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The Toy Business 2.0

Manufacturers unveil first CPSIA-era products at Toy Fair 2009

4D Cityscape

Markham, Ontario-based 4D Cityscape is unveiling its Fourth Dimension Time Puzzle Series, which lets kids build a model New York City from the 1800s on into the future. It comes with 800 foam puzzle pieces, 130 New York-specific skyscrapers, four bridges, the Statue of Liberty and more. The company is also developing puzzles for Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.


Stamford, Conn.-based 4Kidz will debut its Pinky Dinks fashion finger watches, available in both analog and digital formats, along with the 9-inch-tall Safest Bank in the World, a mattress-shaped coin bank.

Acting Out

Musical dress-up products company Acting Out, Ocean, N.J. this year will introduce its first two-song skirt for ages 3 to 8. The petticoat-style tulle and satin skirt plays “The Hokey Pokey”—which, in addition to its inherent entertainment value, can also help children learn their body parts and right/left—and a high energy version of “The Cancan.”

Adorable Originals

Phoenix-based doll maker and T-shirt company Adorable Originals introduces a new clothing collection for its Adorable Girl soft dolls. The assortment includes seven wardrobe items, including a party dress and pajamas with bunny slippers, among other designs. The company is also introducing Adorable Originals backpacks for boys and girls.

Aeromax's Jr. Cheerleader costume


Just a little practice is needed to master the Megatop Spinning Top by Aerobie, Palo Alto, Calif. But once kids get the knack of this skill toy, they can amaze and challenge friends using the Catching Plate and Spin Booster for balancing tricks. The Megatop looks like an oversized yo-yo and has rotational balance and is weighted for longer spin times.


Girls will cheer for Aeromax's Jr. Cheerleader costume, one of over 20 new children's outfits by the Lake Barrington, Ill.-based company. The one-piece ensemble (pictured) with pleated skirt and matching briefs, pom-poms and a hair scrunchie comes in several color combinations.


Alex, Northvale, N.J., will introduce more than 100 new items in 2009. Making bathing fun for infants and parents are Tub Joy terry bath mitts, the Sea Horse hand-held mirror, Silly Sea and Funny Farm Squirters, the duck-shaped Tub Joy Quacky Cups, Tub Target Screaming Monsters! Squirters, and the Toot! Toot! Tootin' Tubmates animals on rafts (pictured). New to the Alex Jr. line is the

Toot! Toot! Tootin

Toot! Toot! Tootin' Tubmates by Alex

fabric Discovery Car, which lets infants explore tactile surfaces, sounds and more. The Jumpin' Jr. First Trampoline has built-in safety features. Alex Little Hands introduces 23 preschool learning toys, games and craft kits, such as Monsters Play All Day game set and Ready, Set, School! activity set. Budding artists and crafters will enjoy the Pinball Painter finger-powered painting kit; the Knitwear Designer kit, which includes everything needed to make a coat, dress, scarf and leg warmers for 12-inch Molly Dolly; and the Patchwork Quilt kit, which lets kids piece together a quilt for a twin-sized bed.

Alexander Doll

Alexander Doll Co., New York, adds numerous popular kids' characters, including Disney properties (Pooh, Toy Story, Cinderella and Snow White); A Christmas Story (Ralphie in bunny suit); Dr. Seuss storybooks (One Fish, Two Fish); Eloise (Eloise in Moscow); fairytale characters (Humpty Dumpty, Little Boy Blue, the Tortoise and the Hare, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, the Ugly Duckling and Peter Pan's Tinkerbell); Peanuts; and Strawberry Shortcake. Other new dolls include an 18-inch cloth Holly Hobbie, based

Deglingos Rattles by All New Materials

Deglingos Rattles by All New Materials

on the book; new items in the International Series (India, Austria, China, Africa and Mexico); Out and About With Hello Kitty; and two special Wendy dolls packed with mini bears: the Care Bears-themed Wendy Loves Wish Bear and Wendy Loves Paddington Bear. Also new is a Madeline Dress-Up Trunk Set that comes with an 8-inch Maggie. New deliveries to the My First Baby Nursery are Kiss Me blue-eyed baby, Sweet Pie and Baby Powder Pink. Our Little Princess, Bunny Love, Lavender Gingham and Butterfly Rattle join the My First Huggums baby doll line, while Fairy Princess joins the My Little Girl collection. Holiday-themed Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls will also debut.

All New Materials

All New Materials, Montclair, N.J., helps babies explore their new worlds with Deglingos plush toys for newborns. Discovery Deglingos have different activities—squeaks, rattles, crinkles—along with pull string tails that rattle. Deglingos Rattles (pictured) shake things up for baby; Baby Deglingos corduroy mini-blankets are made for durability while Deglingos slip-on booties combine comfort and style for infant feet. Ze Super Zeros plush are an animal menagerie with super powers outlined in each character's biography. A book featuring Ze Super Zeros will be published this year. The company will also debut the eco-friendly Our Children's Gorilla line from Sweden, including the Brownstone and Fire Station Dollhouses and the Skullcave Playhouse, all from recycled materials.

All Star Buddies

All Star Buddies

All Star Buddies

All Star Buddies (pictured) claims kids can play ball inside without freaking out mom, using the Deer Park, N.Y.-based company's sports-themed website. The site is based on a fictional town called Varsity Heights and is a virtual “playground” with stadium games, a school zone and arcade. More games and features will be added this year.

Tick Talk the Voice Recording Alarm Clock by American Innovative

Tick Talk the Voice Recording Alarm 
Clock by American Innovative

American Innovative

Whether it's a scream or a soothing sound effect, kids can custom set alarm sounds with Tick Talk the Voice Recording Alarm Clock (pictured) by American Innovative, Boston. Special effects like a pitch changer, voice-reverser and robo-voice effect make the personal recordings more pleasing and, hopefully, more effective, in getting tots and teens to wake up. The company is also showcasing the Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Nightlight for kids, which glows a soft yellow at bedtime and then changes color to green at the “Ok to wake!” time programmed by the parent. The LCD face includes an analog clock and a digital readout.

Animal Adventure

Organic Beginnings and Knit With Love plush are among the brands coming from Animal Adventures, Minneapolis. Splish Splashers pool and tub toys join Friends From Afar alien characters with light and sound features, along with Patches & Scraps plush characters made from mixed materials. The new Tinami creatures—miniature versions of the popular Jeli Deli characters are housed in a collectible tin—and new Withit toys licensed from the global girls' property will also debut.

Around the Table Games

Camp Talk and Buddy Talk are two new titles by Around the Table Games, Eureka, Mo. The card games explore questions that most interest kids and were culled from kids in that age group. A double deck tin with full playing card-sized Family Talk and Grandparent Talk decks will also hit store shelves this year, along with the 50-question Teen Talk, created with the help of the founder's teenage niece and her friends.

Baby Abuelita adds Baby Javier to its family

Baby Abuelita adds Baby Javier to its family

Baby Abuelita

Baby Abuelita, the Miami-based maker of multicultural dolls reflecting the cultures of Latin America, this year adds its first boy doll, Baby Javier (pictured), to its family of products. Also new is a version of Elberto El Elefante, a character featured in the company's recent Family Fiesta DVD. A second animated DVD is planned for 2009.

Bandai America

New Ben 10: Alien Force action figures by Bandai America

New Ben 10: Alien Force action figures 
by Bandai America

Bandai America, Cypress, Calif., expands its world of aliens and superheroes and its foray into virtual pet worlds with additions to its Ben 10: Alien Force, Power Rangers and Tamagotchi lines. All new Ben 10: Alien Force alien action figures (pictured), vehicles and accessories join Omnitrix Illuminator and Ultimate Omnitrix role-playing sets, along with the Alien Creation Chamber, Time Attack and Alien Creation Transporter playsets. Transforming Alien Rocks dissolve in water to reveal a collectible miniature figure. For a more mysterious result, the Planetary Powder Set reveals a translucent alien figure when the jelly-like substance is scraped away. For the U.S. launch of the Japanese live-action children's series Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Bandai will debut action figures, vehicles and role-play items. The Power Rangers continue the fight against the Evil Space Aliens with new revved-up RPM figures and Super Legends “chase” figures from past Power Rangers seasons. Retrofire Megazord and Moto-Morph figures with signature accessories round out the mix. Bandai will also debut new Power Ranger vehicles and role-play sets, including the Formula Zord Controller. Under the Bandai Creation banner comes a Power Rangers Adventure Set, Rally Crew Set, Sound Sword Role-Play set and Gauntlet. Tamagotchi Music Star: World Tour Edition lets kids nurture their Music Star character with an expanded interactive website. The Tamagotchi Tour Set includes an all- access pass and VIP wristlets and cards for entry to special online features. And straight from Japan comes Mugen Pop Pop key chains, with authentic-feeling bubbles that emit a pop sound like real bubble packaging.

Basic Fun

Pull-A-Tune Xylophone by Basic Fun

Pull-A-Tune Xylophone by Basic Fun

Basic Fun introduces the Fisher-Price Chatter Phone, Pull-A-Tune Xylophone (pictured), Snoop & Sniff, Two Tune TV and Music Box Teaching Clock from the classic toy line it now distributes. A new Ben 10 handheld electronic game will be joined by Ben 10 character key chains. The Southampton, Pa., toymaker also expands it Star Wars Saga and Clone Wars figure key chains and Stack Ems with detailed versions of characters. New Star Trek key chains are based on the original Star Trek and Next Generation TV series and on the upcoming Star Trek The Movie. A collectible assortment of vehicle key chains includes the original Enterprise and Klingon ships. And the original Spiderman key chain with retractable “web” is back by popular demand. Basic Fun will also debut the Madballs Classic Series 3 and Sick Series 3 rubber balls licensed from AG Properties. The Classic Series includes Puck Teeth, Nail Biter, Fist Face, Mosh Pits, Lock Lips and Snake Bait, while the Sick series (slightly larger Mad Balls that feature repulsive squishing action) includes Lock Lips, Squish Fist Face and Mosh Pitts.


Plush toy and lifestyle products maker Bestever, Torrance, Calif., is teaming with Kids Wish Network for a line of Kidz Give Back plush to benefit hospitalized children. The program will see Bestever market three initial plush designs: a puppy, a kitten and a teddy bear. After a Kidz Give Back plush is purchased, the toy's new owner will be prompted to log onto a dedicated website in order to register their purchase using a unique code. The site then notifies Bestever, which in turn donates an identical plush toy to a child in a hospital affiliated with Kids Wish Network.

Yamslam by Blue Orange Games

Yamslam by Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange, San Francisco, brings four new games to market in 2009, including two new versions of its debut title, Gobblet. Originally released in 2001, its standard version of Gobblet gets new packaging and a condensed size for '09. An all-new version of the game, Gobblet Gobblers, combines the original's strategic play with new personalities and characters for a younger audience. Players pick their Gobblers family and line up three of them in a row to win the game. Also new is ChickyBoom, an all-wood balancing game that challenges players to remove chickens from a swaying, rocking roost before it collapses and Yamslam (pictured), a dice-and-chips game that's the latest in Blue Orange's tin games line.


Wooden puzzle by Boikido

Wooden puzzle by Boikido

Boikido Wooden Toys makes the earth its priority with the launch of Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys. The French company uses non-toxic water-based paints on all of its educational and toddler toys, while its packaging is made of recycled cardboard printed with soybean ink. It will debut a range of musical toys, activity toys, cubes, wooden puzzles (pictured), accessories, games, pull toys and ride-on/rocking toys.

Bongo Cats

Denver-based Bongo Cats ties into its bi-lingual online adventure with an assortment of products, including 13-inch plush Bongo Bi-Lingo Buddy cat, an Audio Coloring Book that tells a story as children color in its pages, a Matching Game and a T-shirt.


Buckleyboo's BuckleyDog, BuckleyCat, & BuckleyBear


Babies love challenges and Buckleyboo, Chapel Hill, N.C., offers an animal mix that lets the little ones go buckle crazy while learning problem solving and small motor skills. The Buckleyboo animals are BuckleyDog, BuckleyCat and BuckleyBear (pictured).


Chicago-based Cadaco is expanding its Ryan Oakes Magic series with new show-stopping tricks, The Sword & The Stone (pictured) and The Magic Lunch Box. Both include a step-by-step DVD featuring Oakes. EnviroBLOX cornstarch building blocks also make a comeback in biodegradable workshop, kitchen, pet and monster sets. In computer gaming, Cadaco debuts GameBytes micro games that plug directly into a USB port;

The Sword in the Stone by Cadaco

The Sword in the Stone by Cadaco

titles include Speed Racer, Bella Sera, Color Lines and What's New. In new traditional games, Tripoly Word is a new version of the classic that does not use cards, while QuadDoku is a take on Sudoku using a 4-by-4 grid and letter tiles. Say No More uses LCD screen technology to guide players through clues. Through the Clues is a tricky word game. In the activity realm, the company will also debut Boom Ball Paddle Bal, which emits a boom-like sound each time the tethered foam ball is struck, and the Big Draw Chalk Drawing Machine, which lets kids create enormous sidewalk drawings.

