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Time To Shine!

2008 hopefuls ready for their close-up.

Action Products

The selection of new educational toys from Orlando, Fla.-based Action Products includes new additions to the Play and Store brand. The 1-on-1 Sports Bitty Bucket line, debuting this summer, features portable versions of basketball, soccer, football and baseball, all packed into a convenient, portable bucket. The Crazy for Cupcakes line of customizable cupcakes will expand to include the Cupcake Carrier for carrying sweet treats; a Party Play Set that includes themed plates and tablecloth; and a Tippy Toppers playset for decorating the cakes.

Action Products is also completely re-launching the Curiosity Kits brand that it recently acquired with new packaging that features die-cut windows and photos of completed projects. In addition, new boxed kits, blister-packed “quick kits” and party packs (with enough materials for 10 kids to craft) will debut.

Additional items will include Ology kits—a line in created partnership with the American Museum of Natural History—and expansions to the I-Dig and Space Voyagers lines.


The Name Your Own Baby vinyl baby doll line (pictured) from Adora Inc., Edison, N.J., has six new additions, with choices in hair color and style, eye color, gender, skin tone and face design. Each of the 20-inch dolls weigh about 4 pounds for a lifelike feel, and are identified by number with a birth certificate that can be completed by its owner. Each doll is adorned in a different outfit with matching accessories.

Adora's Limited Edition International Series of dolls reflects cultures around the world, including Ulani from Tahiti with a traditional raffia-grass skirt; Sujatmi from Indonesia with multi-colored glass and metal beads; Nepal's Kamala in a gauze, tie-dyed skirt and batik print broadcloth shirt; and Miki, who comes dressed in several layers of warm winter clothing to ward off the harsh weather of Greenland.

Adorable Originals

Adorable Originals, Phoenix, Ariz., has launched a new collection of its soft-bodied dolls. The Adorable Girl collection includes six hip, huggable dolls with diverse features. Each doll has a name and background story, plus an identity tag that links to more interactive play on the Web. The theme of the collection is “Inside every girl is a Pearl.”

New Adorable Originals Huggable Pillows will also be available this year.


Every little girl will feel like royalty in the Get Real Gear Little Princess Dress by Aeromax, Lake Barrington, Ill. The princess ensemble comes with a matching cone-style hat, and is available in either white, pink or purple in small girl sizes. With a soft underside and stretch back for easy on and off, the durable costume is designed for year-round dress-up.

Aleken Games

Test your knowledge of rock 'n' roll's famous people, places, music and events by playing Long Live Rock. The board game by Aleken Games, Genesee Depot, Wis., challenges players to beat the clock while putting musical trivia in chronological order. A card game for one or more players, ages 14 and up, is also available.


For Northvale, N.J.-based Alex, 2008 brings new additions to its popular line of bath toys and more than 100 new SKUs to its collection overall.

Preschoolers in particular will have many more choices this year, with nearly two dozen additions to the Little Hands line, including the Learn to Dress Monkey; Touch and Feel Flash Cards for teaching the alphabet, numbers, colors and first words; Paper Bag Puppets craft kits; Cuddly Kids soft dolls; Funny Bunny Blocks, which come in a bunny-shaped carrying case with velour bunny face, feet and cotton tail; and the Play & Learn box (pictured), which features a triple-tiered box of games and puzzles and 10 different activities (including a Domino game, lacing cards and an alphabet puzzle) in an easy-carry tote. The Little Hands line also will debut “green” games; It's A Match, Zoominoes and Curvey Swervy games are made of recycled paperboard with a water-based varnish and printed with soy ink. A new icon touting its eco-friendly appeal adorns the packaging for this line.

For babies, the new Alex Jr. collection welcomes Fuzzy Friends soft dolls, including Pinky Pig, Freckles Frog and Lemon Lion. Grab A Little soft toys rattle and have crinkly arms and legs, while Busy Ball keeps baby focused with patterns, loops and a rattle. Babies will get a chuckle out of Jiggly Piggly when they pull his tail or when they squeeze the handles on Squeezy Squeakies. For a slightly older crowd, Pop Creatures are chunky, five-piece sets of pop beads designed to help teach toddlers motor skills and manual dexterity. Three sets are offered: Pop a Pillar, Pop a Pup and Pop a Cone. Wacky Bowling is a squeaking and squeezable bowling set with each pin depicting a different character.

Rounding out the new Alex Jr. line is a collection of baby plush designed with children's sensory and tactile stimulation in mind. The Busy Blankie is made of soft materials in vibrant colors. The Busy Bee Discovery Flower features many textures and each of the five petals reveals a different surprise. The colorful plush is made of jersey knit with loops, knots, finger holes and a tethered rattling bee. The Round the Farm soft animal ball has four animal faces with corresponding animal sounds and a bell chime inside that encourages motor skills through catching and rolling.

Alexander Doll

Venerable doll maker Alexander Doll Co., New York, doesn't disappoint in 2008, offering a brand new bevy of beauties.

In recognition of Madame Alexander's 85th anniversary, Tiny Betty Happy Birthday, who celebrates her own birthday in a pink party dress, is joined by commemorative Cissete, Wendy, Lissy and Cissy dolls.

An 8-inch Wendy version of Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit joins the festivities dressed in a white fur hood with ears.

Among the many new version of the Wendy doll for 2008 is Wendy's Tiny Footprints, a new 8-inch doll with knees that bend and a pink footprint that says, “It was then that I carried you.” Wendy is also featured in numerous new themes, including Nurse Wendy, Summer Cherry Picking, Who Took The Cookies, Beat The Summer Heat, Sailing The Sweet Seas and Shopping With Grandma and an articulated Fun With My Tricycle.

The One of a Kind Sisters set includes two very different siblings, one a girly girl, the other in a mismatched outfit. Each wears a bracelet with half charms that can be joined together.

Maggie moves into the spotlight in several new designs, including Icing On The Cake, Jingle All The Way, Lil' Indian, Maggie Loves Golf, Maggie Loves PB & J and Maggie Loves Gumby.

Licensed and pop-culture influenced dolls include new designs inspired by books and movies. Dr. Seuss children's book favorites, Horton Hears A Who and Green Eggs and Ham, get dolled up with Wendy and Maggie in Seussian attire.

Alexander recognizes women of note—both historical and fictional—with versions of Helen of Troy, opera singer Jenny Lind, outlaw Belle Star and mystery writer Agatha Christie.

For the literary-minded, articulated versions of Cisette and Wendy portray heroines from Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Anne of Green Gables, while A Little Princess also gets her own doll this year. Another Frances Hodgson Brunette classic, The Secret Garden, inspires a doll based on heroine Mary Lennox.

Strawberry Shortcake gets a new 8-inch doll (pictured), which comes packaged with her cuddly pink cat Custard, while Alexander's collectible Eloise doll series adds an 8-inch Eloise In Hollywood, an 8-inch Eloise Christmas and an 18-inch Eloise Christmas Cloth, along with an Eloise Zip Bin for storage that unzips into a play mat.

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy 18-inch cloth dolls have the requisite molded face covered in cloth and bright red yarn hair.

American Classic Toy

Los Angeles-based American Classic Toy will debut The Word Cube 'by Jay,' for one or more players, named after Jay Horowitz, president of the company. Word Cube lets players choose one of six different games: Crossword, Scramble, Challenge, Word Master, Anagrams (Solitaire), and Color Cube. Switch Hands, Over 'N' Out and Score More are additional new game titles hitting toy retail this spring.

The company's Skittle Pool (pictured), American Classic Derby and Kaboom game titles will also be re-released at retail this year. In addition, most of the company's children's and family toys and games in 2008 will bear an important sticker verifying that they do not contain lead-based paint.

American Innovative

No kid will ever be late again with the Klip! Kids Teaching & Time-Out Timer from American Innovative, Boston. Children can learn the concept of time and time management by watching the digital display that uses an elapsed time bar graphic to mark the passage of minutes. The Klip! features bright colors in a fun shape and is for ages 3 and up.

It's time to wake up with the Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Nightlight, which features kid-friendly “toe” buttons and glowing built-in nightlight. It also offers an interactive, talking time-teaching game for young children with both analog and digital displays, adjustable backlight brightness and interchangeable bezels for color preferences.

American Plastic Toys

American Plastic Toys, Walled Lake, Mich., will add the Deluxe Workbench to its line of role-play toys and playsets. It comes equipped with all the necessities for pretend building play, including a battery-operated drill and bits, nuts, bolts, gears, tools, a ruler and a cell phone.

Amok Time

Battlestar Gallactica action figures based on the classic characters from the science fiction show are new from Amok Time, Levittown, N.Y., along with collectible figures based on the horror flick Dawn of the Dead. Elvira Mistress of the Dark stars in a reality television show, The Search for the Next Elvira, and has been tapped for collectors' items that will debut later this year.

Andrews McMeel

The 32-page Jungle Beat: A Puppet Book from the Accord Division of Andrews McMeel Publishing, Riverside, N.J., lets children insert their hand into the material puppet on the back of this book and into the mouth of every jungle creature featured on each page, including the talk-a-lotta parrot, peepin', sleepin' lion and a hunk-a-chunk-a hippo. Written by Jim and Janet Post and illustrated by Daniel Vasconcellos.

Around the World

Circumventing the board by answering questions correctly in four categories is the only way players can navigate Around the World: The Ultimate Global Boardgame, new from Around the World LLC, Seattle. The educational game for children ages 8 and up was created by a Lebanese/Syrian/Argentinean woman who saw her own bi-cultural family viewed as “different,” and is designed to teach kids diversity through the different categories of Culture & Customs, Geography, Language and People & Places. The game is available on the company's website,, where kids are urged to submit their own ideas for future card decks.

Aslan's Fancy

Aslan's Fancy, New York, is distributing music CDs designed for babies and children. Babies Go CDs include musical reinterpretations of popular songs by artists and groups such as U2, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones and Bob Marley, tailored to infant ears and sensibilities.

