pamela Brill

    Talking Walnut

    Pamela Brill

    July 30, 2014

    All Fired Up: Goliath Games Barbecue Party

    Things are heating up in the Walnut house. Summer is in full swing, and the natives are getting a bit restless. (Swimming, library, playing with friends…you know, rough life.) We’d like to think boredom couldn’t possibly set in with another month of vacation, but then again, this is a tough crowd. Because all those sunny days can sometimes get a little too hot to handle, consider breaking with routine and moving the party indoors with a fun new board game. Goliath Games’ Barbecue Party is the perfect summertime game for your favorite preschool. The premise is simple ...

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  • Pamela Brill

    Talking Walnut

    Pamela Brill

    July 29, 2014

    The Whole Tooth and Nothing But: The Tooth Fairy Wars

    The Whole Tooth and Nothing But: The Tooth Fairy Wars In our house, losing baby teeth means big business…and I’m talking about the Tooth Fairy making sure she has enough funds to satisfy the expectant child! Imagine how much easier life would be if a kid would rather forgo his cash reward and hang onto his lost tooth as his prize. Such is the premise of The Tooth Fairy Wars, a picture book that challenges kids to think outside the mouth, so to speak. The story revolves around a young boy named Nathan who’s determined to keep ...

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  • Carol L Schroeder

    Savvy Store Solutions

    Carol Schroeder

    July 29, 2014

    Best Blogs

    A retailers time is always at a premium, which makes me very grateful that you are finding a few minutes to read this blog. But even in the 250 or so blog postings that I’ve written since starting six years ago, I can’t possible touch on the entire range of issues facing independent retailers today. So I’d like to share a few other blog sites with you. 1) The Retail Doctor by Bob Phibbs. Although his focus is not just on small retail, Phibbs writes lively short posts with ideas that often apply to stores of all ...

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