Cardinal Games

Cardinal Industries, New York, debuts new Disney Fairies versions of its basic checkers, dominos, bingo and card games. A Tub Full of Games and Game Pack on Wheels include all the Fairies games and also come in Cars, Princess and Mickey Mouse versions, along with a board game and card game based on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place. For Nickelodeon, Cardinal has two games involving iCarly, iCarly Charades (a card game in a tin) and a board game that challenges players to act out “iCarly-isms.” Also new are Chinese checkers, dominoes and classic card game versions of the preschool show Ni Hau, Kai Lan. Cardinal celebrates the 10th anniversary of SpongeBob SquarePants, meanwhile, with new games and packaging. Also new this year is the ESPN Score Card game.


Carson-Dellosa Publishing, Greensboro, N.C., introduces Time to Rhyme and Opposites Attract, which take a page from classic lotto and memory matching games. Additional new learning games include Whatever the Weather and the math-oriented Zoom Around the Town. The Big Book of Dot-to-Dots and More!, The Big Book of Hidden Pictures and More! and The Big Book of Mazes and More! offer more than 200 learning activities and stickers in each book.

Chatterchix trading cards by Chatterchix

Chatterchix trading cards by Chatterchix


Chatterchix, Dunedin, Fla., offers tween girls a trading card game that showcases the diverse interests and personalities of modern girls across the 50 states. The line includes a Starter Set—cards, a binder, stickers and more—plus packs of basic ChatterChix trading cards (pictured). Each character card represents a girl from a different state, and features rhyming bios describing her appearance, personality and lifestyle, plus facts about the state where she lives. Also offered are ChatterPet cards.

Courage Brands

Spongebob Squarepants pen by Courage Brands

Spongebob Squarepants pen 
by Courage Brands

Kooky Klickers novelty pens get a makeover from Las Vegas-based Courage Brands, with Kooky Kollectibles featuring Toy Story, SpongeBob SquarePants (pictured), Star Wars, Shrek, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh characters. Collectors now have their own Kooky Fun Club with special membership benefits and a website, along with an exclusive pen called Desmond. Also new is the Fuzzy Luck key chain, a faux fur version of the classic rabbit's foot charm.


Crayola, Easton, Pa., puts a large part of its focus for 2009 on babies with its Beginnings Baby assortment, for ages 6 months and up, and Crayola Beginnings, for toddlers aged 18 months and beyond. Beginnings Baby products allow infants to manipulate colorful objects rather than lay down color, with each age-

Color Explosion 3-D by Crayola

Color Explosion 3-D by Crayola

appropriate toy designed for what babies can do at this stage: patting, pushing, stacking, nesting, pressing and pulling. Products include the Rainbow Tower, Drop & See, Pop & See and Slide & See. For toddlers, the Washable TaDoodles Ta-Doodler is a soft and cuddly musical character who encourages toddlers to color outside the lines. For bigger kids, Crayola's Color Explosion line expands with two additional drawing products: Color Explosion 3-D (pictured) and Color Explosion Extreme Surprises. Color Explosion 3-D is offered in “Regular” and twice-as-wide “Widescreen” versions; Color Explosion Extreme Surprises comes in Black or White editions, each with distinct features.

Crazy Chins

Wolfe Brothers Face Art & FX, the Orlando, Fla.-based supplier of face paint to make-up artists and the publishing industry, has joined forces with Crazy Chins to support the launch of a new product line of Crazy Chins face paint kits, which include face paint, props and design tips for kids to create their own upside-down chin characters. A website is also debuting.

Creativity for Kids

Make Your Own Animal Puppets by Creativity for Kids

Make Your Own Animal Puppets by Creativity for Kids

Creativity for Kids, Cleveland, introduces four Creativity Kits—Press On Nail Party, Mini Flower Frames, My Handprint and Clay Key Chains—along with craft kits geared toward boys. Planets–Create a Solar System Mobile combines astronomy and crafting with foam balls and air-dry clay to create the planets. Kids can customize a wooden car with paint and rub-on transfers and stickers using the Custom Street Machine. Sky Diver Paper Airplanes are made by simple folding techniques, jazzed up with stickers; a sky diver and parachute are included. Kids can create pet rocks with the Deluxe Rock-a-Doodle, while Deluxe Shrinky Dinks kits include all the supplies needed to shrink several designs into charm bracelets, hair clips and key chains. New to the company's expanded preschool line are Make Your Own Animal Puppets (pictured), which comes with three socks, wiggly eyes, felt shapes, and fuzzy embellishments to turn the foot warmers into elephant, pig, cow or toucan puppets. Finally, new Finger Prints puts a twist on finger painting with paper and roller and a plastic sheet that allows kids to create a transfer print of their paintings.

Crowley Jones

Dino-Blasters water guns for ages 3 and up by CrowleyJones, Austin, Texas, provide two pump-action dinosaur characters—Raptor and Tri-tops—with animated head action.

Naughty Monsters pillows by Crown Crafts

Naughty Monsters pillows by Crown Crafts

Crown Crafts

A child who gets out of line may spend some time-out time with Naughty Monsters pillows (pictured) by Crown Crafts, Gonzales, La. The Naughty Monsters pillow has a talking timer that counts down a child's time-out as set by the parent. While in the time-out a child has to sit on the pillow until he hears the friendly monster say, “You can get up now, but don't be a naughty monster.”


The Itty Bitty Whack is the mini version of the Patty Whack security blanket by Cuddlebugs-n-Cocoons, Apex, N.C. The 10-inch round plush blanket has soft knotted ears that babies can hold, and opens into a snuggle bunny made of a mink-like fabric in six different color combinations.

Daydream Toy

Clip-Clop Puppets, the soft marionette string animals by Daydream Toy, Hoboken, N.J., are now available in Mommy and Me sets of grown up and matching “baby” puppets. Toddlers can easily grasp the tangle-resistant control bar to maneuver the strings and make Mama Pig & Piglet, Mama Mouse & Baby Mouse, and Mama Horse & Colt perform and dance. Additional Clip-Clop Puppet styles for 2009 are Giraffe, Cow and Stegosaurus. Play With Your Food mealtime games add Dinosaur and Princess sets to the menu. Each toddler set comes with a plate (game board), matching mug and game spinner that teach healthy eating in a fun way. The SquashBlox line of soft upholstered building blocks also goes prehistoric with six new dinosaur sets. The company will also be showcasing the Doodle-Track Car, which “drives” along a track that kids draw using the enclosed marker.

Debi Derryberry

Known as the voice of television's Jimmy Neutron, singer and voice-over artist Debi Derryberry, Toluca Lake, Calif., takes Baby Banana, a character that appeared on her calypso-themed children's CD What A Way To Play, to new levels with a live tour, an interactive website, the Baby Baana and the Licorice Tree easy-reader book and a CD entitled Debi Derryberry's Baby Banana. A Baby Banana plush toy is in the works for the third quarter.

Dodge Tag by Diggin Active

Dodge Tag by Diggin Active

Diggin Active

Diggin Active, Emeryville, Calif., is debuting its new Dodge Tag (pictured), a two-player dodge ball game in which players don air-mesh vests and try to throw soft balls onto their opponents. Also new this year is Boom Boom Hockey, which comes with an oversized hockey stick and a large puck for kids to play a safe version of indoor/outdoor hockey.

Dinosaur Packs by Discovery Post

Dinosaur Packs by Discovery Post

Discovery Post

Avon, Conn.-based Discover Post will introduce two themed Discover Packs—Dinosaurs (pictured) and Fairies—which contain illustrated fun fact cards, collectible magnets, stickers, trivia and activity books with games and puzzles. Companion pieces are fold-out magnet display boards, which come with additional magnets and a fun facts poster.

Douglas Company

Tooth by Douglas Company

Tooth by Douglas Company

Fashion forward Douglas Company, Keene, N.H., adds Sassy Pet Sak Sillos to its stylish mix. The puppy and pony silhouette-shaped bags have long shoulder straps and zipper closures, while "Tooth" (pictured) is a funky mongrel. Ten other Sassy Sak looks in 2009 will be available, along with the Zen Blossom Sassy Tote. In addition, the company will debut a new breed of Lil' Snugglers, with five new styles of blanket featuring signature crinkle paws and tail—Golden Retriever, Dalmatian, Beagle, Yellow Lab and German Pointer—set to hit stores soon.

Vase-Overs by Dunecraft

Vase-Overs by Dunecraft


How does your garden grow? It's quite easy with Plants That Work by Dunecraft, Cleveland. Sweet Leaf and Aloe kits include everything needed to sprout and maintain an indoor garden terrarium. Sprout 'n' Grow Greenhouses (which start the growth indoors of sprouts that can be replanted outdoors) are available in the Amazing Moving Plant, Tasty Tomatoes, Poppin Petunia and Banana Bonanza themes. Curious George Winter Wonderland Garden and the Curious George Make Your Own Snowman World are also new this year. Mini Science Fair Kits may take the headache out of school projects with new Botanical Discoveries, Water Plant Adaptations Exploration and the Astounding Polymer Properties Observation Kits. For fun without the science, Vase-Overs (pictured) turn ordinary vases into colorful flower holders. Using a special foam solution, a clear vase can become a multi-dimensional container with glitter accents and decorations.


LeapFrog learning systems get a host of accessories for its Leapster 2, Leapster, LMax, Didj and VTech lines from Edu*tainment Solutions, Brandon, Fla. Tech savvy youngsters can store and organize hardware,

Animal Sounds Tot Towers by eeBoo

Animal Sounds Tot 
Towers by eeBoo

accessories and games in the aluminum cases and backpacks. Additional items are AC and DC power solutions and starter kits with children's headphones.


Eeboo, New York, adds new advent calendars, art supplies, games, stacking towers and lacing cards. The company's advent calendar line now includes Bringing Home the Tree and the animal-themed Christmas Eve Parade. EeBoo's art supplies assortment, meanwhile, adds Monkey, Elephant and Tiger with Birds sketchbooks; a 32 Color Oil Pastels set; and a 24 Color Pencils set. New games titles include the Wildlife Matching Game, Bug Dominoes, Picture Dominoes, the Nature Memory Game, the Fairytale Spinner Game and the Spin Me A Rainbow Puzzle Game. EeBoo's learning-focused Tot Towers line also expands with new designs: All Around the Land, Read To Me, Nursery Friends, Alphabet, Animal Sounds (pictured) and Shaker ABC Abecedarius. Also new are the animal-themed Life On Earth Lacing Cards.


German manufacturer Eitech is entering the American toy market with expandable metal construction sets. The component systems and construction units are interchangeable and use screw-in technology.


It's not just about glue anymore. Elmer's Products, Columbus, Ohio, is looking for a niche in the early learning market with Kinder-Ready educational toys, which are designed to teach and reinforce early skills, and are adorned with artwork by children's author/illustrator Eric Carle. Elmer's also hopes to make science stick with MythBusters science kits that follow the Discovery Channel show's techniques using a “trial and error” hands-on format to prove or debunk a number of scientific mysteries. Elmer's is also introducing a line of portable arts and

Quackgammon by Endless Games

Quackgammon by 
Endless Games

crafts activities featuring Disney's My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Camp Rock, Cars and Toy Story. Some of the products in the line include: wallet-size scratch-art activities; zip-up portfolios; roll-up pouches filled with markers, stickers and pads of paper; and backpacks that fold out on kids' laps to become all-in-one art studios.

Endless Games

Backgammon on-the-go for beginners can be played with Quackgammon (pictured) by Endless Games, N.J. Instead of checkers, players move their small flock of flying fowl pieces in the Quick Picks travel-sized game. A different take on the classic tic-tac-toe is what you get with X-Ceter-O, a Quick Picks travel game that incorporates a bit of chess and other strategy games. For more active fun, The Official Foam Table Tennis Set lets kids (and adults) play anywhere, any time. Its adjustable plastic net snaps together easily, while its foam balls and plastic paddles make it suitable for indoor play.

Exciting Unlimited

Exciting Unlimited, New York, is looking to make the job of changing baby's diaper a bit easier with The Happy Hat. The Happy Hat is a one-size-fits-all hat designed to be worn by caregivers in order to keep babies calm while in the midst of a diaper change. Attached to the hat is a mobile-style assortment of baby-safe, eye-catching plush toys that encourage motor development and coordination, as well as excite the child's visual and tactile interest. The company's Happy Bib offers a similar solution for difficult meal times. Its bib is a vinyl apron with pullable and stretchable plastic toys attached to it that keep babies entertained while keeping caregivers' hands free to work the spoon.