Aurora World

Eco-Plush is Aurora World's foray into the green scene, with arctic and endangered animals made from soybeans on the outside and kapok on the interior in 24 different styles ranging from 8 to 12 inches. The Pico Rivera, Calif.-based company is using a corrugated hangtag made from completely recycled paper that reads “Aurora, Naturally” to tout the Eco-Plush line's green appeal.

Travel Around the World sets have a carrying case and plush animal for on-the-go trips with a world map, removable stickers and fun facts tags with information about the animal and its natural habitat. Hangtags can also be personalized. Initial wildlife will feature a wolf, moose, monkey, penguin, koala, lion, giraffe, panda, tiger and polar and black bears.


Plush has gone digital as Palm Harbor, Fla.-based Aurorascope has announced the introduction of The Lost Nobles. The new line of plush uses built-in, patent-pending technology to put a virtual operating system into each toy. Aimed at children ages 5 to 11, the Lost Nobles line is capable of accessing the Internet and e-mail, as well as playing videos, MP3 music files and games. Each toy can be plugged into a computer, without the need to access the hard drive, allowing children to engage in play, do their homework and research online or off. The first three Lost Nobles plush will be available in February, with additional characters to be released in the near future, including a bilingual Spanish version.

Bachmann Trains

Philadelphia-based Bachmann Trains adds to its ever-growing Thomas & Friends line with Emily's Passenger Train. It features brass fittings, a dual-coach design, moving eyes and international-style hook and loop couplers, along with the requisite controllers and track. The company will also debut two playsets, the Thomas' Holiday Special and Down at Brendam Docks. Also new for 2008 are additional sets and accessories for the company's other, non-Thomas train lines.


Balitono of Princeton Junction, N.J, which has just been acquired by Tucson, Ariz.-based MasterPieces, will debut additions to its extensive Works of Ahhh craft kits line. These include the solid wooden craft kits that come with certified non-toxic paints, artist quality brushes and a painting guide, that Balitono launched last year. New kits for 2008 will include the Dog Bone Box, which holds all sizes of dog biscuits and treats; and a box fit for a princess, a Crown Box that includes royal colored jewels, paints and glitter.

Bandai America

Bandai America continues the fight of good vs. evil with several additions to lines for which the Los Angeles-based action figure maker is well known.

Ben 10 characters now have translucent parts and details, featured in limited edition Benwolf, BenMummy, Wildvine, Cannonball, Ben Victor and Ultra Ben. All come with display stands resembling each alien's home planet, along with collectible card and trivia on the back. DNA Alien Heroes are at their disgusting best, as Upchuck launches a plastic marble from his mouth and Wildvine oozes slime from his back. Large-scale Metamorfigures transform from aliens to toys; Benwolf turns into a real working megaphone. The gross factor continues with a Planetary Powder Set in a stackable container with packets of powder that create a gooey substance when mixed with water. Kids scrape the goo away to reveal a translucent action figure. Also in the line are collectible 4-, 6- and 8-inch alien figures, as well as vehicles, such as Kevin's transforming muscle car. An Alien Creature Chamber playset lets kids use their imagination to mix and match different alien parts to create hundreds of different alien figures.

Bandai America celebrates Dragon Ball Z's return this spring with 4-inch collectible figures and highly detailed 2.5-inch figures direct from Japan. This fall, kids can increase their Dragon Ball Z collection with additional toys desiged specifically for the U.S. market, like 2.5-inch Flash Changer figures that transform characters into their energized forms, and 8-inch Powerized Muscle figures with muscles that expand and break through the character's energy force. Infrared figures (6.5-inches) respond to one another through IR technology, allowing kids to battle their characters and perform their final attack moves to defeat their opponent. Kids can also mimic Goku's final attack with the brand's first role-play set, the Kame Hame Ha wristbands.

Powers Rangers Sound Fury figures with shock sensors trigger sounds during play. The original Green Power Ranger and Lord Zedd from the first television series, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, will be sold next month as limited edition chaser figures. Savage Spin Rangers debut in April with light-up features and arm swinging action. New Power Rangers vehicles include Thunder Animal transforming vehicles, deluxe battery-operated Megazords and Transforming Megazords. Kids can morph into their Jungle Fury Power Ranger hero with Morphers role-playing sets, complete with glasses and clip-on shields, as well as earpieces to simulate communication with their team and a wearable Gauntlet wrist weapon (pictured). Power Rangers Academy Training sets have everything needed to learn the ins and outs of being a Jungle Fury Power Ranger, such as mask, chest plate and missile launcher.

Based on the Japanese Xbox 360 role-playing game and soon-to-be Cartoon Network anime series, Bandai has created a line of Blue Dragon collectible action figures. Detailed 2.5-inch figures of all the characters are accompanied by their Shadow figure. Four-inch action figures offer a button-activated light-up feature that projects a mystical Shadow. Shadows also come as an 8-inch dragon figure complete with sword-swinging action, light and sound effects, as well as a bonus DVD containing a Blue Dragon episode.

Following the return of the animated series to television, Bandai America has created a lineup of Digimon role-play electronic toys and action figures. A redesigned Digivice allows young boys to feed and train their own digital monsters; features include new infrared technology that enables two Digimon owners to battle one another, as well as a new scanner function that collects DNA skills from the included metal chips to strengthen characters. Additionally, new 1.5-inch collectible figure sets, 3.5-inch Lightning Digivolving figures and 5-inch Digivolving action figures join the lineup.

Tamagotchi Connection V5 takes the collectible critters to a different level with the Familitchi characters raised at the same time in one egg-shaped toy. Familitchi owners can choose many types of families and generations: the Mames are the intellectual family; the Memes are artistic; the Kuchi are laid-back; and the Violes are cheerful compared to the reclusive Gozas ninja family. V5's new features different international exhibitions to visit and collect codes to store collectible items from each country. The brand also expands with the new Tamagotchi Pedometer, which gets kids active and moving along with their favorite characters by tracking walking and running. The more movement, the healthier the character looks and feels, and the more destinations it can travel to within the toy to collect various special items.

Girls get their day—and their say—with Girls Connect LocketPal TXT. In addition to text messaging features, the cosmetics case-shaped LocketPal has an address book, calendar, calculator and games that can be accessed using a touch screen and stylus. Also new this year is Adora-P.E.T., a younger girl's first “virtual pet” toy. Adora-P.E.T. comes on a stylish wristband and has a cute pooch-shaped face plate. Kids can play games with their virtual Chihuahua, Corgi or Dachshund, as well as teach them doggie tricks. It boasts an LCD touch screen that lets kids pet and nurture their puppy with just a finger.

Bartl GmhB (Wooden Ideas)

Role-play products by Germany's Bartl GmbH are coming to the U.S. under a new name, Wooden Ideas, courtesy of Chalais Associates, Santa Monica, Calif. The debut assortment features medieval play costumes and role-play props, including a hood and tunic set with a metallic overlay that looks like chain mail. Wooden crest-shaped shields and 25-inch long swords, complete with scabbards, come in three styles: lion, horse and griffin.

Basic Fun

Southampton, Pa.-based Basic Fun downsizes the Guitar Hero video game phenomenon into keychain form with the Guitar Hero Carabiner keychain, featuring song clips from Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II. Songs include “Smoke on the Water,” “Message in a Bottle,” “Cherry Pie,” “Killer Queen,” “You've Got Another Thing Comin',” “Miserlou,” “Heart Shaped Box,” “Jessica,” “Surrender” and “Rock This Town.”

Star Wars action figures are available in keychain form in a bi-monthly series, including five collectible characters and/or vehicles.

Hasbro-licensed Littlest Pet Shop gets new Keylite Keychains in dog and cat styles this year, which sport a light-up glow from each pet's collar charm with the push of a button.

That body-bending game, Twister, has a new look from Basic Fun with a full-size mat that rolls up and fits into a Take Along Twister Tube, featuring a handle for portability. The colorful spinner is located on the outside of the cap and attaches to the tube by the handle for twisty fun on the go.

Be Good Company

New worlds will come to life with the latest My Little Sandbox playsets for ages 3 to 8 from Be Good Company. The San Francisco-based toy maker is introducing three new sets this year, all of which feature a 10 -inch by 10-inch sandbox play mat, “ultra clean” sand and themed toys.

Joining an assortment that already includes 16 themes is Doggy Day Care, which allows little ones to take responsibility for looking after man's best friends. The set includes several dog breeds, grooming equipment, toys and pretend dog food. When you think of sand you might think of Egypt, which makes sense for the Egyptian-themed playset that lets junior adventurers use new equipment to search a pyramid for ancient artifacts, including a mummy, sarcophagus and other treasures. Kids can imagine desert warfare with the Combat Mission set featuring two armies, complete with soldiers, WWII-era tank, sandbags and digging equipment.

In addition, Be Good will also roll out three expansion sets, all of which will be packaged in sand pail buckets, including Bigger Builder, which offers more construction toys; Army Action, which offers more soldiers and a WWII-era Sherman tank; and the generic Sand 'n' Tools refill, which features more sand and tools for expanding any of the line's existing playsets.

Beantown Toys

Beantown Toys, Boston, releases its third series of Collectible Beans with Vain the Egotistical Bat and updated versions of Big Dug Deluxe and Explorer Patty beans, while its Beantown Spoon Racers and Beanbots allow avid bean collectors to build their own creations for their favorite bean with interchangeable parts.


Tween plush company Beeposh will debut a number of sweet additions to its line of cuddly plush animal characters (available in multiple sizes) and coordinating girls' apparel, accessories, fleece blankets, pillows and aother bedroom accessories. These will include Elvis, a stripey lion; Star, a rainbows-and-sunshine unicorn; and Atlanta, a pink-and-floral mermaid.


Beka of St. Paul, Minn., offers new block shapes and play table options to its wooden product line. Train Tables and Trundles, made of hard maple and Baltic birch, are designed for strength and durability with optional white table tops for open-ended play. The extra large Trundles feature heavy-duty swivel casters for easy movement.