Bella the Bunny by Fair Indigo

Bella the Bunny by Fair Indigo

Fair Indigo

Joobles knit stuffed plush are meant for two purposes: to provide fun for children and as a means of employment for rural and urban Peruvians. So claims Fair Indigo, the company behind the Joobles line made by Peruvian artisans and started by a family to help local impoverished workers. The soft animals are constructed of organic cotton grown in Peru and colored with eco-friendly dyes. In the Joobles menagerie are Bella the Bunny (pictured), Buzzy Bug, Calley the Cat, Jiffy the Giraffe and Mel the Monkey.


Vernon, Calif.-based Fiesta has lots in store this year, including 15 new Lazy Beans jungle-themed animals in various sizes; 12 animal styles of the new Peek-A-Boo Plush pillow; and the Blanket Babies line of plush animal babies. On the big side come a new 40-inch Orca and dolphin and a 20-inch monkey. New styles of Animal Trolley Back Packs include an 11-inch monkey and bear and a 10-inch orange clown fish. Also new are the Whimsical Colored Animal Fun 20-inch monkey with sound chip (in lime green, tangerine orange and hot pink), as well as other hot-hued animals such as a butterfly and a big-eyed clown fish. Meanwhile, the Fiesta Kidz collectible plush collection is comprised of 10 animals at affordable price points. New Mamma & Baby panda, brown bear and black bear styles all come with a pouch-like denim sling to hold their babies. Finally, Fiesta goes green with Tales 4

Music Learning Pals by First Act

Music Learning Pals by First Act

Tomorrow, a brand that combines animal conservation with games and online play for kids, and from which 5 percent of the sales proceeds will be donated to help save endangered species.

First Act

Boston-based lifestyle music brand First Act this year unveils the Little First Act Discovery line, the company's first line of musical learning toys for infants and toddlers. Shake 'n' Stack Instruments is a 2-in-1 stacker with hidden musical surprises. Crawl 'n' Go Drum is a calypso character with two music learning modes. Music Learning Pals (pictured) are instrument characters created to help babies learn their ABCs, 123s and basic music concepts. My First Harmonica & Learning Book and My First Recorder & Learning Book are “first” instruments for toddlers that teach through a color-coded system.


Dora the Explorer grows up with a new look and a new interactive doll with the Jr. High Dora and Friends line from Fisher-Price, East Aurora, N.Y. Kids can plug Dora into a computer and play games, customize her and watch her speech change to correspond to a child's play. Through Dora Links, kids will be updated to new mysteries uploaded to the Dora site. To celebrate Sesame Street's 40th birthday, Fisher-Price is taking the tickling and dancing features of Elmo and putting them into one toy: Elmo Tickle Hands, two furry hands that fit a child's and are activated with the press of Elmo's nose. One press will set the tickling in motion; a second


Fisher-Price's 3-in-1 Smart Sports 
learning system

press activates the dance mode. Straight from the Handy Manny world of work comes Manny's Repair Shop, complete with kid-sized blueprints and tools—Pat the Hammer and Felipe the screwdriver—to make six projects. From the Nick Jr. series Ni Hao, Kai-lan, comes an interactive I Feel Super doll depicting Kai-lan. Mickey's Magic Choo Choo is a classic train set but with a twist: the train lays its own tracks, just like on the special episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and then picks them back up again. Also new in 2009, the Little People brand commemorates 50 years with a year-long celebration beginning in March; Fisher-Price will mark the occasion with Little People 50th Birthday Play 'n' Go Farm and Play 'n' Go School playsets. For little budding builders, the Trio Basic Set, Trio Fire Station and Trio King's Castle all come with bricks, sticks and panels. And in its Get Up, Get Smart, Get Going preschool active play and learning toy line, Fisher-Price offers up the Smart Fit Park and 3-in-1 Smart Sports plug & play learning system (pictured).

Yellow lab puppy by Folkmanis

Yellow lab puppy by Folkmanis


A frog instantly turns into the handsome prince with a new dual-puppet design by Folkmanis, Emeryville, Calif. The Frog Prince, with his big, goofy eyes and smiling mouth that says “Kiss Me,” is transformed by flipping the 14-inch puppet inside out. More fantasy fun is in store with the 13-inch, long-legged Frog in Spaceship puppet, which features a shiny retro flying saucer. For realistic animal play, several full-bodied puppets are debuting: the 14-inch Black Bear Cub; the 20-inch Calico Cat; the 17-inch Floppy Bunny Rabbit; the 17-inch Yellow Lab Puppy (pictured); the 11-inch African Grey Parrot; the 13-inch cockatoo; the 10-inch microfiber Small Duck; the 11-inch Short-Eared Owl; the 10-inch Small Peacock; the 17-inch Australian Shepherd; and the 14-inch Baby Galapagos Tortoise. For its finger puppet collection, Folkmanis also introduces a 7-inch Flower Princess finger puppet; a 4-inch Mini Chick; an 8-inch Mini Pheasant; and a 9-inch Mini Weasel. New to the Stage Puppet line is the 12-inch Elephant, crafted with a patent-pending pull-ring animator to move its trunk.

Heist game by Fundex

Heist game by Fundex

Fundex Games

Girls can now text message when trying to guess their secret admirer as Fundex Games, Indianapolis, re-introduces the Dream Phone electronic game with updated features for the cell phone age. Players from the pre-teen and tween sets try to figure out their secret admirer from clues received and by calling one or several of 24 different boys. Also new this year are Heist (pictured), a family game where players compete to crack the vault code to win without setting off an alarm, plus a new Star Trek board game and two dice games—Blackout and All In—for ages 8 and up.


Funrise Toy, Van Nuys, Calif., introduces the Gazillion Bubble Rocket, the Bubble Flyer, the Bubble Bobble Train and Cement Mixer and the Gazillion Adjustabubble Machine. For younger enthusiasts, Funrise offers Disney Bubble Wubble “No-Spill” Tumblers with Pooh, Tigger, Mickey and Donald characters, along with Cruising Mickey Park and WALL-E Motorized Bubble Machines (pictured). Funrise also introduces Tonka P.O.D.S., portable multi-themed playsets to create large play environments. The three themes—dirt, sand and water—interlock with each other and are stackable. Each set comes with a sturdy Tonka vehicle and additional play accessories.


Newton, Mass.-based Gamewright will introduce eight games this year. Walter Wick—Can You See What I See? Finders Keepers Game is a visual game of hide and seek. Ring-O Flamingo, the Frantic Fling-a-Ring Game, has players race to fling their lifesavers around the necks of the flamingoes, but not the alligators. Too Many Monkeys, A Totally Bananas Card Game, has players help Primo the Monkey chase away unwanted guests at a surprise pajama party. Say Cheese!, the Quick Pics Dice Game, has players roll dice to match the characters on the game's photo booth cards. Pool Sharks, the Shark Shootin' Pool Game, is a fast-paced game of underwater billiards in which players vie to shoot the most balls into the fish pockets without sinking the Eight ball. Polar Derby, the Roller Bears Dice Game, has participants roll colored dice to collect high scoring polar bears from the rink. This Big!, A Very Fishy Card Game, features “big fish and even bigger fish tales” as players cast a lure card from their tackle box, then pick from their opponents' cards in hopes of landing the big one. Funny Business, the Hilarious Game of Mismatched Mergers, is a party game in which players try to come up with the cleverest name for a company made from two wildly divergent businesses, like a bakery and a barber shop.

The Goldberger Company

The Goldberger Company, New York, offers dolls under two new brands, Comfort Kids and Seedlings. Comfort Kids Belly Brites have light-up tummies that change colors in a sequence to help relax and calm babies kids. Seedlings soft dolls (Ivy, Baby Blossoms and Willow) are made of natural cotton, with boxes of recycled

Pop the Pig game by Goliath Games

Pop the Pig game by Goliath Games

material. Also new are Goldberger's Basic Training Look & Learn dolls, which feature black on white patterns to encourage visual development. Each doll comes with a “hang and hold” ring for playing. Molly Manners is a baby doll designed to teach good habits. Press her tummy to hear a song encouraging children to say “please” and “thank you.”

Goliath Games

Dallas-based Goliath Games brings Pop the Pig (pictured) to the U.S. this year, along with its Clever Together line of European interactive games. It includes a version of checkers that incorporates secret compartments called Trapdoor Checkers, and Word Quest, a word search game played on a rotating board.


GoZone's Football Dice Game

GoZone Games

Los Gatos, Calif.-based GoZone is introducing the third game title—GoLong Football Dice Game (pictured)—in its dice-based series. Featuring elements in the game of football, players will roll the dice to gain yardage, make first downs, kick field goals and score touchdowns.

Green Rock Entertainment

As a follow-up to the success of its Cahootie game, Chicago-based Green Rock is releasing My Fab Future in which players learn about their career, family, home and fun. Another title, Would You…, lets players choose between options.

Green Toys

Going green in '09 is easy, thanks to a new line-up of eco-friendly toys fashioned from recycled plastic milk containers from San Francisco-based Green Toys. Among the new items is a recycling truck, a dump truck, tool kit, EcoSaucer Flyer and jump rope. All products are packaged in recycled boxes.

Griddly Games

Griddly Headz Football Game by Griddly games

Griddly Headz Football Game 
by Griddly Games

Game players looking to test their smarts will have ample opportunity with Wise Alec, a new game for ages 8 and up from the Vancouver, Canada-based Griddly Games. Opponents try to earn points as they move around the board, answering school curriculum-based questions in three different categories. The company will also add a new Griddly Headz football game to its existing line-up of sports-themed games.


Edison, N.J.-based Gund adds a new giraffe and elephant-themed collection to its GundBaby infant line in a palette of blue, green and khaki or pink, green and khaki. It includes activity plush in several sizes, pull-down teethers, an activity mat, beaded rattles and plush. Also offered is a matching GundBaby Gear assortment of changing pads, diaper and bottle totes, blankets and pacifier pods. The GundBaby line also has new blocks in either pink or blue—Matching Blocks, Square Puzzle Blocks, Alphabet Stacking Blocks, and Elephant Puzzle Blocks—as well as Buggy Buddies, an assortment that includes the Deetle Activity Toy, the Flutter Activity Butterfly, an Activity Mirror, the Skeeter Activity Toy, a Stacking Toy and a Bowling Set; the soft I Love You Dolls in both 7-inch and 12-inch versions; and the Duck Bath Ensemble, which includes a 10-inch Terry Cloth Bath Puppet, a three-piece Tub Toy Set and a hooded Duck Bathrobe. And for one of the company's non-baby lines, Gund has partnered with the San Diego Zoo for an initial 8-inch assortment featuring six of the zoo's most visited animals: Kubali, a cheetah cub; Zhen Zhen, a panda cub; Orson, a black jaguar; Kalluk, a polar bear; Mek Degong, a tiger; and Silver, a giraffe. Also new this year are two interactive ballerina bears (part of Gund's Twirly Girly assortment); the Mechanical Rocking Horse, a 32.5-inch plush pony attached to a wooden rocker; and the Get Well Soon Bear, a 16-inch interactive teddy crafted of honey colored plush.

Henni figure by Haba

Henni figure by Haba


Skaneateles, N.Y.-based Haba offers plenty for babies this year, including new Paul the penguin and Henni the hen rattles, a soft Henni figure (pictured), a Henni wooden/fabric clutch toy, a Henni's House wooden/fabric clutch toy, and new play rugs/blankets featuring Henni or Paul. New pacifier clips come in smiling Wooly lamb and Pixie's World themes. New mobiles are Buzz-buzz and four mini models: Pirate-Joe, Airy-fairy Fred, Musical Henni Hen or Paul's Musical Ship. New for toddlers are the Ducky Duck Pulling Animal, the chunky wooden Terry Train; Cory Caterpillar; and the Tony Tractor Pushing Vehicle. In games, standouts include Animal Upon Animal—The Duel, Wiggling Cow, Casino Hot Dog and a new mini version of Numbers Pirates. New picture books include Picture Dictionary: Farm, My Toys and Good Night. New play food items are Pancakes, Grilled Chicken, French Baguette and Tiziano Assorted Ice Cream. Also new this year is the soft velour Paulina the Horse, along with a new Doll Horseback Riding outfit.

Handstand Kids

Children's cookbook publisher The Handstand Kids Cookbook Co., Los Angeles, grows its product line to include Handstand Kids All-Purpose Mats, multi-purpose kids' placemats that also function as cutting boards and workstations. All are dishwasher-safe and phthalate-free. In the initial assortment are country placemats focused on Italy, Mexico and China, and a fourth that illustrates a kitchen scene. Every mat includes translations of cooking utensils and foods used in the Handstand Kids' recipes from the primary language of that country into English. The reverse side of each placemat introduces kids to the Handstand Kids characters.

HaPe International

Pingos pull toy by HaPe

Pingos pull toy by HaPe

Playtime is happenin' with the latest toys from the Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada-based HaPe. Little maestros will be able to make beautiful music using the 42-piece Quadrilla Composer Set, while babies and toddlers will delight in a trio of new wood toys that hinge on classic modes of play. Switchback Racetrack has a double racing ramp with four vehicles; Pyramid of Play is comprised of five colorful nesting blocks featuring numbers, letters and more; and the Pingos penguins pull toy (pictured) will have little walkers waddling after them. Four new puzzles, seven hand glove puppets and four large hand puppets round out the collection.