Beka Unit Blocks are made of hard maple in creative shapes for building horizontally and vertically. The Little Builders Block Set Series (pictured) includes notched blocks plus narrow blocks that interlock in assortments that include some “whimsies” (blocks with wooden wheels).


Cuddly Critters will be available from Bestever, Torrance, Calif., with zoo-theme styles in the initial launch. The 14-inch Monkey, Elephant, Brown Bear, Lion and Giraffe plush animals are made of soft fabric. New to the Pink Pony Collection are white and pink polka dotted horse-shaped duffle bag and matching handbag (pictured). The Hugga Pet Pillows line adds monkey, horse and unicorn soft toy and pillow combinations. The latest Pug & Bulldog styles include pirates dressed and ready to plunder.

Beyond Chess

Players need more than strategic moves to win a game of Beyond Chess from the same-name Los Angeles-based game maker. The traditional game of chess is taken to a new level with 64 individual squares that can be shifted by the players during each turn. Gaps in the board quickly affect how the chess pieces can move and the entire strategy of the game. The board is made of individual squares, which allows it to be set up in any configuration in the beginning of the game; recommended for ages 8 to adult, from the beginner level to expert play.

Beyond 123

Educational toy maker Beyond123, East Setauket, N.Y., will introduce the LUK Learning System to the U.S. market through a partnership with German publisher Westermann Lernspielverlag. The LUK Learning System is designed for children ages 3 to 8 and consists of puzzle-like tiles that pair with illustrated workbooks that focus on memorization, concentration, visual perception, logical thinking, linguistic and mathematical skills. There are three age groups for the LUK Learning System: bambinoLUK for ages 3 to 5; miniLUK for ages 5 to 7; and the miniLUK Advance, for children ages 6 to 8.

Bill and Bud

To help children with or without disabilities develop early learning skills, the latest visual and tactile toys from San Leandro, Calif.-based Bill & Bud's PlayAbility line can do the trick. The ShapeSenseation, a matching toy that contains six different soft shapes, symmetrically divided so kids can pull them apart and then match them back up according to their shape, patterns and textures. Each shape has a distinct fabric and tactile combination and is also ideal for blind children or children with low vision.

Blue Box Toys

A new line of miJam accessories from Blue Box Toy's B2 division, Livingston, N.J., includes devices that work with iPods, MP3 and other digital music players. The MiJam line of musical instruments available this year are the MiJam Pro Air Drummer, wireless drumsticks that simulate a full drum set with six built-in rhythms, volume and tempo control, foot pedal and drum roll; the Drummer2, a set of motion activated drumsticks that work with music players; the Studio Mike, a sing along microphone with headset that plays along with the other MiJam instruments; and the MiJam Laser Light Show, a round speaker that plays music while projecting a laser light show on the wall or ceiling. The debut of the new MiTech Division and the new miTech line features the PC Pooch, an interactive character that connects to the computer and tells users when they have email, IMs and internet calls. The Pooch stands next to the computer and can flip its ears and make other fun movements via USB interface and LED light patterns.

Blue Orange Games

San Francisco-based Blue Orange Games is serving up four new games for friends and families this year.

In Pengaloo: The South Pole Eggspedition! players 4 and up must guess which colored egg each penguin is hiding. The memory game is crafted from wooden pieces.

A pair of strategy dice games joins the line. Both Double Shutter: Shut the Super Box! and Double Shutter Junior: Shut the Super Box! (pictured) challenge players 6 and up to roll dice to find the best combination of numbers to shut two rows of tiles. The wrong combination will shut down a player's move.

A colorful take on the classic dominoes game, Fundomino: Wild Action Dominoes! has players of all ages move by matching tiles of the same color to get another turn, reverse the order, or gain extra points for key moves.

Bluebonnet Games

Bluebonnet Games, Dallas, debuts the Looney Laundry board game for children. Players must to get rid of all their laundry before Harry—the talking, burping laundry hamper—regurgitates it.


BNL's Whale Sock It Away Change Purse is fully lined to safely hold coins, bills and whatever sundries little girls like to carry around. It joins BNL's 74 previous designs, including Chicks for Easter. The gift company is represented by BK Enterprises, Placentia, Calif.


Montreal-based Bojeux has announced a lineup of new releases from its popular brands for 2008, including Tutti Frutti Dohbodies Growing Garden, which will allow children to tend their mini gardens. The set includes easy-to-build characters, dough, stampers and extruders for creating a lush garden with bunny friends.

The Playart Felt Organizer can be used to decorate a child's room and serve as a storage hanger for jewelry, CDs and accessories. It contains three pouches per box that can be embellished with pre-cut flowers and sparkling gems. Several boxes can be combined for larger creations.

Two new games join Bojeux's line: Mathable, a game based upon mathematical equations where players use combinations of numbers to score points; and Pinnochi Junior (pictured), a game of strategy and observation, where two teams of mice must travel through a spiral-shaped tunnel to get the cheese and win the day. Just watch out for the cats!

The Matchitecture Fire Truck is a construction concept that lets junior builders use templates to cut microbeams to the correct length, then glue them together to make a challenging creation.


People love their pets, and that has prompted Bowwowmeow, Cleveland, to introduce three new scrapbook kits. My Dog Scrapbook, My Cat Scrapbook, and I Love Horses Scrapbook come with all the supplies needed to create a personalized project about the family pet. Other craft kits let kids make dog jewelry and tags, a shadow box frame, a pet party collar (pictured) and pet ornaments.

Brain Noodles

Chunky toy pipe cleaners from Brain Noodles, North Windsor, Conn., are easy for kids of all age to manipulate and craft into playthings. The fuzzy sticks can be twisted and will not pop or untwist. The play stems are recommended for all ages.

The Brainy Baby Co.

Animals and Shapes and Movement are two new Baby IQ DVDs by The Brainy Baby Company, Alpharetta, Ga., set for spring and fall releases. The 35-minute DVDs showcase Baby I and Baby Q puppet characters and there is no narration. Bilingual Baby language videos are now available on 45-minute DVDs for preschoolers; the videos introduce more than 60 words and phrases in live-action scenes and large on-screen words in the appropriate language. Speakers from each showcased country provide the narrations. Details on how to access an online guide to the words and phrases used are found on the DVD cover. Brainy Baby will also debut activity toys licensed to and created by Mary Meyer (pictured). The plush company's offerings include Fun Activity Frog and Shake and Play Rattles. Each activity toy has flashcards about the toy's features.


Take a silly soup bowl and some kooky characters and you have Animal Soup Game by Briarpatch, Milburn, N.J. A flip book keeps the game moving as the animal characters take on different personalities and players make a mad dash to the game board in search of that unique critter. The featured four books include 100 different animal combinations.

Beddy-Bye Baby Game is more sedate, with players selecting a baby and pastel-colored carriage to move down the board game path at the roll of the dice. Babies can be fussy but the first player to reach the nursery, having fulfilled all of the baby's needs, wins the game. Each Beddy-Bye Baby boxed game has playing cards, game board, tokens and a die that sounds like a baby's rattle when shaken. No reading is necessary.

Clothespins! for ages 5 and up is a rummy-style game that will have players holding onto their shorts and socks and matching clothing styles and patterns to complete their clotheslines.

Briarpatch has little sleuths in mind with its I Spy Private Eye Game that challenges players to remember what they have spied in 30 seconds. Based on the book series, I Spy Private Eye Game has nine I Spy picture blocks, a Jumbler with timer, I Spy cards and a magnifying glass token.

Seafaring adventurers can navigate the Sea Monsters game for ages 6 and up. The nautical board game takes players and their fleet of ships across the uncharted Atlantic Ocean where sea monsters lurk below the waves. Be the first player to reach a new port of call to win.

Bruder Toys America

Bruder Toys America, Hawthorne, Calif., welcomes its latest model, the Mack Granite Flatbed Truck with JCB Loader Backhoe. The flatbed's realistic driver's cabin features doors that can be opened while a tilting engine hood provides full view of the engine block. Folding side-view mirrors and add-on accessories give these trucks a chrome look. The backhoe also comes with functioning fifth wheel coupling, fold-down access ramps and adjustable vehicle locks to secure the loaded vehicles, along with a functional front loader and a backhoe that moves up and down and swings from side to side.

Buffalo Games

They say great minds think alike and Buffalo Games, Buffalo, N.Y., says that will help playing its social interactive game, Likewise! In this game, individuals are presented with a random pairing of a Description and Subject Cards. The pairing might be “Exotic and Car,” “Massive and Breakfast Food” or a “Smelly and City.” Everyone writes down the first thing that comes to mind on the full-sized dry-erase paddles. Match thoughts to move ahead.

Ruin is a fast-paced strategy board game with an unpredictable, interchangeable, three-dimensional game board in which players ages and 8 and up race to find lost Mayan treasure.


Say No More is Cadaco's newest game venture with a twist. Using the Say No More device, players try to get their teammate to guess the word displayed on an LCD screen. A new game version of Go Fish and Old Maid join the Chicago game maker's line along with Tripoloy Premium 75th Anniversary Edition Case, Word Rummy and the Absolutely You My Pretty Necklace Game.

Enviro-Blox (pictured) stacks up as a completely biodegradable plastic-free building block and log set made of cornstarch and oil-based materials. By moistening the Enviro-Blox with water, all the shapes can be put together and pulled apart to store in the enclosed Ziploc bag. Other new Cadaco activities are Absolutely You Creata-Clings Make 'n Play Doll Scenes and Picture Frame Fun Sets; Speed Racer and Franny Feet Creata-Clings and Crayon Paper; and Doodlebops Chalk Holders.

For simulating that buzzer-beating shot of the pickup basketball game, Beat the Buzzer Shot Clock calls out the final seconds before the shot clock chimes. The shot clock, with LCD display, resets automatically and can be set for either pro or college time intervals. Baseball fans can swing for the fences with Boom Bat, which is shaped like a baseball bat with a sweet spot made of stretched plastic that sends the ball out of the park with a loud “boom” sound. The new Wheel Racer is a rubber tire that can roll, spin or bounce on just about any surface and comes in a Speed Racer style.

Yrrr' It uses an electronic disk that randomly levels the playing field by talking through the Hot Potato portion of the outdoor game that ends when the Yrrr! It siren goes off and then becomes a game of tag where the player with the disk is “It.”

Young magic enthusiasts can learn age-appropriate tricks with Ryan Oakes Magic sets. Each of the varied sets includes an instructional video featuring the popular magic master.

The Canadian Group

The world is yours in the new Planet Earth puzzle series from Toronto's The Canadian Group, based on the vivid images from the BBC television series Planet Earth. Titles for 2008 include Planet Earth Sure-Lox 100 Piece Assorted Mini Puzzle, a 9-inch by 7-inch puzzle with eight assorted images; Planet Earth Sure-Lox 500 Assorted Puzzle, a 19-inch by 14-inch puzzle with four assorted images; and Planet Earth Sure-Lox 1000 Assorted Puzzle, a 28.75-inch by 19.125-inch puzzle with four images, each showing the most spectacular natural events and animals on Earth.

Cardinal Industries

Disney takes center stage in a number of Cardinal Games in 2008, including Princess Game House, Princess Magical Gems Fishing and Princess Bingo with rhinestone embellishments.

The Long Island City, N.Y., gamemaker also spotlights characters from Disney/Pixar's Cars in The Cars Game House, Cars Kids Card Games and Cars Dominoes. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and My Friends Tigger and Pooh characters are highlights of The Mickey Game House, Bouncing Tigger Hot Potato and Winnie The Pooh Game Pack.

Cardinal has updated its Hanna Montana CD Board Game to include a new song clip from her most recent musical release and is available in a guitar-shaped zipper binder. The upcoming High School Musical 3 will be featured with a music CD of song clips.

Green Games is Cardinal's way of making games more environmentally friendly. Titles of the classic games made of bamboo are Bamboo Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Mancala and Tumbling Towers. Mini Games come packaged in a clamshell and a clip for attaching to clothing and backpacks. The classic games feature Hannah Montana, Disney Princess, Dora the Explore, Spiderman, Bratz and Mickey Mouse characters.

Carrera of America

Racers start your engines. Carrera is introducing a new Speed Racer set in its Go!!! product line (pictured). The 1:43 scale slot car set is built with daring loops and crossovers.

Old school enjoyment will be found with new slot car versions of vintage American rides, the '57 Chevrolet Bel Air and the '60 Plymouth Fury. The 1:32 scale autos are a follow-up to last year's Hot Rod line, and feature analog specs for Carrera's Evolution product line, and digital for the company's Digital132 product line.

Carrera is also introducing a line of muscle cars from the '60s and '70s. Included are the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Charger modern muscle cars for both the Evolution and Digital132 sets.

Carson Dellosa

New York's Carson-Dellosa Publishing will release six new board games with 16-inch by 16-inch game boards and durable playing cards for little hands.

Queen Bee's Color and Shape Party! for ages 4 and up, helps kids learn about colors and shapes while racing to be the first guest at the Queen's party.

In Sight Word Space Station, players ages 4 and up uncover the alien's space station as they learn to read 48 words, while I Spy Alphabet Aquarium challenges kids to search the aquarium for fish with uppercase and lowercase letters or beginning word sounds.

In the Fire Station Dalmatian, children ages 4 and up must race through town to collect, count, add and subtract Dalmatian spots. Ages 4 to 6 can play All Around Town and develop sorting, classifying and thinking skills as they travel all around town in a race to become the first to collect an item from each store.

In Name That Word! children and English language learners of all ages guess the clues players say or act out.


Recently granted exclusive rights to produce various puzzles and games for The World of Planet Pals, the Newton, Mass.-based Ceaco and their game brand, Gamewright, will introduce new Planet Pals product targeted for ages 4 to 11. Each character represents a natural resource and teaches kids responsibility for their planet.

Center Enterprises

Center Enterprises, West Harford, Conn. will expand its line of early childhood craft products for ages 3 and up with the Mask Kit, for making role-play and other items; and two wooden spoon puppet kits, Spoon People and Spoon Animals. The Paint and Clay Explorers set will also debut; it includes four art rollers that feature with decorative designs for use with paint or clay.

ChalkTalk Sports

Norwalk, Conn.-based ChalkTalk Sports' newest additions to its roster are the SportDart Magnetic Games for ages 6 and up.

The magnetic dart boards feature two games on each board: Hockey/Lacrosse and Baseball/Soccer.

Channel Craft

Charleroi, Pa.'s Channel Craft continues to focus on classic children's pastimes in retro presentations. This year's All American Boy and All American Girl sets each include four old-time games, like hopscotch, jacks, marbles and jump ropes. In addition, the new Wonderball offers a ball of yarn and instructions for classic string games, while Fundanas (pictured) are bandanas with play ideas printed on them.

Charm Company

Collectable Charming Chubeez from Ontario, Calif.-based Charm Company are plush sea, safari, forest and farm animals, plus household cats and dogs that have a realistic feel when squeezed. The plush toys' bellies are water-filled, with medical-grade distilled water in a hermetically sealed, tamper-proof silicone cell.

Charm's new Rolling Riders, meanwhile, present the most reasonable alternative to buying a pony for Christmas. The assortment of plush over steel frame ponies walk as their riders take a step, propelled by the rider instead of batteries or electricity. Several horse designs will initially be offered in two sizes.

Charm will also show off an authentic licensed Mercedes Benz 190SL pedal car. The ride-on's all-steel body is painted with a high-gloss, bright red non-toxic paint. The car has a working steering wheel, solid rubber tires and a padded seat with adjustable positions to accommodate a growing child.

Chicco USA

The Talking Garden Activity Table (pictured) from Lancaster, Pa.-based Chicco USA teaches a second language to babies while introducing sound effects and helping develop coordination and social skills. With two-mode operation, the activity table offers the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, opposites, textures, animals and other first words in both English and Spanish. Babies can hear the number song or the alphabet song, or try interactive activities complete with music, nursery rhymes and sound effects. This bilingual toy can be used and stored with or without its removable legs.

Also new is the Rodeo 3-in-1 ride-on horse for ages 18 months and up. It makes realistic neighing and galloping sounds and can be set to either rock like a traditional rocking horse, to not move at all, or, once a child is big enough, will actually move forward as the rider sits up and down in the saddle. Parents can adjust the tension of the pony's legs with a simple dial.


Regulations and rules determining which companies can sell Olympic-branded merchandise during this year's event have been stringent. However, New York-based Chinasprout is the official United States Olympic Committee licensee for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Products for the 2008 games will features aspects of Chinese culture and education, including five Olympic mascots called Fuwa, which embody the characteristics of four of China's most popular animals (the Fish, the Panda, the Tibetan Antelope and the Swallow) as well as the Olympic flame. Also new are mascot talking plush and crafts sets, including a “Build Your Own Ornament” kit, which lets children turn one of the five mascots into an ornament or paperweight.


New Dazzlin' Dough modeling dough sets from Claytronics, Golden, Colo., include Sculpting Sets for ages 3 and up. The 4-pack kits contain 2 pounds of dough in red/watermelon, yellow/lemon, green/fruit punch and blue/blueberry.

Hot pink, turquoise, purple and lime green are also available, along with White Crafter's Modeling Compound in 1-, 3- and 5-pound containers.

The Ready for School Language and Numeracy Kits encourage kids to create dough objects associated with letters, numbers or symbols.

Cloud B

Sweet dreams are made from Cloud B, which will be introducing the Poitelle Collection LullaBag, a sleep bag designed for newborns and infants up to 18 months that helps maintain a constant temperature to promote sounder sleep; and the LullaWrap, a receiving blanket designed to simplify swaddling techniques. For older kids and adults are the soft satin-trimmed Velboa Blankets.

Cloud B will also unveil additions to its plush line, Sleep Sheep & Friends. Twilight Ladybug (pictured) will project a soothing starry night sky on the walls and ceiling and features an 45-minute automatic shutoff time and an included star guide, while Cuddle Cub is a huggable plush bear that features a heart-shaped vibration unit tucked in its tummy.


Imaginative Minds (Comfyware), San Diego, Calif., adds two new software titles, Adventure in Numberland and Baby TV, for its Easy PC toddler computer, plus two new products to its electronics line.

A new, interactive phone for toddlers features 36 different activities and on-screen characters that react to a child's voice, helping strengthen social skills and build confidence, while new TV remote control for ages 2 to 7 lets parents program five channels, encouraging independence and fun.


CompassKidZ, Fremont, Calif., opens the door to worldwide travel with its line of CKidZ Medallion Sets. The initial assortment offers three starter sets (Egypt, Mexico and Italy). Each set contains messages from an 11-year-old ambassador who represents the country; two limited edition, collectible golden medallions that highlight a landmark or custom of that country; a 24-page photographic passport; and a FactZ card with a code that kids can use online to trade medallions. One Mystery Medallion in each set links kids to another kid ambassador whose identity is revealed on CompassKidZ's website. There are currently nine medallions, six offered within sets and sold separately, and three additional ones—The Great Wall of China, India's Taj Mahal and Egypt's Nile River—that will be found only as part of a set. Online, kids can also join the Compass KidZ PenPalZ Club to participate in activities and create their own page.

Corolle Dolls

New from Corolle, Grantsville, Md., is Marie, a 17-inch doll, multi-lingual toddler doll that shares secrets in French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch. Kids can record a message by pressing her flowered hand and then have it translated and played back by pressing her two hearts. Marie has the vanilla-scented vinyl skin and natural-looking rooted hair that is indicative of a Corolle doll.