The Pawtucket, R.I.-based company is cookin' up new culinary treats with the latest Easy-Bake line extension. The classic Oven & Snack Center sports its original aqua color and comes with three mixes, two baking pans and other accessories, while the Decoration Sensation Frosting Pen lets little bakers put the finishing touches on their baked goods. Preschoolers can play mommy to baby…dinosaurs? That's right, Hatchlings respond to touch with a variety of movements and sounds. Martian Matter Alien Lab lets mad-scientists-in-the-making

Play-Doh Spaghetti Factory

Play-Doh Spaghetti Factory

build their own cosmic creations. My Little Pony gets even smaller with the Newborn Cuties line of figures and playsets. The Nerf brand introduces its first new line in 20 years with the launch of the N-Force Short Sword Assortment of flexible, durable weapons for ages 6 and up. Play-Doh does pasta with the Spaghetti Factory (pictured), and kids will go bananas for the Coco-Nutty Monkey that molds fruit and mini monkeys when his tail is pressed. New to the Clipo building line for toddlers in the Clipo Hippo to which kids can attach their creations and wheel him around the room. The Star Wars line expands its accessories with Trooper Helmet, Trooper Blaster and Electronic Lightsaber. Finally, to mark the 20th anniversary of the Super Soaker, Hasbro is bringing back the original Super Soaker 50, which dons an updated look and can blast water up to 50 feet.

HQ Kites & Designs

A slew of new themes are on tap for HQ Kites & Designs of Chesapeake, Va. Among the new designs, to be featured on diamonds, deltas and sled kite models, are: sharks, dolphins, clownfish, fairies, dragons, air and spacecraft, butterflies, frogs, ponies, kittens, puppies, flames and phoenix. Each kite features a hand-sewn

Curious George Discovery Beach Game by I can do that! games

Curious George Discovery Beach Game 
by I Can Do That! Games

appliqué or colorful dye sublimation on a ripstop nylon or polyester sail.

I Can Do That! Games

Seattle-based I Can Do That! Games is going bananas with three Curious George-licensed titles. The Curious George Discovery Beach Game offers a seashore scavenger hunt adventure in five secret beach locations for ages 3 to 8. A new twist on a classic game, the Curious George Hide and Seek Zoo Game, lets players ages 4 to 8 don zany zoo masks, work a walkie-talkie for special zookeeper announcements and get on their feet to help find missing zoo animals. And for the child who always likes to offer a helping hand comes the Curious George Super Helper Game, which encourages kids ages 3 to 8 to determine who needs their assistance by making the right match.

Wedgits Pink and Purple Activity Tote by ImagAbility


ImagAbility, New York, is introducing additions to its Wedgits construction toy line: an assortment of mini Wedgits sets in Owl, Dog and Frog themes; a Wedgits Pink & Purple Activity Tote set (pictured); new Expanman and Expannie sets, and several Wedgits by Rubbabu sets.


Tapping into little ones' innate curiosity comes a line of new infant/toddler toys from Boulder, Colo.-based ImagiPlay. For babies ages 6 months and up are the EarthWorms (pictured), while toddlers get the Rolling Snail Sorter, Rolling Turtle Spinner and the Fruit Cutting Set. New block sets include Jungle Buddy Blocks and Farm Buddy Blocks (4-piece sets that each form six different

EarthWorms by ImagiPlay

EarthWorms by ImagiPlay

puzzles) and the Safari Stacking Blocks, a 10-piece set of stackers in the shapes of animals. New puzzles in the Colorific Earth line include Butterfly Alphabet, Apple Tree Feast and Counting Dinosaur. Meanwhile, the ColorMeUp Puzzles line (in which kids can paint their own with safe watercolors) gets nine new offerings; new craft kits are Hen & Chick, Runnin' Bunny, Butterfly, Love Bears and Love Cows; while new 3-D counting/alphabet puzzles are available in Kitty Alphabet, ABC Tree, Counting Octopi and Counting Pups. ImagiPlay's Toy Store in a Box is a new set of 28 nesting/stacking wooden boxes, inspired by 1950s architect Asta Berling's designs. The Green Magic Set, designed by green magician Steve Trash, is the first ever eco-friendly and eco-themed magic set. It includes three magic tricks—Green Energy Cube, Pollution Paddle and Eco Wands—each with an accompanying ecological story. Several new green games will also debut for various ages: Tumblin' Tree, EcoRanch and Spinning Tops; the latter is the first offering in ImagiPlay's Global Games division.


Norwalk, Conn.-based InnovativeKids makes bathtime fun with two new waterproof books in its iBaby Float-Alongs line: Tiny Tugboats and Little Turtles. New titles in the Green Start series include: One Tree, Baby Animals, The Five Senses and In the Garden. New to the Junior Groovies series are At the Seashore and In the Wild. New to the Little Pirate science series are Is a Spider an Insect? and What's in the Egg? The Now I'm Reading! line takes on an artistic component with the launch of Read It! Write It! Draw It! Also under this brand are two new games, Sight Word Slap and Hangman Riddles, which aim to enhance reading and math readiness. New additions to the Phonics Comics series round out the line-up: Teeny Genie, The Fearless Four: Brace for Battle and Twisted Tales II.

Zippy Zoomers vehicle by International Playthings

Zippy Zoomers vehicle by International Playthings

International Playthings

The Parsipanny, N.J.-based International Playthings will add significantly to many of its lines this year. Calico Critters will get its first line of branded plush, along with new families and playsets. Expansions to the Earlyears brand will include Zippy Zoomers pull-back vehicles (pictured), Whirly Bugs Fill 'n' Spill and Waddle Toddle Turtle. The debut of the Star Baby line of electronic developmental toys will feature Animal Snackers and Flex Around Friends. New Gotz dolls are Brunette Maxy Muffin and Blond Maxy Muffin. Under the iPlay brand of games comes Speedy Delivery and Pop 'n' Drop Penguins. New to the iPlay bath line are Scrub-A-Dub Dogs, the Piddler Paddler assortment of frogs and dogs and the Lobster Caddy. The Kitchen Littles line grows with new barbeque grill, turkey dinner and teatime sets. The Taggies line now includes a giraffe rocker, ringing telephone, a camera and a fishing set. Imaginetics magnetic playets have been redesigned this year; Enchanted Forest, Fun on the Farm, Dinosaurs, Make a Face Hangman, Travel Picture Bingo, USA Map have all new colors, fonts and graphics. In addition, brand-new Imaginetics sets include Beauty & the Beast, Under the Sea, Puppy Play, Dinosaur Days and Amazing Animals. New Quercetti products include Qubò, an 18-piece interlocking set; Daisy Castle Blocks; and Combi, which features both a pegboard and a magnetic dry erase board. New in the Yookidoo line are the Stack 'n' Stream Tub Fountain and the Flow 'N' Fill Spout. Okiedog will also debut a new Parent Handle for all of its ride-on toys. Under the Viking Toys umbrella, a new licensing deal has spawned a Volvo cars line for ages 12 months and up, while the existing Chubbies line now features Mom and Baby cars in animal motifs. International Playthings is also launching a new line of reusable activity sets called PlayDate Central; each comes with hosting tips, instructions and play ideas. The initial lineup includes Puppet Show, Wikki Stix Activities, Get Up and Go Games, and the interactive Giant Activity Tablecloth.


Now there's even more chances to win big prizes, thanks to the release of Toronto-based iToys' platinum Edition Deal or No Deal game. Available in both handheld and tabletop versions, the electronic game based on the hit TV show by the same name includes five $1 million briefcases to choose from. And in the handheld arena, iToys is launching an electronic KenKen, the new Japanese brain-teaser that's sure to appeal to Sudoku fans. It features thousands of puzzles (from very easy to extremely difficult) on a backlit, touch screen, plus removable stylus and sound effects. Also new is the i-Top, a futuristic top that offers smooth spins, two challenging game modes and hidden secrets.


Chuckie Chan by Jada Toy

Chuckie Chan by Jada Toy

Buyers will want to crack the Jacabee Code from Atlanta-based Jacabee. A multimedia adventure series for ages 6 to 12, each story in the 12-book series is based on historical events and requires interactive problem solving. After reading the books, kids can extend the experience online.

Jada Toys

Cartoon Networks' Chop Socky Chooks gets a push from licensor DCI with a collection of 6-inch action figures from Jada Toy, City of Industry, Calif. The initial assortment of figures includes each of the show's heroes—KO Joe, Chick P and Chuckie Chan (pictured)—as well as the villainous Dr. Wasabi, with accessories plus a bendable Ninja Chimp figure.

Jakks Pacific

Malibu, Calif.-based Jakks has an extensive portfolio for 2009. New Cabbage Patch Kids will include Fairies as well as Snap 'n' Style CPK dolls, which feature hair extensions. Hannah Montana fans will get the Quick Switch Doll, which changes identities by spinning her hair; the Remix in Concert Collection in '80s-style clothing; and a Classic Holiday Doll, which comes with a gem-studded microphone stand. New plush includes three Domo designs as well as 12-inch Smurfs that sing. New Classic Smurf Figure Packs will also debut, followed by new figure packs and playsets, including the Mushrom House and Deluxe Windmill. New pint-sized fashion accessories and playsets include Pony In My Pocket Stylin' Pets, Puppy In My Pocket

Puppy In My Pocket & Friends Little homes

Puppy In My Pocket & Friends 
Little Homes by Jakks Pacific

& Friends Fantasy Collection Jewelry Packs & Little Homes (pictured) and Puppy In My Pocket & Friends Newborn Care Center, followed up with mini Baby In My Pocket accessories and playsets. NASCAR fans ages 5 and up will be clamoring for the new Pit Scenes and 3 in 1 Racing Set; additional NASCAR items include the Real Racing Helmet, Daytona Speedway Track Set and Voice Command Rumblin' Racer R/C. New for Pokémon are the Fossil Restoration Station and Rival Reactors sets, followed by the National Pokédex (which includes all 493 Pokémon), and Pop 'n' Battle Pokéballs. New Neopets items include 5- and 10-inch collector plush and Mini Pals, which are wireless handhelds packed with games and activities. And under the Star Wars license, a line of Mythos kites and 4-foot inflatable pool vehicles will debut.

The Jimmies

New York-based rock-band The Jimmies will debut a DVD and CD, Make Your Own Someday,” for kids at Toy Fair this year. It features “15½” tracks of power pop, rock, swing and dance with funny, kid-friendly lyrics.


After debuting in Europe, Passaic, N.J.-based Kiddimoto will unveil its balance bikes to the U.S. toy market. Designed to resemble motorcycles, the birch plywood bikes have no pedals or training wheels, prompting children ages 2-5 to steer and balance themselves. Kiddimoto bikes come in two styles: the Scrambler, which looks like an off-road motor-cross bike, and the Superbike, which is crafted to look like a real street


Pick 'n' Plow backhoe by Kid Galaxy


Kid Galaxy

Preschoolers will be ready to don their hard hats when playing with the Movin' Motors Construction Vehicles line from Kid Galaxy, Manchester, N.H. Each of the three new construction-themed vehicles—the Dump 'n' Drive dump truck, the Pick 'n' Plow backhoe (pictured) and the Lift 'n' Load loader—comes with its own removable working motor.

Kids Give

Kids Give's 21 inch 
Piper doll

Kids Give

Los Angeles' KidsGive sends its Travel Charmers soft dolls to a host of new world destinations in 2009. The 16-inch soft dolls with coordinating charms now includes KidsGive's first Travel Charmers version of Piper (pictured) from the company's core Karito Kids 21-inch doll line. She'll go to Ireland. The rest of the assortment includes Zoe Goes to England, with palace guard charm; Ling Goes To Russia, with Siberian tiger charm; Gia Goes To Greece, with sailboat charm; Lulu Goes To Egypt, with Cleopatra charm; and Pita Goes To Argentina, which cowboy boot charm. Each of the souvenir charms attaches to the separately sold Karito Kids bracelet.