Game maker Cranium, Seattle, takes on preschoolers with a new line of brainy games called Cranium Bloom. Each is said to incorporate the Bloom “Create-Discover-Perform-Connect” development approach into their play. In the All About Town category, Cranium Bloom offers Let's Play Shop & Match Game and the Neighborhood Sounds Bingo Game; Let's Go to the Park and Let's Go to the Zoo Seek & Find Puzzles; Let's Explore the Neighborhood and Let's Go Shopping activity decks. Little chefs can create culinary masterpieces with Let's Play Measure & Cook Activity Set, the Let's Play Sandwich Stacker Game and the Count & Cook Game. Other offerings include the Let's Play Care For Puppy and Stamp & Mail Activity Sets, and Let's Spin & Play at the Park and Zoo. All games and activities are for children ages 3 and up.


The Crayola name is synonymous with coloring on every level and this year the Easton, Pa., crayon maker's introductions prove no different.

Starting with Crayola Color Surge, kids use special bright-colored markers on colored paper that intensifies the finished project. Color Surge Paper is double-sided with a different color on each side; the markers come in several tips for creating drawings in 10 different shades. Refills of both markers and paper will be available separately.

New Crayola 3-D Sidewalk Chalk sets include multi-colored sticks of chalk with which kids can create art that appears in a whole new dimension when viewed through plastic 3-D glasses. Jungle Safari and Underwater Adventure activity kits include sidewalk paint and four stencils.

Young Picassos can step it up a notch with the Crayola Sidewalk Paint Foamer that dispenses colored foam that puffs up on concrete. The motorized foamer and its refills will be sold exclusively at Target.

No Drip Paint Brush Pens hold the paint in the brush and flow through for no drips or spills.

Sculptors will like the feel of new Model Magic Fusion, a soft molding material that air dries overnight for permanent creations and is crumble-free. Model Magic Fusion three-packs come in primary, neon and naturals color sets in the following themes: Outer Space, Creatures and Glitter.

Disney Model Magic Fusion 3-D Modeling Kits are available in Pirates of the Caribbean versions in two styles, Black Pearl (pictured) and Flying Dutchman; and two styles of castles, Cinderella's Castle and Ariel's Castle.

Creations By You

Illustory is getting an update with new packaging from Creations By You, Englewood, Colo., plus a new special version that includes automatic submission into the annual Reading Rainbow writing contest. The kit will include Reading Rainbow video content and story development activities.

Creative Fun

Creative Fun, Hong Kong, will debut the Mostaix, new mosaic picture kits that include colorful mini, plastic tiles. Kids can use the larger kits to form a detailed picture similar to an oil painting, while smaller kits can be used as educational art toys to help children develop their drawing skills.

Creativity For Kids

Craft with Clay kits by Creativity for Kids, Cleveland, lets kids take synthetic clay and turn it into colorful, decorative objects. New kits include Sweet Treat Boxes, Friendship Frame and Mirror and Trinket Box. All come with glitter glue, crafting tools, stickers and glitter or rhinestones. For younger kids, there's the Craft and Play Tea Party, Cowgirl and Wizards and Magic kits, which are mess-free.

Additional offerings include Big Fun Crafts, which is packed with craft basics; Make Your Own Sock Puppets (pictured) and the 15-inch felt My First Dress-Up Doll, which features peel-and-stick decoration.

Mini creativity kits include Mini Horse Show, Make Your Own Shrinky Dinks, Rock-a-Doodle and Color-In Tattoo Party. All are for ages 5 and up.

In the Do Art series, the Pottery Studio has a clay wheel that operates with a foot pedal to make real clay creations that can be painted; Travel Easel is a portable art studio with a chalk board on one side and an easel for paper on the other, with supplies inside.

New Shrinky Dinks include Alien Invasion and I Love Horses.

Medieval Garden features a resin dragon in a castle garden dish that can be painted with metallic colors. Drift Cars Street Team has six cars to customize with paint and metallic stickers. Paint & Peel Window Art comes with black outlining paint, window paint, rhinestones and wiggly eyes.

New for girls is the Pretty Pedicure Salon; Paper Petals Photo Mobile; and the In-Style Flower Fashion Accessories, which includes a flower loom, yarn and pom pom makers. In the Girl Trends line, new kits include Surfergirl Beach Beads and Hearts Desire Jewelry.

Crocodile Creek

Joining Durham, N.C.-based Crocodile Creek's line this year is the 36-piece Dinosaur Floor Puzzle, an illustrated puzzle with rugged pieces that are easy for small fingers to configure. The set comes with a storage case that allows kids to take puzzles wherever they go. A coordinating Dinosaur Lunchbox and Dinosaur Playground Ball will also be available.


Casey and Bella is a brand of children's books and plush toys by Cuddlybooks, West New York, N.J., based on Casey, a Jack Russell Terrier and Bella, a Tea Cup Yorkie. In the first book, the furry duo embarks on a fun-filled adventure to the Big Apple. Throughout the series children will be introduced to new characters and adventures.

Cyberkidz International

South Plainfield, N.J.-based Cyberkidz International will introduce Gazz It, a modeling dough for ages 4 and up that the company promises will never dry out.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, Ore., will add numerous products to its licensed lines as well as collectibles based on newly acquired properties.

The cave-dwelling Domo will get a photographic journal, stationery, a magnet, an embroidered patch and two flocked items, a die-cut journal and a limited-edition 8.5-inch vinyl figure. The figure will also be available in three color variants: white, pink and blue.

New license Dilbert will get PVC figures. Dark Horse intends to package a set of six characters in a box that resembles an office cubicle.

Will Eisner's The Spirit character will get collectibles styled after the classic comic, as well as movie collectibles based on the upcoming big-screen adaptation from Frank Miller. Busts, statues, book ends, PVC figures, magnets, paper products and art books are expected, along with some pricier collectibles.

Roman Dirge's Lenore will get a new set of boxed PVC figures and ancillary items, as well as a roto-cast vinyl figure based on a custom design.

For Star Wars, Dark Horse will be adding Royal Guard (pictured), General Grievous and Yoda vs. Emperor Palpatine to its Kotobukiya ARTFX kits, while Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal will get uRac and Landstrider statues and the Weta Collectibles division will release multiple Dr. Who offerings.

The company's limited edition, 6-inch Classic Comic Book Character line will get Grendel, The Green Lama, Elfquest, The Goon and The Rocketeer.

Daydream Toy

Daydream Toy, Hoboken, N.J., will add new 26-inch Beanstalks plush this year especially for younger kids, including Corky the alien (pictured), black-and-red Dragon and the softer Daisy. All can stand on their own bean-filled feet.

Daydream also adds a new menu to its Play With Your Food game with a plate/game board, matching mug and spinner in both dinosaur and princess themes.

Delta Children's Products

Fasten your seat belt when gaming in the Cars Octane 350W Game Chair from Delta Children's Products, N.Y. Straight from the animated Disney film Cars, the ergonomically designed and upholstered seat has subwoofers and two head-mounted speakers with a fully integrated control panel built into the seat. With analog RCA connections and headphone input, the chair is compatible with any gaming or MP3 system.

Delta also plans a line of retro and futuristic furniture and accessories with LED and electronic technology spotlighting Disney/Pixar's upcoming projects WALL*E and Transformers Animated. The collections will include a toddler bed, toy organizer, director's chair and table and chair sets.

Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles, Timonium, Md., offers movie fans numerous new Minimates Box Sets designed by Art Asylum; all stand 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation.

Silence of the Lambs Minimates Box Set includes Clarice Starling, Dr. Lecter, Buffalo Bill and Hannibal the Cannibal.

Two of Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns have inspired sets this year. A Fistful of Dollars Minimates Set includes Marisol, John Baxter the town sheriff, the villainous Ramón Rojo and the man known only as Joe; while The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Minimates Box Set includes Blondie, Angel Eyes and Tuco.

Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa debuts in the Rocky III Minimates Box Set, which includes Ringside Apollo Creed, Mr. T as Clubber Lang, Hulk Hogan as Thunderlips and USA Rocky Balboa.

The Platoon Minimates Box Set depicts the main characters of the 1986 Academy Award winning film: Sgt. Bob Barnes, Sgt. Elias Grodin, Pvt. “Gator” Lerner and Pvt. Chris Taylor.


After tee ball, kids can graduate to Blast Off Tee, which launches the long ball with an air power tee by Diggin, Emeryville, Calif. Blast Off Tee comes with a bat and two rocket balls.

Also new this year, the Jet Blaster Turbo Football (pictured) for ages 6 and up uses the aerodynamic principles of a jet wing in its design, allowing it to change the flight path of a throw for the longest air time.

Discovery Bay Games

Baffle Gab, the Seattle-based game maker that recently changed its name to Discovery Bay Games, debuts two titles for spring.

S.A.T. Gab for ages 15 and up is one way to make prepping for the high school college entrance exam fun! It comes with 600 cards loaded with S.A.T.-level words; players draw the cards and must use them to write a story in a single minute, earning points for each word used correctly.

In Scoop, players try to match the ice cream cone created by the roll.

Barista, The Game, part of the company's late 2007 roster, challenges players try to match cards and dice rolls in order to make the perfect mug of joe.

Douglas Co.

The Douglas Company, Keene, N.H., will add realistic and fantastical plush to its Sea Life and Off the Coast collections, including whales, sharks, and sea birds; as well as numerous additions to its realistic wildlife collections.

For babies, Douglas introduces seven new Bedtime Buddies, including Dawn the Pink Horse, Dandy the Brown Horse, Caper the Lamb, Doug the Tan Dog and Bounce the Frog. Casper, Dawn and Doug each play a song and move to the music. In addition, the new Baby Cookie Squeaks line (pictured) includes plush with squeakers embedded inside, while the whimsical animal collection will add dogs, cats, horses and wildlife, both standing and sitting.

The Lizzie Marine Iguana is 18 inches and made of a shiny, slippery fabric with mixed colors that add to its reptilian theme.

Douglas Sassy Pet Saks adds the Lil' Nugget Western Sassy Pet Sak with a black and white horse. The Western style bag for little hands is one of several new styles to come out in 2008.

Dress Up America

Brooklyn-based Dress Up America introduces 10 new costume kits for 2008, including Pilot, S.W.A.T. Police Officer and Mail Carrier. Available later this year in four sizes, the kits include shirt, pants, hat and accessories. The costumes are made from real fabric and feature buttons, pleats and embroidered patches. Each is packed in a polybag with hanger and bottom snaps.

Duncan Toys

Duncan Toys Co., Middlefield, Ohio, will release the Reflex yo-yo (in red, blue or yellow), which features centrifugal clutch technology and a professionally balanced design enabling string and looping tricks with “auto-return.”

Duncan will also debut Pulse, inspired by the lights of Las Vegas. It features a classic shape and a translucent design that's equipped with new light-up technology for light changing effects in multiple color combinations. The lights are activated by spin, so there is no on/off switch to get the light show going.


In the spirit of ecology, DuneCraft, Cleveland, introduces Grow Your Own Tree line of six different trees, including the Siberian Elm (pictured). Each kit has seeds, germination mixture, a plant stake and a biodegradable organic coconut pot for planting outdoors. A portion of all proceeds is donated to reforestation charities.

DuneCraft's Micro-Terrariums are smaller this year and feature the Space Plant, the Happy Cat Plant, the Rocket Plant and the Butterfly Bush. Each egg-shaped terrarium comes with exotic seeds, sprouting mixture and growing instructions. Nickelodeon-themed terrariums include the Diego Rainforest Banana Grove kit and Dora The Explorer in the Wild West Garden.

Slippery Spheres are new to DuneCraft's redesigned Impulse Header line. The Slippery Spheres header has over 150 balls that slip, slide, bounce and explode. The orbs are recommended for ages 4 and up and are non-toxic.

Education Outdoors

Nature-related toys and games are on the way from Education Outdoors, Eastport, Mich., the maker of last year's Camp board game. The first time Toy Fair exhibitor has already been honored for the board game.

Educational Insights

Squish and mold colorful creations with PlayFoam Creativity Kit and Glow-In-The Dark PlayFoam by Educational Insights, Rancho Dominguez, Calif. The sculpting continues with Sparkle PlayFoam in six- and 12-packs with glitter-infused foam.

Color matching is the goal of Goofball Rally, where players launch their goofballs one at a time down the twisting race track to try and be the first to get their goofballs in the right order at the finish line. For two players, Goofball Rally comes with a plastic course, bright-colored goofballs and game cards.

Word Storm for pre-teens has players vying to make intersecting words.

Only one player can attempt Air Traffic Control Tower (pictured), taking the controller's post to solve up to 48 puzzles to get pilots down safely.

Pirates Undercover, suitable for ages 5 and up, is a puzzle board game for one player.

It's not easy traversing through the brain-teasing paths of Maze Ways Mummy Mystery. A single player arranges the tiles to build connecting paths between icons pictured on the challenge. Beware the wandering mummy and underground passages!

Puzzlers of varying skills will enjoy the 3-D, 11-piece wooden Royal Rescue, with 48 simple and complex challenges that require both logical thinking and spatial reasoning to assemble.

The new Giant Blokus is an ideal outdoor group activity, featuring oversized game pieces and a 400-square-inch game board.

Spin USA sharpens U.S. geography skills as players simultaneously locate states on individual unlabeled maps based on clues given.

For young explorers GeoSafari Fossils Collection includes nine different fossils in a vacuum-formed tray and insert cards of photographed fossils. Future paleontologists can experience putting together a 3-foot-long Tyrannosaurus Rex with 31 bone sections, or experience a dinosaur dig with T. Rex Classroom Dig.


Mini EduAnimals sets (pictured) from Edushape, Deer Park, N.Y., are one of the new styles of soft-play sets for ages 12 months and up. New sets include a 28-piece EduTrain of removable wheels, buckets, people and solid blocks; EduAnimals, 28 pieces worth of soft, adorable zoo animals and blocks; and EduBlocks, which is available in sets of 26 or 52 pieces.

Also new are the Wonder Cubes, six fabric-covered cubes loaded with color, texture and sound; Happy Bug Stacker, a plush stacking toy featuring brightly colored bugs and pole; Sunny Activity Wrap, a plush wrap with detachable play pals; and the Double Sided Baby Mat, a soft fabric mat with textures, sound, mirror and more.


Preschool drawing just got more colorful with sketchbooks and pencils by eeBoo, New York. All Bird and Tree, Fish, Blossom Party, Cherry Tree and Castle Sketchbooks can be used with sets of 24 colored pencils, which are sold separately.

Private thoughts can be jotted down in the Bird and Flower and Mermaid Diaries, bound in foil spines.

For school writing, new Flower Composition Books offer 144 lined pages in Blue, Lavender, Red and Yellow Chinese Flower styles with a class schedule, multiplication table and metric conversion chart.

Nature Composition Books sport Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Squirrels styles.

Creative kids can enjoy three The Little Book of… label books in Fluorescent Flowers, Friendship and Mechanical themes.

Making math fun is done with the Make A Pie! game of fractions while little tikes' memories are tested with Pre-School Lotto Game, Color Memory and Number Memory Games, and the Friendly Animals Matching Game.

E-Innovative Ideas

Eco Dolls by E-Innovative Ideas, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., have soft bodies and clothing made of cotton and other natural fibers. Only Tanya's and Anna's heads and hands are plastic. Each Eco doll has a story to tell in an illustrated book that shares her adventures and details changes she is making to the environment. Tanya (pictured) loves trees and encourages others to plant more trees for cleaner air. Anna is a 10-year-old girl who spends the summers in Alaska and details her adventures on the arctic ice cap. The fashion dolls are for girls ages 3 and up.


Elmer's has a new line of products for 2008 that it hopes will stick with kids, including Elmer's Dream Designer, an activity kit that let's kids dream up, design and decorate tabletop versions of friendly places to hang out. For summer, Elmer will debut two Disney licensed Dream Designer versions based on Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

Science and magic will be in the air with Elmer's Paintastics Light Magic Scene Creator, which adds creativity to paint-by-number sets for ages 6 and up.

In the educational arena, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” Science Kits is a new line of six science-based activity kits that focus on hands-on activities leveraging various science principles, such as physical, electrical and robotic science. The series includes the Bill Nye Motorized Bubble Blower and Bill Nye Weather Station. Elmer's also offers science kits featuring popular Nick Jr. characters from hit shows Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go!, and PBS' Zula Patrol.

Endless Games

Quick Picks is a line of travel games in “to go” packaging by Endless Games, South Amboy, N.J., licensed from classic game shows like Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, The Newlywed Game, Password and The $100,000 Pyramid. All are designed for ages 13 and up and will be available in May.

A bit of charades combined with arts and crafts describes Twist and Shout. Players advance on the game board by guessing what their teammate is making with bendable foam pieces within a one-minute time limit.

The Godfather Trivia Game challenges players to test their knowledge of the families in the classic movies as they collect cards for every correct answer. The game is slated for a June release.

Endless Games is also producing The Price is Right DVD Game with the show's new host, Drew Carey, who will introduce at-home contestants. The DVD game is recommended for ages 8 and up, and will be available in June.

Enginuity Games

Tongue Tanglers is the new title from Enginuity Games, San Jose, Calif., in which players make tongue-twisters to stump their opponents. The game includes 900 words, word pads and scoring markers for up to 12 players, plus an electronic timer that gives players 10 seconds to try to repeat the tongue-tangling phrases.

Enlightened Play

EcoRanch is a strategy board game based on the care and sustaining of the planet, new from Enlightened Play, Lakewood, Colo. Teen players are volunteers on a ranch that cares for abused and neglected animals; players adopt an animal and try to herd it into foster pens while caring for its needs. The choices they make along the way determine how the game is played.


Ethical decision making is this year's deal from ethiKids, New York. The company will unveil What's the Deal?, a tween and teens prep game that comes complete with 40 story cards and other accessories, as well as companion ethiValue and ethiSkills posters to keep the game's lessons (about core values and critical skills for dealing with tricky situations) top of mind.

Every Baby Co.

Every Baby Co., New York, offers new developmental toys for babies and toddlers inspired by the DVD series eebee adventures. Eebee's Adventure Play Mat & Activity Play House comes in primary colors in varied textures with six different panels that can be set out as a mat or constructed as a house-like structure. Mirrors, push-pull games and peek-a-boo variations help exercise baby's motor and social skills. It also includes a zippered storage bag.

Eebee's Have A Ball Set includes a plush ball with a cylinder center, a ball with easy-to-grasp handles, a wheel that rolls and a zippered storage bag.

Eebee's Bowl Me Over Set incluedes squeezable plush pins (in the resemblance of the eebee character) and striped and textured round and cylindrical balls that jingle as they roll.


Singing sensation and TV star Hannah Montana will brighten girls' rooms and notes in 2008 with the Hannah Montana Lamp and the Novelty Stationery Set (pictured) by FAB/Starpoint, New York. For the little guys, there's the Iron Man Rolling Art Desk with markers and crayons and easy-carry handle, based on the upcoming Marvel superhero movie.

Additional room items (decorative pillows, canopies, curtains, throws, mirrors, speakers); art supplies (crayons, markers, activity totes); back-to-school products (lunch kits, backpacks, portfolios, notebooks, pencil cases, locker items); travel products (luggage, lap desks, neck pillows, travel activity toys); accessories (watches, handbags, totes, umbrellas and rainwear); and gift products (frames, clocks, snow globes, banks and figures) will also debut this year for the company's hot licenses, which include Spider-Man, Ben 10, Hello Kitty, Disney (Pirates of the Caribbean, Tinker Bell, High School Musical) and Power Rangers.

Family Games

You've got to be fast to play 99-Or Bust and Battle of the Sixes, new number games by Family Games, Montreal, or think fast on your feet when playing Sprocket, One Up and Carta Blanca strategy games. But the real challenge may be playing new vertical games Cahoots, Gobsmacked and Pull Through, all for two players, ages 7 and up.