Kids Preferred

Kids Preferred, East Windsor, N.J., adds the license for the PBS series Between the Lions; it will debut six bean-bag plush versions of the primary characters, plus two 10.5-inch hand puppets. Based on Sam McBratney's best selling children's book about a young hare and his dad, the Guess How Much I Love You Soft Book will debut, along with a 16-inch hand puppet of the Nutbrown Hare and a 5.5-inch Nutbrown Hare Jack In The Box. For in-store events at specialty stores, Kids Preferred is also offering a Nutbrown Hare costume. To mark the 70th Anniversary of Ludwig Bemelmans' children's book heroine Madeline, Kids Preferred is showcasing seven new products: two 13.5-inch dolls (a 70th Anniversary Madeline as well as a Dressable Madeline); a 9-inch Madeline Beanie and an 8-inch Genevieve Beanie; plus hardcover and paperback versions of the original Madeline book; and a hardcover of Madeline and the Cats of Rome. Meanwhile, the company's Asthma & Allery Friendly plush line expands with the addition of the 11-inch Buttercup Doll, 12-inch Floppy Froggie and Floppy Monkey plush toys; and 8-inch On-The-Go Puppy and On-The-Go Elephant plush toys. Kids Preferred is also growing its Amazing Baby line with four additional activity items: the 14-inch Blanket Teether Bunny, a 6-inch Pop-Up Activity Ball, and the Developmental Sound Puppy and Kitty plush toys.

Kiz Toys

Alpharetta, Ga.-based Kiz Toys is poised to unveil its KizPlanet Global Playground. The virtual world ecosystem connects children from around the globe in a 3-D interactive environment through KizPals, a line of action figures featuring original characters, each of which unlocks new games and points of interaction online. The world also includes customizable KizMoto vehicles.


Air Action set by K

Air Action set by K'Nex

Hatfield, Pa.-based K'nex will debut six new Kid K'nex construction sets for ages 3 and up: Furry Friends, Panda Pals, Racetrack Buddies, Building Zone Buddies, Zoo Buddies and Railroad Pals. Also new for ages 2 to 5 are Sesame Street Elmo's World in medieval, outer space, Old West and pirate themes. Meanwhile, the Sesame Street Town Collection adds Ice Cream Truck, Police Car, Police Station and 1-2-3 Brownstone building sets. For ages 5 and up, the 4X Dragsters are a new line of speedy race car sets. For the same demo, K'nex will debut three multi-model building sets: City Rides, Tractors & Trucks and Dinosaurs. Each includes special features like motion, lights and sounds. In the Collect & Build series, new themes include Air Action (pictured), Racecar Rally and Moto–Bots. In the Road Rigs series, K'nex adds Flatbed, Semi, Pick-Up and Dump Trucks. New to the Amusement Park Series is a motorized Super Swing with more than 400 parts, while the a 600-piece Loopin' Lightning Coaster and a 1,200-plus-piece Lava Launch Coaster join the Thrill Ride collection.


Kubit2me, Lisle, Ill., taps into the tween market by revamping a party game favorite. The Kubit2me Truth or Dare Edition, targeted at ages 8 and up, prompts young girls to talk openly as they toss the plush cube. Players get to wear glitter scoring bracelets after successfully completing their turns.

The Lafayette Puzzle Factory

A new assortment of jigsaw puzzles from Lafayette, Ind.-based Lafayette Puzzle Factory includes Chalkboard Puzzles, which come with a large piece of chalk that kids can use to add to the puzzle design; SilverLined Foil 750 Piece Puzzles; Bob Languish 300-Piece Fantasy Horses; 9-foot Royce McClure Puzzle Planet; Scrapkins 100-piece and recycling activity puzzles; and the Fuzzle Soft Floor Puzzle, a 48-piece large-format floor puzzle aimed at young kids.

SuperWhy? action figure by Learning Curve

SuperWhy? action figure by Learning Curve

Learning Curve

Learning Curve, Oak Brook, Ill., is introducing a complete range of SuperWhy! toys this year, ranging from action figures (pictured) and role-playing sets to a plush talking doll and a Wave & Learn Magic Spelling Wand. The Caring Corners brand goes outside with the Happy Camper Talking RV and assorted doll collections. The Thomas Wooden Railway Talking Railway Series expands with new playsets, including Great Discovery, Stop & Greet Station, Morgan's Mine and Brendam Barrel Company. The Lamaze brand offers two new spots for baby's tummy time: Spin & Explore the Sea Gym and Discovery Pyramid, while Play and Grow adds Princess Sophie, Kerry the Fairy and Adrian the Alien developmental toys.

Learning Resources

Learning Resources' Reading and Math Game

Learning Resources

Learning Resources, Vernon Hills, Ill., celebrates its 25th anniversary with a slew of new products. Highlights include Number Bugs and Colorful Caterpillars; Funny Phone Early Listening Game; Jitterz Fast-Paced Trivia Game; Got it! Reading & Math Game (pictured); Number Knockout Electronic Math Game; Perfect Pointer; and the latest in the Pretend & Play line: a fishing set with all the necessary equipment.



Lego's Mindstorms NXT 2.0

Leading the pack this year for Lego, Enfield, Conn., are three new Thomas & Friends Duplo sets for kids 18 months and up. My First Lego adds a fire station, castle and pirates. Also new this year are the stand-alone Lego Pink Brick Box Large kit; Mini Jet, Mini Off-Road, Propeller Power, Race Rider and Fiery Legend kits in the Creator series; and Mini Tractor, Go Kart, Rally Truck, Quad Bike and Snow Groomer sets in the Technic series. New to Lego City are the BBQ Stand, Minifigure Collection and Classic Car sets, along with a host of construction vehicles. Over at Lego Farm, kids can lend a hand with the new Tractor, 4WD truck with horse trailer and a combine harvester. New and expanded themed lines this year include Lego Pirates, Power Miners, Space Police, Agents 2.0, and Castle. New Racers this year include a remote-control racer and a Lamborghini model. Meanwhile, Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (pictured) has been redesigned with high-tech motors, sensors and software. And to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Lego Star Wars, new vehicles and minifigures will be introduced, including a Vulture Bomber and Attack Shuttle. The toymaker will also expand its Indiana Jones and SpongeBob SquarePants lines. And Bionicles adds six Agori models, plus several other sets.

Storytelling Zaki by Life

Storytelling Zaki by Life's Building Blocks

Life's Building Blocks

Inspired by two parents seeking character-building toys, Escondido, Calif.-based Life's Building Blocks offers a range of activities-based products. Storytelling Zaki (pictured) is a singing plush chameleon with color-changing fins on his back that respond to different situations, while The Spruce Street Six chapter/activity books aim to engage young readers with puzzles and adventures that require problem-solving skills.

Little Kids

Little Kids, Providence, R.I., is debuting the Bubble Twister for preschoolers as well as animal-themed No-Spill Bubble Friends Bubble Tumblers in lion, polar bear, penguin and monkey shapes. In the licensing arena, the company will offer

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! No-Spill Bubble Tumblers by Little Kids

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! No-Spill Bubble Tumblers by Little Kids

Nickelodeon-themed No-Spill Bubble Blitzers featuring Dora, Diego, and Pablo from The Backyardigans; two NASCAR Bubble Racers; and the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! No-Spill Bubble Tumblers in regular and mini sizes (pictured).

Lucky Break Wishbone

Now everybody can make a wish. The Seattle-based Lucky Break Wishbone Corporation is introducing its holiday party pack of 24 Lucky Break Wishbones. Display assortments are also available for retailers.

Manhattan Toy

Minneapolis-based Manhattan Toy is bringing to market more than 100 new products. The Groovy Girls soft doll line expands to include 25 new SKUs, including three 13-inch dolls with the Troop Groovy Girls collection; a new assortment of 13-inch mermaid dolls; a pet assortment; plus more standard dolls, new outfits and RSVP dolls. Manhattan's baby line adds 14 products, including WhooHoo, a new character for its Whoozit stroller; an unpainted version of its Skwish infant tactile toy; three Squeak-Peek activity plush animals; three more Soft Books; two new Snuggle Pods; and a new toy line called Baby-Ville that features baby photography from Penny Gentieu. The Puzzibits line of flexible 3-D puzzle art adds six sets that include either 150, 300 or 450 pieces. Its plush assortment adds upwards of 20 characters, including three 20-inch Beep Bots robots, seven 8-inch Jingle Jumbles jungle characters, five 8-inch Waggles plush dogs, and five 7-inch Babees pastel-colored plush. Puppets grows with 10 new collections, including 10-inch Flipflaps; 8-inch Jungle Snugglies and Country Critters farm animals; 4-inch Pop-Out Puppets; and seven collections of 3-inch Finger Puppets. Manhattan will also distribute a full line of Automoblox wooden cars, including full-size and mini cars.

Mary Meyer

Mary Meyer stuffed bear

Mary Meyer's stuffed bear is made 
from recycled plastic bottles

Plush toy maker Mary Meyer, Townshend, Vt., ups the eco-friendly ante this year with its Fuzz that Wuzz line, a collection of 11 plush playthings—including bears (pictured), dogs, cats, bunnies and even a moose—made almost entirely from fabric spun from recycled plastic bottles. Also green are the EarthMates, soft toys made from all-natural materials, such as 100 percent certified organic cotton fabrics and stuffing. The collection debuts with 6-inch soft rattles; 5-inch soft toys; 8-inch and 12-inch Big Bear plush; and 15-inch-square Baby Blankets. Mary Meyer's Taggies line expands with the eco-friendly Natural Stuffed Animals; the European-inspired, upscale Taggies Colours assortment; and two new baby play assortments: Cutsie Caterpillar, in a “girly” palette of pastels, pinks and greens; and Mango Monkey, which mixes green and orange. Each collection includes a Wooby Chew Activity Toy and Security Blanket, a Fluff 'n' Play busy box, rattle, squeeze toy, baby blanket, activity toy and musical wind-up. The Sweet Chocolate Collection features double-duty Pillow and Blankie Bears, Chime Balls, and 6-inch Small and 11-inch Large Bears.


The original bathing suit-clad Barbie makes a return—this time, in an updated black-and-white bikini trimmed

Barbie Pink from Mattel

Barbie Pink from Mattel

with Barbie pink. As a tribute to her March 9, 1959, debut, the new Bathing Suit Barbie will be available on that same day in 2009 for the original $3 sale price. Her signature shade will also be prominent in the Barbie Pink line of dolls (pictured) and playsets this spring. In the Barbie fashion and Beauty collection, girls will have a chance to style both their doll and themselves with the Style Salon, Totally Nails Stylin' Hands Playset and other products. In her latest storybook role, Barbie becomes a modern-day Thumbelina this spring, starring in a themed DVD and appearing in related playsets. The Barbie Collector series celebrates her 50th anniversary and also reprises six all-time favorite Barbie dolls that have spanned the last five decades. The company will also be launching three Star Trek dolls based on this summer's movie. In the DVD Games realm, Scene It? will add a new Star Trek title to its line-up, while Travel DVD Games will star two preschool favorites: Dora and Diego. The Hot Wheels brand is on track with Color Shifters, die-cast cars that change color in warm and icy water; and Power Revvers, which can be revved up to make the cars go faster. Last year's launch of Trick Tracks paves the way for several new expansion sets. Little Mommy gets a leg up with a Scoot So Cute doll that crawls and coos when spoken to. Matchbox takes to the swamps with the Croc Escape Pop Up Adventure Set, and role-playing items like the Lights and Sounds Helmet and Construction Claw. Girls can now build their own shopping destination with Polly Pocket Designables, comprised of playsets that resemble mall courtyards and stores, with dolls and accessories. The Prehistoric Pets family welcomes a new addition: Screature, a fast-snapping interactive dinosaur. Radica Games gets funky with four new U.B. Funkeys collectible figures. Girl Tech introduces Sugar Cubes, digital fashion charms with more than 75 different animations. Tetris meets gravity with Tretis 360, which lets kids play the game on all four sides in four different

The Learning Cube by Maxim Enterprises

The Learning Cube by Maxim Enterprises

modes. Finally, Tyco R/C adds a Turbo Pro Wheelie Cycle Motorcycle.

Maxim Enterprises

The Learning Cube (pictured) by Maxim Enterprises, Lakeville, Mass., joins Cookie Jar Entertainment's Mommy & Me toy line. It combines five interactive developmental toys into one product: a play clock with removable hands, a shape sorter, a baby-friendly abacus and a magnetic wipe-off board with animal magnets.

Mega Brands

Montreal-based Mega Brands focuses on boy-friendly action for the many of its new products. MagNext MetalOns are four magnetic warrior figurines that allow kids to build, destroy and quickly interchange parts. Streetz is a customizable “micro-scale”

Mega Brands

Mega Brands' Ultimate Battlebot

city with touch-motion technology. The Streetz Advanced Series includes two playsets: Blaze Craze, with a fire fighter rescue setting; and Sky Crane Tower, a construction site set. A 175-piece Chopper Pursuit playset comes with touch command-powered vehicles that activate light, sound and motions. Streetz Collector's Wheel includes seven exclusively decorated vehicles in one pack. NEO Machines join the NEO Shifters action figure line with the Ultimate Battlebot, a 15-inch-tall deluxe transforming figure; Heavy Assault, a two-SKU series of 12-inch figures that transform into vehicles; and the 9-inch Rapid Attack pilot figures. All come with a CD of content. Mega's Xtreme Sports assortment is a street-themed construction line that lets kids build stunt scenes for MicroMotion-controlled figures; playsets and packs featuring skateboarders and bikers include the Skatepool Showdown, Vert Madness ramp, Flair Pipe, Big Air Half-Pipe and Skate Shop Stall. MagNext Battle Strikers are magnetic spinning tops that kids can recharge as they spin; the line includes Starter Packs, the Turbo Striker Arena and 16 individually sold Strikers. iPark, Mega's line of DIY amusement park ride models, expands with a new iCoaster that's twice as tall as the original, plus adds the Furious Wheel ferris wheel and Vortex Rev. The Mega Bloks Build 'n' Go Table is play table that comes with 20 Maxi Mega Bloks pieces and features folding legs and an integrated handle.