Sacred Myths & Legends: The Adventure Continues is for serious puzzlers. Builders embark on a global adventure using both mental and manual skills in seven sequential wooden puzzles with the help of sacred scrolls and coded engravings. Each puzzle must be deciphered first to move on to the next. The three wooden puzzles in the series—The Enigmatic Temple, Pillars of Atlantis (pictured) and Carta Blanca—are presented on a bed of black velvet and include a clue book in four languages.

Family Time Fun

Eating and playing are allowed at the dinner table with the Gather 'Round Dinner Game by Family Fun Time, Boston. It comes with push-button action that selects one of 12 activities from more than 130 different dinner time activities for families with kids ages 5 and up to play while they eat dinner. No game pieces are required! Many of the activities are educational and promote creative thinking, social and communication skills.

Fanny's Play House

Sweet Cuddles (pictured) is a line of 14-inch, machine-washable rag dolls with embroidered faces and attached bibs, from Fanny's Play House, Plainview, N.Y. Four skin tones in both girl and boy versions are available.

The company will also be showcasing its 15-inch Down Syndrome doll, available in light and dark skin tones, in both girl and boy versions.

Fat Brain Toys

Elkhorn, Neb.-based Fat Brain Toy will release the new Dado Squares, a unique open-ended building blocks set inspired by its award-winning Dado Cubes line.The Squares set features 35 three-inch squares and can be used to create art and play structures more than 3 feet high.


While some companies produce books to help kids get to sleep, Fibre-Craft, Niles, Ill., claims it wants to keep them awake with the Creative Hands Art to-Go Take-Along activity story kit. Take-A-Long activity story kits were conceived as travel aids to keep youngsters busy on planes, trains and car trips while stressing reading, promoting artistic thinking and improving puzzle solving skills. Each of the three Take-A-Long activity kits—Princess, Giddyup and Beach Bums—features a 20-page story with puzzles, games and coloring pages. Eight crayon colors and bright foam stickers coordinate with each story.

Fiesta Toy

Plush is the star of the party at Fiesta Toy, Vernon, Calif., where new Nap Mats (pictured) take on a wildlife theme. The 33-inch mats with skid resistant bottoms come in six jungle-themed designs with 3-D formed heads but flat bodies that a child can lay upon when nap time rolls around.

Fiesta hits the high seas with 16-inch Pirate Monkeys in colors and basic browns, along with 60-inch Sea Serpents, 6-inch Pirate Parrots and Pirate Hats. Each Pirate item has a booklet hangtag with short biographies of famous pirates, an illustration of the famed pirate's flag and a bit of pirate lingo.

The party continues with Animals with Clothes. Eleven floppy-style animals are 10 inches in length, and can be turned into a cowboy, cheerleader or biker with one of 17 outfits available.

Big Eyes glitter plush feature sea creatures created from shimmer fabrics with a glitter effect that simulate a wet look.

Magic Animal Bath Mitts are 2-inch square compressed terrycloth cubes that “grow” into a large bath mitt when submerged in water. Four jungle animals are available in the cotton mitts.

With gift card giving at an all-time high, Fiesta offers a teddy bear gift card holder with a frame in its paws that's just the right size.

Also new in '08 is a new Sealife assortment and the plush Jungle Cats collection with educational hang tags.

Fiesta's new lines are for ages 3 and up and will be available next month.


Fisher-Price, East Aurora, N.Y., offers a number of new toddler toys this summer, including the Laugh & Learn Smart Bounce & Spin Pony; Computer Cool School (pictured); the Kid-Tough Portable DVD Player; the Ultra Dinosaur R/C dinosaur; and the new Color Me Gemz jewelry-making lines.

Meanwhile, Elmo's Restaurant playset will have kids “cooking” up a storm and laughing at funny phrases and sound effects when the refrigerator or oven door opens. It features a working microphone and cash register with play money.

Dora's Designer Playhouse is an adventure in interior decorating with eight rooms for kids to customize with pictures, rugs and curtains, linens and throw pillows. Lights go on, a radio starts and phrases are heard by snapping furniture and accessories into hot spots throughout the house.

Dora Prance & Fly Pegasus can magically “fly,” trot and prance with the push of a button as she unlocks the story of Dora's Snow Princess Adventure and inserts a crystal into the pouch on Pegasus' neck.

Go, Diego, Go! Animal Rescue Railway is a flexible track system that comes with a motorized Diego engine and figure, animal rescue cars and three Rescue Locations. Activated rescue phrases tell kids where to stop the cars.

Handy Manny's Fix-It-Right Transforming Tool Truck is equipped with four tools from the show and many things to fix. Pick the right tool and the Fix It Right song plays as the child tackles the problem.

My Friends Tigger and Pooh Super Sleuth Changing Tree is an interactive set that lets kids act out mysteries from the show. Inside the tree is the Super Sleuth Station with computer, map and super sleuth gear.

The first of many new products tied to the new animated series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, Disco Dancin' Wubbzy dances a routine of original moves, while Wonder Pets! fans get This Is Serious Ming-Ming, an electronic plush version that brings to life the character's signature phrases and songs.

And for racing fans, Fisher-Price debuts the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey Motors Speedway playset with Mickey and Pete, as well as The Little Einsteins Transform & Go Rocket, which changes into four vehicles and can be custom programmed with up to 10 motion paths.


Gift Box Puppy and Gift Box Kitten are new to the Folkmanis, Emeryville, Calif., line of peek-a-boo puppets. Each comes attached to a 5-inch square box in gold for the kitten and blue design for puppy. Folkmanis adds to its Stage Puppets Collection with the Sheepdog, Rabbit, Bear and Monkey puppets. Chihuahua dog and Angora rabbit puppets (pictured) stand 14 inches tall.

4Kids Entertainment

New York-based 4Kids continues a push for its Chaotic multi-platform trading card game. Players can battle opponents in-person with their trading cards, or online by uploading cards and building armies and player communities that compete with other Chaotic players. The tween collectible trading card game comes as a starter deck and booster decks.

The American Kennel Club and Modern Publishing debut two children's activity books—Puppy Love! and Best in Show!—that feature the top AKC breeds and stickers of favorite pets, along with AKC Best in Show dominoes, Uno cards, Rubik's cube and board game.

The latest incarnation of Test Tubes Alien X by Ty's Toy Box has new electronic hero and mutant aliens with collectible data and secret codes interacting via the Web. An electronic heart sensor interacts with the website and flashes color-coded messages to assess the alien's daily health status.


Fundex Games, Indianapolis, adds board games and jigsaw puzzles to its many brands, led by When Pigs Fly, a board game where pig pieces are shot from a cannon and players take shots to get Parachuting Pig, Sleeping Pig and Pig Jumping a Fence to stick to a rotating cloud.

Phase 10 Twist plays like the classic rummy-type card game but has special Twist spaces on the game board that up the challenge.

The new B-Active game line offers up new Whoops and Hip Hopscotch. In Whoops, players use numbered stones and a sense of balance while Hip Hopscotch takes a classic outdoor game and adds game pads that alter direction and keep kids on their toes.

Fundex expands its RecreAction line this spring to feature the likenesses of several NASCAR drivers on its Chuck-O bean bag toss game, Top Toss and Pro and Bulls-Eye Washers games.

For adults with little free time, new Play Now Games offer three games that take 20 minutes to play and have boxes that stack modularly in the space of one traditional board game.

For youngsters, the Lunchbox Games come packed for travel, while a new Munch Bunch group of card games—like Flippin' Flapjacks, Super Scooper and Pizza To Go—feature simple game play.

Fundex's magic line adds the Trunk 'O Tricks, which features the easy-to-follow directions in a unique comic book format.


A limited edition set of three Wacky Wobbler bobbleheads depicting characters of the Family Guy Star Wars-themed episode Blue Harvest will debut in 2008 from Funko, Bothell, Wash. The company will also release this spring the first three bobbles in its Marvel Comics series: Captain America, Thor and Vision.

Funrise Toys

Funrise Toys continues to bubble over with product in 2008; the Van Nuys, Calif.-based bubble maker adds the Gazillion Bubble BBQ and Gazillion bubble Trucks Assortment to The One and Only Gazillion bubbles line, plus new Disney bubbles.

New preschool trucks in the Tonka brand include Sandbox Force and Water Squirting Tanker Truck. Lights & Sound Tonka vehicles make a move this fall and join the Tonka Mighty Motorized Street Sweeper and Tonka F-650 Cherry Picker. Tonka Titans Go Green Garbage Truck recognizes recycled material and places it in the proper receptacles.

Funrise gets gross with Brain Bucket monster head that kids fill with slime and body parts, and then dig in to recover and replace the monster's face before time runs out.

On a more pleasant note, the Disney Princess Play Food line gets a number of new appliance toys for make-believe fun, while the Truly Charmed makeup, jewelry and accessories collection will debut several new iterations.

Headbangers' oversized sports figures are joined by Big Hoops Basketball Player and Rocket Rick Lash Canon. For a little arcade action at home, there are Scooby-Doo, Speed Racer, Star Wars' Darth Vader and Batman Tabletop Pinball Machines.

Lil' Rockstar toys are classic infant and toddler toys with a rock 'n' roll attitude, like the Chopper Popper push toy, Rockin' Shape Sorter and Rock 'N' Stack stacker.

And new from Shelcore, Somerset, N.J., which Funrise recently acquired, are the I-Pal musical toy (new in the Sound Beginnings line) and new Shake 'N' Bobbles vehicles, including Rev 'N Go Cruisers and the Crash Barrels Roadway.

Shelcore's Bathtime Busy Sub interlocking toy, which create a floating submarine and Shelcore's Sunny Steps line's new Nursery Rhymes Huggables characters and Soft Musical Driver steering wheel with lights and sound will also debut, along with NASCAR preschool vehicle toys featuring popular drivers.