Megatech International

The Chopper 1 helicopter by Megatech International

The Chopper 1 helicopter by Megatech International

North Bergen, N.J.-based Megatech takes flight with a host of new R/C planes. The Interceptor is an aerobatic jet with twin motors for performing loops, vertical climbs and other tricky maneuvers. The Chopper 1 helicopter (pictured) features counter-rotating blades for superior stability, as well as a high-power lithium battery pack for extra-long running times. Megatech's B3 helicopter boasts high-lift wings and twin motors for an enhanced flight, while the Real World Helicopter series can hover at heights of up to 50 feet.


An assortment of new plush toys and dolls based on both classic and new beloved children's storybooks are being introduced this year by Oakland, Calif.-based MerryMakers. The collection includes an 8-inch Bread and Jam for Frances Doll in the likeness of the lovable badger from the books by Russell Hoban; a 9-inch Duck and Goose Doll Set based on the book of the same name; and a 12-inch Scaredy Squirrel Doll from the hilarious new picture book series written and illustrated by Mélanie Watt.


Among its many new collectible offerings, Mezco, Long Island City, N.Y., will be showcasing Living Dead Dolls Series 17—Urban Legends. The line includes The Hook (complete with titular horror prop), The Vanishing Hitchhiker (dressed in letterman jacket), The Unwilling Donor (with removed kidney), Spider Bite (with scary facial bump), and Bloody Mary (with mirror). Each doll comes packaged in its own coffin, complete with urban legend. Other new items include The Wolfman Prop Replica Medallion, a double-sided cast metal prop replica of the infamous medallion worn in the original film as well as Hellboy II: The Golden Army 18-inch Hellboy figure and 3.75-inch box set, and Heroes figures in Series 1 and 2.

Genuine Monkeez sock monkeys from Midwest

Genuine Monkeez sock monkeys from Midwest


Cannon Falls, Minn.-based Midwest debuts its Genuine Monkeez collection, a colorful line of plush sock monkeys (pictured), gifts and decor items designed to encourage kids to embrace classic play patterns and use their imaginations. Magnets are safely hidden inside monkeys' hands and feet for added fun and play value, and tags specially designed for each character feature their name and favorite activity.


Taking a page from the U.S. military's own training manual, the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based ModelWorks will introduce this year a special kids' version of real jet models used to demonstrate aerial combat maneuvers with its new ActionJetz toy planes. Special ActionJet handles, called Jet Blasts, enable kids to spot their planes as they manually fly them around the room or outdoors. The ActionJetz collection includes an F-18, A-10 Warthog, B-2 Bomber and F-16 in both Air Force and Thunderbird designs.

My Pillow Pets

Penguin pillow by My Pillow Pets

Penguin pillow by My Pillow Pets

My Pillow Pets, San Diego, Calif., offers plush companions that double as pillows. More than 20 styles are offered, all made from high-quality chenille, in either 11-inch or 18-inch sizes. Available plush animals include Alli Alligator, Mr. Bear, Buzzy Bumble Bee, Fluffy Bunny, Ms. Sassy Cat, Cozy Cow, Snuggly Puppy, Squeaky Dolphin, Puffy Duck, Nutty Elephant, Friendly Frog, Jolly Giraffe, Sir Horse, Ms. Lady Bug, Loveable Lamb, Leaping Leopard, Cowardly Lion, Silly Monkey, Comfy Panda, Perky Penguin (pictured), Wiggly Pig, Mr. Tiger, Tardy Turtle and Ziggy Zebra. Plush backpacks are also available in Dog, Duck, Ladybug, Monkey, Panda, Penguin and Pig versions.

Mini-Cooper Ride-on by National Products limited

Mini-Cooper Ride-on by National 
Products Limited

National Products Limited

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the classic car, Hong Kong-based National Products Ltd. is launching a Mini Cooper Ride-On (pictured). Available in pink or blue, this car's 12V rechargeable battery lets it travel 2.5 mph forward or reverse; it also features a beeping horn, FM radio and chrome wheels.

Ohio Art

Ohio Art, Bryan, Ohio, gives its Etch a Sketch a makeover in 2009 with two new products: the Freestyler, a version of the iconic drawing toy that swaps out its generations-old dual knob control system for a single control button; and the Magic Pad, which retains the knobs for drawing straight lines but adds a stylus for drawing squiggles. In another innovation, the Magic Pad's stylus also erases, so kids no longer need to shake an entire image into oblivion just because of one mistake. Ohio Art's iconic Etch A Sketch also gives its seal of approval to a magnetic doodler, the Etch A Sketch Doodle Sketch. The Doodle Sketch comes in three versions: the full-size Classic, plus Travel and smaller Pocket iterations.

Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific's SmartGlobe Elite

Oregon Scientific's SmartGlobe Elite (pictured) for ages 5 and up becomes even more intelligent with wireless updates and an interactive LCD screen. The Tualatin, Ore.-based company's Hot Wheels Launch and Learn may look like a car on the surface, but inside is a laptop featuring eight math games. By attaching their Hot Wheels track system to the front of the laptop, kids ages 5 and up can insert their Hot Wheels vehicle, answer math questions and watch how fast their car can go (based on the number of correct responses.) The Barbie Dance and Learn jewelry box has two ballerinas inside that dance as young girls play games and answer questions correctly. The Clone Troopers Learning Laptop comes with 30 games that involve math, memory skills, music and spelling, while the eGenius Learning Laptop boasts 92 learning activities in English and 10 in Spanish.

Backseat Drawing by Out of the box publishing

Backseat Drawing by Out 
of the Box Publishing

Out of the Box Publishing

Dodgeville, Wis.-based Out of the Box is showcasing a handful of new games for ages 8 and up. In Backseat Drawing Junior, players must race to identify drawings, but the artist can only follow the instructions given by the director. In Ninja Versus Ninja, players lead their teams by eliminating all their opponent's Ninjas, but run the risk of being eliminated themselves. Word on the Street tests the word prowess of players who must demonstrate the ability to both work together and do it quickly. The Supersonic card game entices layers to get rid of their cards by matching colored rings on previously played cards. 7 Ate 9 rewards players who are quick at math, while Run Wild accelerates traditional Rummy.

Patch Products

Beliot, Wis.-based Patch Products is introducing Pass the Pup, a fast-paced preschool game that's a take-off on Hot Potato. A family game entitled 100 Really Dumb Things You Have to Do While Playing This Game has

Pass the Pup by Patch Products

Pass the Pup by Patch Products

players doing everything from walking like a gorilla to hula dancing. Know It or Blow It! is a party game that tests teams' knowledge of general information and fun facts. This summer will mark the release of three Where's Waldo? Ahh Ha! Games: Across America, On a Safari and In My Town. BeFour You Know is a family game of secret colors and surprising endings in which players aim to get four in a row. In Now What?, players make up “senseless solutions to strange situations,” using everyday items to dream up tall tales. Buzzword Bits, inspired by the award-winning Buzzword and Buzzword Junior, offers players letter combos to help them solve a set of clues. An updated version of Malarky is also debuting, along with To Go Games, a six-in-one set (Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, Mancala, Snakes & Ladders, Chinese Checkers and Backgammon) that's packaged in a vinyl storage bag.

Bug Out! by Peaceable Kingdom Press

Bug Out! by Peaceable Kingdom Press

Peaceable Kingdom Press

Berkeley, Calif.-based Peaceable Kingdom Press brings the realm of larger than life into little hands with its Dinosaurs-in-a-box: A Prehistoric Playworld, which has an expandable play scene with a volcano, 10 dinosaur skeleton stand-ups and reusable sticker dinosaur skins. New designs in its domino games line include Space Aliens, Fairy-go-Round, Bug Out! (pictured) And Doggone. The company's new Gift Book Sets for babies and toddlers are towers comprised of three board books that introduce children to the world around them. Alphabet Blocks are constructed with sturdy paper board for tower building and stacking, so kids can play as they learn their letters. Four new designs include: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Goodnight Moon, both based on books by the same name, Animal Alphabet Blocks and A to Z Fun Alphabet Blocks.

The Pencil Grip Co.

Los Angeles-based Pencil Grip has gotten a handle on the kids' market with Gripables—Comfortable Cutlery. Each set includes a stainless steel fork, spoon and knife with soft, notched handles, enabling little fingers to grasp them with ease. Gripables are latex-free, dishwasher-safe and non-toxic.

Book Buggee by P

Book Buggee by P'Kolino


Making its first appearance at Toy Fair, Dania Beach, Fla.-based P'Kolino will be highlighting its line of toys, room décor and furnishings. Among the assortment are Book Buggee (pictured), a transportable holder that toddlers can tote their books and other treasures inside; a complete line of soft toddler seating, including a couch that converts to a sleeper; a table and chairs set; desk and craft table; an art easel that doubles as a puppet theater and an extensive line of infant/toddler toys.


Playmates' Gormiti line lets boys collect hundreds of characters

Playmates Toys

Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Playmates is focusing on two major lines for its 2009 releases. The toy line for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's directly relates to the new TV show's D-Wheels, trading cards and Battling Monster Figures. New toys include figures, Duel Runner vehicles, and Yusei's Wrist Dealer, which holds and deals trading cards. The figures are equipped with special resistors that retain information about the figures' powers. Other new products include role-play products and Yusei's Duel Disk, which holds and flips trading cards and keeps track of points. The Gormiti line lets boys collect hundreds of characters (pictured), create their own customized battlefield, strategize with battle cards for enhanced game play and tap into an online world for additional information on the Gormitti story and characters. The initial collection includes battle figures with cards and a playset. The product line will expand in the fall to feature additional collectible figures and playsets. Each figure includes a card with a secret code that enables kids to unlock exclusive games and downloads on the website.

Playroom Entertainment

Acting Out–The Pajama Party Game for Girls Who Don

Acting Out–The Pajama Party Game for Girls Who Don't Have Stagefright

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Playroom's Killer Bunnies line expands with Laser Red and Ultra Violet Booster Decks, each containing three new sectors for the board game, 55 new playing cards, new ships, markers, dice and planets. Also being showcased are Livingstone, a new beautifully illustrated strategy game in the same vein as its Portobello Market and Ilium titles, and tween games from Swingset Press, for which Playroom is the specialty market distributor. In this collection are the Frendz Pakz girls games featuring fashion, future, fortune-telling, BFF games and personality quizzes; new to the line this year is Acting Out–The Pajama Party Game for Girls Who Don't Have Stagefright (pictured). New to the Bright Ideas Games line is Trading Faces, a silly card game in which players guess each other's facial expressions.


Fun is on the agenda with three whimsical animal-themed toys from Woodinville, Wash.-based PlayVisions. Club Earth, a division of PlayVisions, introduces the Bubble Oh Frog, which produces bubbles from his mouth,

Kimochi Hugoctopus by Plushy Feely

Kimochi Hugoctopus by Plushy Feely

along with Splashy dashy Otter, a battery-operated gliding toy that works in the pool or bath. As a follow-up to its Clackers product, Maracas Clackers make even more music.

Plushy Feely

The San Anselomo, Calif.-based Plushy Feely Corp. expresses itself with its Kimochis line of small pillows, which have a feeling printed on one side and a corresponding facial expression on the other. Each Kimochis plush character comes with a set of three feelings and a How-To Kimochis Feel Guide. Characters in the line-up include Kimochi Cloud, described as moody and a bit unpredictable; Kimochi Bug, a caterpillar that is afraid of change; and Kimochi Huggtopus (pictured), who is all smiles and giggles.

Pressman Toys

Rummikub Kids Edition by Pressman Toys

Rummikub Kids Edition by Pressman Toys

Pressman gets its game on this year with the Seinfeld Trivia Game, which tests players knowledge of the sitcom. Other new licensed additions include board games that feature Chorion's colorful Mr. Men characters, and puzzles based on Curious George and Bo Newell's surrealistic wildlife artwork. New versions of The Original Rummikub include a Large Numbers Edition and a preschool version, Rummikub Kids Edition (pictured). Also for kids are the new preschool game Ring Around the Nosy, which features colorful elephant masks, and a new action game that stars the character Splashy the Whale. The company will also launch two new family-friendly party games: Animal Instincts and Pass the Bomb.

Trunko, by Pretty Ugly

Trunko, by Pretty Ugly

Pretty Ugly

New to the Uglydolls from Pretty Ugly, Edison, N.J., is the quick-to-overreact plush Trunko character (pictured), available in the classic Uglydoll plush size. The company will also be showcasing The Ugly Guide to Being Alive and Staying That Way, aimed at ages 6 and up, which is published by Random House. It takes readers through all the major milestones of day-to-day life in the Uglyverse.

Prime Time Toys

Prime Time

Prime Time's Blaster Board

It will feel like summer already with Hong Kong-based Prime Time Toys' Max Liquidator, a water shooter disguised as a floating foam noodle. A companion product, the Blaster Board (pictured) is a Liquidator, kickboard and shield all in one. Other products in the line include Critter Blaster, Hydro Blaster Max and Pro and the Eliminator, all designed for pooltime fun.


Morris Plains, N.J.-based RandomLine has expanded its children's activity pad series with the release of two new Squiggle titles. Bugs On-The-Go and Dinosaurs On-The-Go aim to appeal to children who love animals, love to draw and are all-around creative. By spinning the pad's wheel, kids are inspired to transform the pre-printed squiggly line into a full-fledged version of the bug or dinosaur they land on. RandomLine has also launched a dedicated website to extend the experience.


Razor's RipRider360

Razor USA

Cerritos, Calif.-based Razor USA is ready to ride with a trio of new scooters and bikes. The Razor Spark Kick Scooter has a special foot-controlled mechanism that gets riders ages 8 and off on the right foot. Toddlers can ride like the big kids do with the Razor RipRider 360 (pictured). This three-wheeler features rear dual-inclined wheels that let kids ages 5 and up spin 360 degrees. The Razor Pocket Rocket has been revamped to now be able to reach speeds of up to 15 mph. This mini bike runs off a rechargeable battery for up to 30 minutes of continuous use, and is targeted at kids ages 12 and up.

Restoration Gallery

Global Green Pals by Restoration Gallery

Global Green Pals by Restoration Gallery

Restoration Gallery, a newly created, New York-based manufacturer, introduces a line of eco-friendly, organic dolls for kids ages 4 and up. The 12-inch-tall Global Green Pals—Carbon Offset Chet, Clean Air Kate, Recycle Kyle, Pink Coral Laurel and Pani Rani (pictured, next page)—are a group of young explorers from around the world who highlight environmental issues. They come packaged with story booklets printed on recycled paper, and the company will donate a portion of every purchase to environmental efforts.

Rich Frog

Rich Frog's Organic Wash mitts

Rich Frog

Rich Frog, Burlington, Vt., introduces Organic Rich Frog, a collection made in Sri Lanka by a Fair Trade-certified manufacturer that's certified organic and colored with low-impact dyes, with hang tags made from recycled stock and soy-based inks. The assortment includes Organic Reversible Hats; Crinklers; Wash Mitts (pictured); Organic Baby Slippers; and Blankie Dolls, lovable stuffed animal designs with floppy “arms.” The assortment is available in classic designs of green frog, blue dog, yellow duck and pink bunny.


Bridgwater, U.K.-based Russimco has launched Ecotronic Toys, a line of eco-friendly electronic toys that don't require batteries; the line includes a submarine, tug boat, dolphin and whale, as well as the Robot Head Buzz Wire Game that tests a player's steady hand. The Ecotronic flashlight line is being expanded with zoo flashlights featuring a monkey, tiger, panda and penguin, as well as four farm animal flashlights. Russimco will also expand its Retro Games brand with The Classic Game of Leap Frog, a circular board game; the horse race-themed The Steeple Chase Game; and Magnetic Fishing.



Safari's Bald Eagle from the Incredible Creatures Collection

Miami Gardens, Fla.-based Safari is introducing the Carnegie Collection, a line of scaled dinosaur replicas that have been researched and authenticated by the paleontologists of The Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Mythical Realms is a collection of creatures inspired by ancient Greek myths; it includes Poseidon, Sea Dragon, Griffin, Pegasus, Minotaur, Chimera, Unicorn and Phoenix. Also being launched is The Incredible Creature collection, which ranges from the Bald Eagle (pictured) to bats and hermit crabs, to flying tree frogs.

Sakar International

Expanding its line of Crayola-licensed products, the Edison, N.J.-based company is offering an AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio with MP3 Player dock, plus an MP3 Player with a speaker/voice recorder. Sakar will also debut a line of LeapFrog-branded consumer electronics, including a


Schleich's new fantasy Knight figurine

talking digital camera, a PC Microscope and a PC telescope with compass.

Schleich North America

Ottawa, Canadian-based Schleich is enhancing its World of Elves series with eight new figurines. Zahor is one of two new fantasy Knight figurines (pictured) specifically aimed at boys. The company will also unveil a new model of Quarter Horse, which is one of its 33 new animals. Among the seven new baby animals from Schleich's 2009 Wild Life collection are Meerkat Pups, Zabra Foal, Gnu Calf, Leopard Cub, Ostrich Chick, African Black Rhino Calf, Gazelle Fawn and Camel Foal.

Schylling Toys


Schylling's Flatsy Birthday Party playset

Rowley, Mass.-based Schylling is gearing up for its second round of introductions to the Flatsy doll line. Following last year's relaunch of the popular 1970s fashion doll, Flatsy is back again: this time with three themed playsets—Slumber Party, Birthday (pictured) and Dance Time. Each set comes with two Flatsy dolls, which add to the collection of 12 new Flatsy dolls in the core collection, plus outfits and accessories. Flatsy Take-A-Long sets come in a printed vinyl tote bag and with a Flatsy pet.

Scratch Magic Wacky Scratch art kit

Scratch Magic Wacky 
Scratch art kit


The Avon, Mass.-based Scratch-Art is itching for buyers to see its new line for 2009, which includes the Scratch Magic Wacky Scratch art kits (pictured). Wacky Scratch kits create the illusion of movement and dimension when kids scratch away the black coating to reveal artistic patterns. Each kit contains four sheets, a stencil and wooden stylus. Among the various new releases in the Wacky line are Dizzy Dots, Poppin' Patterns (pictured), and Loony Lines.


The London-based company that helped bring the Rubik's Cube sensation to light is back at Toy Fair this year with a challenging puzzler new inspired by that classic. Launching in May, the Rubik 360 is a spherical puzzle whose object is to steer six colored balls through the holes, while contending with the force of gravity.

Silly Willy

Silly Willy Toys, Hemet, Calif., expands its game line this year with Trango, a new game in which strategy, opportunity and a little bit of luck all play a part in players' success. Trango's object is to make shapes using the interlocking game tiles, while blocking opponents from completing their shapes.

Silver Dolphin Books

Bugs book by Silver Dolphin Books

Bugs book by Silver Dolphin Books

Berkeley, Calif.-based Silver Dolphin is building on many of its established series with lots of new titles in 2009. The Journal of Invention Series for ages 10 and up will add a book on Leonardo da Vinci complete with 3-D pop-ups. The Moving Windows Series for preschoolers will add Old MacDonald and The Wheels on the Bus, while The Puppet Theater Series will add Farmyard Friends. The 3-D Explorer series adds Oceans and Rain Forest. Books on Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell join the World of Inventors Series. Bugs (pictured) and Wild Animals join the Kaleidopops series. And the interactive Model Masters Series adds Horses to its library.

Acrobatic Skate Ranger by Skate Ranger

Acrobatic Skate Ranger by Skate Ranger

Skate Ranger

There's a new superhero in town: the Skate Ranger, a remote-controlled action figure crafted by the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Skate Ranger. He's a roller-blading, body-gyrating daredevil that's available in three unique versions: Original, Motorcycle and Acrobatic (pictured).

Skip Hop

Skip Hop, New York, is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Wishbone Starter Bike (pictured), an award-winning “pre-bike” from New Zealand

Skip Hop

Skip Hop's Wishbone Starter Bike

the company says differs from the many competing running bikes already in the market. Like its running bike competitors, the Wishbone Starter Bike is a pedal-less bike designed to teach children to balance before they pedal a real bike. However, Skip Hop says the Wishbone differs from other designs in that it evolves with a child's different stages of development, beginning as a lightweight and stable tricycle; then converting to a running bike appropriate for 2- and 3-year-olds; then (thanks to a frame that flips over), growing to become a bike for kids up to 5 years old.

Spin Master

The Canada-based Spin Master is rarin' to go with a crop of new toys for 2009. Leading the pack are the Air Hogs Wind Chaser stunt kite; Air Hogs Havoc Razor, a radio-controlled helicopter; and two extensions to the

Yo Gabba Gabba! Silly Jumper by Spin Master

Yo Gabba Gabba! Silly Jumper 
by Spin Master

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro: Nano Zero Gravity and Laser Zero Gravity. The second series of the Bakugan Brawlers toy line will feature new balls, monsters, heroes and villains, along with an extended line of accessories and deluxe figures; highlights include Bakugan Traps, Bakugan Gauntlet and Bakugan Hand Launcher. Chixos is a new line of dolls that girls can create, accessorize and play with. From the Aquadoodle family comes the Glodoodle no-mess drawing board. The Ice Dancing Emily doll has three skating routines. Magic Reveal combines kitchen role-playing with Aquadoodle functionality. The latest installment in Moon Sand is an amusement park complete with molds for a bumper car, rollercoaster, big top tent and a spinning jet ride. Crafty kids can turn paper into masterpieces with the Paperoni line of art studio kits. PixOs enters a new dimension with kits that let kids make their own 3-D designs, lead by the PixOs Superstation. Terrain Titans are micro-sized all-terrain road warriors aimed. Girls can styling their plus pups at the Tini Puppini Sparklini hair salon. SpinMaster also launches a Yo Gabba Gabba! toy line that includes a DJ Lance Dance Hat; Silly Jumpers (pictured) figures, Brobee Jumpy Jump Feet and Play Along Pals that respond when played with.

Street Surfing

Street Surfing, the Newport Beach, Calif.-based makers of The Wave casterboard, introduces The Wave Stealth Board, the latest in its line of in-line casterboard ride-ons. While it's ridden the same way as The Wave, The Wave Stealth is a more robust version that features integrated grip tape on its camouflage-colored deckplate, an anodized torsion bar and longer-lasting Street Tech wheels with higher performance Abec 7 bearings.

Summit Products


Summit's Yorkie plush pup

Summit Products, Trussville, Ala., has something suitable for either girly girls or gear-head boys among its new products for 2009. Summit's plush pups, The Beverly Hill Puppy Club, are a line of “toy” dogs with a closet full of fashion accessories offered in the most popular “pampered pup” breeds: Chihuahua, Shih-Tzu, Pug and Yorkie (pictured). In addition to the four puppy breeds, Summit is also offering sets of puppy litters: three puppy baby plush for each breed. Summit's Moto Headz is a series of ripcord motorcycles and riders in designs ranging from street choppers to motocross machines.

Soft Caterpillar by Taggies

Soft Caterpillar by Taggies


Babies will have even more opportunities to play with Taggies' toys. New additions to the Spencer, Mass.-based company's line-up include: Taggies Naturals, an assortment of organic blankets and plush toys; and Taggies Peek-A-Boo Blankets, which are made with a plush animal peeking over the front of the blanket. Working with licensing partners, Mary Meyer and International Playthings, respectively, the Taggies Colours Collection includes the Soft Caterpillar (pictured) and eight other stuffed animals plus My Taggies Rocker in the likeness of a giraffe. The latest title in the My First Taggies book series from Scholastic, Who Do You See? features mirrors, soft colors, familiar animals and Taggies tags throughout.

Teach My Toddler

The Toddler Tote, from Toronto's Teach My Toddler, is a new learning system for preschoolers packaged in a child-sized briefcase. The system's aim is to give toddlers a head start and to promote interaction and one-on-one time between them and their parents, grandparents and caregivers. Its activities are designed to let toddlers “master” the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors after only 20 minutes of activities daily. The Toddler Tote contains 17 coordinated teaching tools: five puzzles, four teaching charts, four board books and four sets of flashcards.

Techno Source


Rubik's TouchCube by 
Techno Source

New York-based Techno Source follows up 2008's Rubik's Revolution this year with the new Rubik's TouchCube (pictured, following page), which features touch sensor technology on all sides and lights in every square. The cube allows players to slide the lights with the swipe of the finger to mimic the moves of the original Cube. It also includes a built-in solver, so now anyone can easily learn how to solve the Cube step by step. In another new venture this year, the company will introduce patent-pending technology that allows children to take their online creations offline like never before, as 3-D collectible stuffed toys. Kids use the online design studio at to create one-of-a-kind characters, print their designs onto special Printies fabric paper using any ink jet printer, then use each kit's enclosed stuffing and stuffing tool to turn the design into a three-dimensional toy. No glue, cutting or sewing is required. The initial line will include three starter sets in Pets, Ocean Adventure and Jungle Safari themes that each can create six 3-D characters. Refill packs will also be available. Techno Source's other focus for this year will be its new Smiley Central Studio brand, a partnership with IAC Consumer Applications & Portal. The line of Web-connected toys will offer fans of IAC CAP's online art studio a range of related products to enjoy, including Smiley Central Studio plush, figurines, charms and activity kits, each of which includes a code that unlocks special online content. Plush will be available in both 7-inch and 3-inch assortments; also available are Bobblers, 2-Pack Figurines and 3-Pack Charms. Activity Kits range from the basic (Plushy Stickers, Wall Art, SnapTagz, Mood Bracelets and Mood Necklaces) to the Deluxe (Plushy Activity Set with stickers, posters, cards and more; and the Room Decor Kit with wall stickers, window paint and a personalized door hanger).

Thames & Kosmos

Portsmouth, R.I.-based Thames & Kosmos debuts eight new science kits at Toy Fair. Fuel Cell 10–Car & Experiment Kit, 10th Anniversary Edition and Power House–Green Essentials Edition update the company's bestselling first two kits with new editions featuring 30 experiments each. Fuel Cell 10—which has a completely redesigned car body and a rewritten manual—lets kids build a working hydrogen fuel cell, while Power House teaches about alternative energy and sustainable living. Other new kits debuting this year for older kids include Hydropower, which teaches about renewable water energy; Global Warming, which offers experiments on climates and climate change; and Optical Science & Art, which explores the science of light, optics and visual perception. For younger scientists, the new Little Labs: Engineering kit, the twelfth in the line for ages 5 and up, offers kids 25 experiments in engineering basics. In the licensed arena, the company will debut two new kits inspired by The Dangerous Book for Boys: Classic Chemistry, which offers 30 experiments and activities involving chemical reactions; and Essential Electronics, with which kids can build an electromagnet, motor, a joy buzzer and a vibrating bug, among its 30 experiments and activities.

Cash Cow by The Learning Journey International

Cash Cow by The Learning Journey International

The Learning Journey International

Phoenix-based The Learning Journey offers classic toys for teaching preschoolers. Telly the Teaching Time Clock is a standard 24-hour clock that has a nightlight and comes with a matching wristwatch. The Chatterbox Teaching Telephone has a recording mode for leaving messages and a flashing red nose to alert kids to a new message. Cash Cow (pictured) is both a game and a savings bank for children. It identifies coins, and its LCD screen tallies deposits and teaches children what coins make up certain values. To access the money, kids pull the cowbell and watch the coins come out.


With several new games to challenge the mind, Alexandria, Va.-based ThinkFun is introducing new offerings in both its multi-player and brain teasers categories. S'match (pictured) helps kids ages 4 and up boost their memory skills, while 36 Cube is a multi-colored puzzle game comprised of 36 towers in the shape of a cube. The game's object is to place only one of each colored tower in each column and row to form a perfect cube. Speaking of cubes, the Adams Cube features six puzzling games in one. Finally, the Aha! Brianteasers line is comprised of seven pocket-sized games: 4-Piece Pyramid, 4-Piece Jigsaw, Pack It In, Wing It, 4-T Puzzle, The Fifth Chair and Rectangle.

TMI Toymarketing International

San Diego, Calif.-based TMI is continuing to bring a selection of Italian-manufactured toys to market. The Gymnic Line's Gyffy the Giraffe is an inflatable friend designed to help kids ages 3 and up with balance and coordination. Also in this line, the Hop On Air ball is an exercise product that can be used indoors or out, giving kids a full workout. And the classic Rody Horse (pictured) and Rody Max Horse ride-ons are useful for therapy with special-needs children.


Sumner, Wash.-based Toysmith introduces the new Voice-Activated Bubble Microphone, an innovative new way to trigger a stream of bubbles every time someone talks or sings into it. It includes bubble solution. The company is also launching its new Robotic Science Collection, comprised of four kits: Robotic Bird, Robotic Ball Collector, Robotic Bubble Blower and Robotic Beeper. Each is designed to teach the basics of robotic science while constructing fun machines. Additional science collections debuting this year specifically for specialty retailers include Green Science Kits, an Electrical Science Assortment (pictured), Mechanical Science Kits, the Mineral Science Collection and Crystal Growing Kits.

Uncle Milton Industries

Westlake Village, Calif.-based Uncle Milton is headed to a galaxy far, far away with its Star Wars line of science toys. Highlights from the line-up include The Optical Command Unit, a multi-functional device that can be assembled into three configurations—binoculars, microscope and mini-projector. The Darth Vader Robotic Arm kit demonstrates how to build a robotic arm and lets kids grip and move real objects with interactive controls. The Naboo Sea Creatures and Dagobah Frog Habitat are detailed environments to raise creatures similar to the denizens of those distant planets. The Jedi Telescope can scan the skies, or dial up images of Star Wars planets. The Jedi Projector displays projections of starships and other vehicles from The Clone Wars. The Mustafar Volcano Kit lets kids create realistic volcanic eruptions and lava flows in a detailed reproduction of the planet Mustafar. Additionally, Uncle Milton is introducing the R/C Scorpion to its realistic R/C series; kids ages 6 and up can use the multi-direction remote to control this authentic scorpion with realistic movements.

Unitech Toys

Introduced as a prototype at last year's Toy Fair, the FunFlyStick from San Francisco-based Unitech Toys is now primed and ready for retailers. The FunFlyStick is an electrostatic wand that emits a charge at the press of a button. After dropping a special precut shape onto it, the shape floats above the wand. The shape can be stirred in any direction, and two shapes can be juggled at once, seemingly like magic.

University Games

San Francisco-based University Games is getting crafty with Splatter Mat, an activity mat that changes color with the heat of a hand or foot, warm water or sunlight. Giant Planet Stick-Ons let kids create their own glow-in-the-dark galaxy on their walls, windows or ceilings. Coloring goes to a new level with the Color On! Coloring Roll: Under the Sea. Kids simply roll out the 10-foot printed sheet and color at the same time. In the games category, two new preschool properties are front and center. In the Fancy Nancy Tea Party Game, kids race to collect Colorforms pieces so they can create a tea party scene. In the Superwhy! ABC Game, players take on the powers of the Superwhy characters and move around the board developing their letter recognition, rhyming and spelling skills. In games for older kids, Guess What is a jumbled creature game where kids try to guess what creature their opponent has created. In Take A Letter, players race around the board trying to add words to the crossword without enabling others to swipe their letters. In Murder Mystery Mansion (pictured), players use deductive reasoning to answer questions so they can make it to the mansion first. Sort It Out! is a game where players put things in order, with challenges that span hundreds of topics. Under the BePuzzled banner, three different formats of puzzles feature SuperWhy! while The Very Hungry Caterpillar double image puzzle reveals the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly when the puzzle or box is tilted.

Waba Fun

Loveland, Colo.-based Waba Fun is debuting new additions to the Superstructs Pinklets building collection this summer. Superstructs are plastic rod and connector style construction toys featuring foam panels that 'pop' between the rods and joints. The Superstructs pinklets Friends and Lilies Set (pictured) builds on the original pinklets Fairy Garden set that debuted last year and invites young girl builders to create their own stories in a brand new setting. The new Friends and Lilies theme includes plastic rods, connectors, wheels and decorative EVA flowers, leaves and wings, plus directions for building new friends and flowers.

Wee Gallery

St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Wee Gallery this year is introducing the Safari Collection of oversized decals for decorating children's bedrooms. Made from eco-friendly polypropylene and 100-percent non-toxic ink, these striking and stylized wall graphics can be easily removed or repositioned without any damage to walls. Each set of Safari wall graphics includes a lion, two zebras, two giraffes and colorful landscaping pieces.

Wild Planet

Determined to stomp out childhood obesity and blast away boredom, San Francisco's Wild Planet Toys introduces two follow-ups to its Animal Scramble and HyperDash games. For preschoolers, 1-2-3 Stomp (pictured) focuses on early math skills by teaching kids to recognize their numbers and racing to retrieve them. HyperBlast for ages 6 and up offers more advanced game play by incorporating double digits, head-to-head challenges and a series of speed games. Both games can be played solo or in teams, indoor or out. In the licensing arena, Wild Planet will debut Crayon Town, a collection of coloring and activity sets created with Crayola, for ages 4 and up. Each set allows kids to color, build and play in the world they create; kids can dream up an entire town, complete with three-dimensional structures. The company is also partnering with Disney Consumer Products to launch Mouse-ke-TAG, an active learning toy for preschoolers that promotes mental and physical exercise in the same vein as Hyper Dash and Animal Scramble; it's the company's first partnership with Disney. In the Spy Gear line, Wild Planet will debut the new Evidence Kit, a portable all-in-one mystery solver that lets kids experiment with forensic science; it includes a fingerprint kit with powder, brush, ink, lifting tapes and ID card; a 30X microscope; tweezers; flashlight; UV light; specimen bags and a carrying case with storage compartments. The company is also releasing updated versions of its best-selling security, surveillance, communication and defense devices including The Lazer Tripwire, Secret Agent Briefcase, Spy Night Scope, Micro Ear Gear and Agent Tool Kit. Each will be available in fall 2009.

Wild Republic

Twinsburg, Ohio-based K&M International will propel its Wild Republic brand forward with the launch of Mongo Grinders (pictured), bendable magnetic skateboarding action figures. The zoo dudes' mission is to teach environmental concerns to kids while skating. Mongo Grinder animals will include Kickflip Tree Frog, Backslide Crocodile, Nosegrind Rhino and Bail Wolf.

Winning Moves Games

Danvers, Mass.-based Winning Moves is ready to take on family game night. Rubik's You Can Do It! aims to help even the most-stumped puzzler solve the famous colorful cube. Speaking of puzzles, the USA Today Puzzler contains more than 100 of the national newspaper's most popular Up & Down Words and Quick Cross puzzles. Adding more bang to gamers' bucks, Big PayDay features a two-level board, along with more tokens and an extra die. King Me isn't your father's game of checkers; three games in one include Coast-to-Coast, Stack 'Em and traditional checkers. Classic games like Risk 1959 and Go to the Head of the Class are back for a new generation of game players. Bunco fans will delight in the Deluxe Box of Bunco for up to 12 players. Meanwhile, the German arm of Winning Moves brings two titles stateside: TransAmerica (pictured), in which players build a cross-country railroad, and Vineta, where players assume the identity of Norse gods. Card players will welcome Scattergories The Card Game and Canasta Caliente.

World Discovery Box

The new Durango, Colo.-based company World Discovery Box is debuting its line of unique science kits for kids. Each Discovery Box kit is comprised of a small wooden chest for storing collected scientific and natural items. Each comes with a collection of dozens of fossils, minerals, insects and marine life plus an information guide detailing all of the items in the box. They range in sizes from 7- to 18-drawer models, and the largest size includes more than 50 specimens. The company will also introduce dozens of new natural specimens for collecting, such as snowflake obsidian, mountain stag beetle, crinoid stem fossils and giant purple cowry shells. An online community will also debut to support the kits.

The Young Scientists Club

Get on the bus … The Magic School Bus, that is, with two new licensed kits created by the Jamestown, R.I.-based Young Scientists Club. Magic School Bus Going Green lets kids recreate the water cycle, build a compost tube, decompose food with fungus and more, while Diving into Slime, Gel and Goop enables them to make glue from milk, melt fake snow and more. Those with green thumbs will relish Science on a Gardening Adventure as they create a terrarium and test soil, among other activities. Science on a Nature Walk (pictured) includes all the necessary tools for exploring outdoors. Two mini kits round out this year's line-up: Explore Space and Go Green Save the Earth, which puts a big push on recycling.


Musicians, take heed: Bannockburn, Ill.-based Zizzle is releasing two new electronic music toys—Guitar Blast and Drum Blast—that let kids live out their rock star fantasies without the need for a video console or TV. Jenga goes hi-tech with the Electronic Jenga Handheld Game, while Pet and Play Palz is touted as the next generation of virtual pets. Zizzle hopes doll lovers will light up when they meet P.J. Sparkles, with light-up accessories, along with Princess P.J. Sparkles, Ballet Princess P.J. Sparkles and other friends. Playsets in the line include Twinkle Town Fashion Runway, Twinkle Town Beach, Twinkle Town Birthday and others. R-Doggee is a voice-activated pup that is part rapper, part surf dude and part man's best friend. He responds to kids' commands and can perform up to 15 different tricks. The SkunkFu line of figures, playsets and plush is based on the TV adventures of a skunk that, as a baby, was accidentally dropped into China by a wayward stork.


Bing the Bumble Bee (pictured) is the latest character in the Zoobies line of plush animals that double as pillows and blankets. The Provo, Utah-based Zoobies' previous collections of Zoo and Safari designs (more than two dozen offerings, including turkey, monkey, hippo, lion, elephant, crocodile, giraffe, polar bear, panda, tortoise, tiger, orangutan, koala, gorilla and baboon). And smaller versions for infants—the Baby Zoobies—are also joining the line this year.

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