Spider-Man and Friends swing into the home decor area with ceiling fan covers, an electronic snack mat, fan pulls, clothes valets, an electronic growth chart (pictured), and a door sentry featuring the popular character.

Games For All Reasons

A TV set and remote control are all that's needed to play Remote Control from Games For All Reasons, Arlington, Mass. Players must quick-click through the channels to score the most points, fending off opponents as they try to steal the remote. It can also be played against friends and family online or through text messages.


The Boochie ball toss and Captain Clueless: Lost in the Caribbean are just two of the many new games from Gamewright, Newton, Mass. Others include King Toad, a tongue-twisting card game; Hula Hippos, which makes players flick wooden hippos into a spinning hula hoop; the cat-themed Pounce!; Go Nuts!, a squirrel-themed dice game; Hang Four, a champion surf dogs card game; On the Dot, a brain teaser for ages 10 and up; and Tiki Topple, a game of 'totem' domination.

GarageCo Toys

Woodland Hills, Calif.-based GarageCo Toys, returns to Toy Fair this year with the Yo Baby “Kick Flipper” Action Board, a wheels-free plastic skateboard deck for sharpening skills indoors or out.

Gentle Giant

Adventure has a name, and in July it is Indiana Jones, who will arrive from Burbank, Calif.'s Gentle Giant in mini bust and statue form. Gentle Gian'ts other highlights this year will include HellBoy Animated figures; Harry Potter mini busts, Bust-Ups and ¼-scale statues; Star Wars statues, mini busts and Kustomz; Lord of the Rings Classics busts; animated Pirates of the Caribbean maquettes; Halo 3 mini busts and Kubricks (pictured); and Horror line mini bust extensions featuring famed film killers.

Geospace International

The Runaroo Running Bike from Geospace International, Seattle, is a unique cross between a scooter, a bicycle and a trike. Kids balance on two wheels but propel forward by pushing with their feet. Also new from the company are the new lightweight aluminum Walkaroo II Stilts and Hover Hockey, which allows for a game of tabletop hockey just about anywhere.


GeoToys, Neenah, Wis., debuts its Tipp-Kick table soccer game and, just in time for the elections, the Red State/Blue State GeoPuzzle, which includes two color-coded pieces for each of the 50 states. It can be put together based on election result maps from partner

Giant Microbes

Petri dishes of three GiantMicrobes minis are now available from GiantMicrobes, Stamford, Conn. The minis are one-third the size of original plush germs. New microbes plush include Brain Cell, Fat Cell and Mosquito; each comes with information and an image of the real microbe.

The Goldberger Co.

Doll maker The Goldberger Co., New York, moves into electronic preschool toys with the new Basic Training brand, which includes the Fly Baby activity plane, Bee Bop musical toy, Baby Cell Phone, Activity Phone, and the Read and Sing A Long Center talking book.

Waterwonders tub toys light up when submerged in water.

New doll items include Lavender Dreams scented baby dolls; musical Slumbersong Baby; MoonGlow Baby; and Nighty Light Baby.

Goodreau Doll

A number of new offerings will debut from Goodreau Doll, Oakdale, Calif., including the casual Lollipop Girl; the formal Shanghai Wedding doll; the nautical-themed Ship Ahoy Matey; and the 20s-inspired Flapper Innocence. Goodreau's latest edgy American BJD dolls include resin boy dolls Hint and Schemer, plus fresh femmes Miss Turry (pictured), Santa Baby, Black Cat and Secret in Black Elegance.

Grape Games

Flip Floggs, a new wooden matching game from New York's Grape Games, for ages 7 and up, challenges players to match five different symbols scrambled among 10 wooden Floggs (Fun Little Flipping Logs). The first to reveal a matching pair for each symbol wins.

Great American Puzzle Factory

South Norwalk, Conn.-based Great American Puzzle Factory, recently acquired by Fundex, debuts the Jelly Belly Carousel Horse 1,000-piece puzzle and four new Double Challenge 550-piece puzzles, which include hidden images: Painters' Paradise, Sleepy Shopkeeper, A Picture of Health and Kitty Garden.

Griddly Games

Wise Alec is the new educational party game from Griddly Games, Vancouver, British Columbia, that tests knowledge of spelling, science and history; while Griddly Headz Football is a sports dice game that combines strategy, luck and alliances.


Official logos and colors of every pro basketball team can be found on furniture and accessories in the NBA Collection by Guidecraft, Englewood, N.J. The feel of the arena is replicated in a toy chest, table and chair set and rocking chair. Special adornments like hand-painted basketball finials, photo cutouts for personalization, and a metal basketball rim and rope net on the lamp authenticate the line.


Count von Count and a bendable Abby Cadabby of Sesame Street are new from Gund, Edison, N.J., along new Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Grover soft dolls.

New additions to the Twirly Girly Collection include Dance with Frog (pictured), a musical water globe, puzzles, frames, wristlets and tote bags.

Hopscotch Giraffe is the newest addition in the Pinkaboo & Friends collection for babies.

And the new Dragon Wooden Puzzle in the Scales 'n' Tales Collection features 10 pieces.

Haba USA

Haba, Skaneateles, N.Y., offers several new baby items including Pacifier Chains, Construction Site and Flower Fairies Portable Mobiles, Colori and Allegro Stacking Balls and Pommella (pictured). For toddlers, new items include the Cuddling Town fabric building blocks, fabric stacking dice, fabric discovery cubes and soft fabric Flip Books (World of Dragon, Summer Day and Let's Get Going), along with two new Beading Kits, Little Sheep and Flower Fairies, which include a wooden threader, cord and decorative ornaments.New activity items include the Paletti wooden puzzle and the architectural Cordoba, Torrino and Sakrada Building Blocks Sets. International dolls Souri, Paola and Yannik come dressed in the clothing of their homelands.


This year, Calgary, Alberta-based HaPe International expands its eco-friendly toy line with a 53-piece Quadrilla Try Me Set; Bamboo E-Racers and two new Sudoku-style games, Kombino and Kombolino. Also new are the Discovery Box (pictured); a larger Down on the Farm Discovery Box; the Educo Color Flutter Butterfly and Educo Colorback Sea Turtle magnetic marble mazes; 16 additions to the poseable Anamalz line; and a number of new German-designed Beleduc items, including Dress Me Up Butterfly and the Rondo Vario and Mariposacolor pattern games. Additional puzzles this year include From Seed to Apple, From Seed to Strawberry, Cat Body Puzzle and Fish Body Puzzle.

The Happy Kid Company

The Happy Kid Co., Princeton, Mass., is following up on its award-winning open-ended play space with Fortamajig Connectables, a set of colorful panels for inventive fort building, constructed of durable nylon ripstop with a fastening system that allows kids to quickly “lock” the fabric shapes together. Each set comes with six multi-colored 33-inch squares and two 58-inch rectangles with extra loops for expandability, which can be used alone or with the original Fortamajig system.


New York-based Harcourt will be focusing on the promotion of numerous new picture book titles at Toy Fair this year, including board books Bow-Wow Attracts Opposites and Bow-Wow Hears Things, which bring the beloved Newgarden and Cash character to the littlest readers. Other hot titles for kids include Peekaboo, Blueberry! by Barney Saltzberg; No Matter What (board book edition) by Debi Gliori; Walk On! (gift edition) by Marla Frazee; Help Me, Mr. Mutt! by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel; Oodles of Animals by Lois Ehlert; and A Birthday for Cow! by Jan Thomas.

Harper Collins

New York-based Harper Collins will debut the newest title from Jane O'Connor, Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly. The character will also appear in two I Can Read titles and a sticker book, Fancy Nancy Loves! Loves!! Loves!!!

Other new releases are Mary Engelbreit Mother Goose Book and CD; Mary Engelbreit's Nursery Tales; a re-release of Shel Silverstein's Don't Bump the Glump; four Neopets tie-ins, including Neopets: The Ultimate Field Guide; and nearly a dozen Narnia tie-ins, including I Can Read titles and box sets and Prince Caspian movie books.


Hasbro, Pawtucket, R.I., lets kids harness the Hulk with the super-sized Hulk Smash Hands, or dance and sing with Hulkey Polkey Hulk.

For Iron Man fans, a licensed Nerf 425 Blaster will debut, along with two Nerf Peyton Manning footballs; an N-Strike Recon CS-6 blaster; a “night vision” N-Strike Mission Kit Tactical Light; and a Dart Tag Shockfire Deluxe Set.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Deluxe Lightsaber provides young Jedis with authentic light saber action, while Transformers will get new action figure assortments and AllSpark Blasters for role play.

The Playskool preschool brand debuts the Busy Lil' Garden, a garden-themed toy line for little girls that includes an Arbor playset, fluttering Butterfly and a rattling Friends doll assortment. Toddlers will get a new Clipo Creativity Table playset and accessories. Several Kid Motion sports items will debut, including the Dunk Basketball Set, Easy Hit Bat & Ball Set and the Super Squishy Vortex Football.

For creative play, new items are the Martian Matter Alien Maker; the Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe playset; the Play-Doh Octopus playset; and a series of Play-Doh EZ 2 Do Crafts sets in picture frame, sand art and stained glass editions.

New Mr. Potato Head versions will be Taters of the Lost Ark, Celebration Spud and Hoppin' Poppin.'

New electronics include I-Dog Dance Interactive Music Companion and the I-Dog Clip portable puppy; the Jive Pod, which turns an MP3 player into a skill game; and The Mobimals, digital pets that thrive on interaction with cell phone signals. Lazer Tag is back with a new 2-in-1 system that allows players to customize their taggers.

Furreal Friends introduces both Teacup Pups and a Newborns collection, which will include a duckling (pictured), bird, piglet and lamb; Tumbles, My Rollover Pup; and the S'Mores Pony. New dolls include Baby Alive Newborn, Go Bye Bye and Learnin' Potty.

The Easy-Bake Oven & Snack Center is the latest release for the classic, 45-year-old brand, while My Little Pony celebrates its 25th anniversary with expansions to its Ponyville line, including Roller Skate Party Cake and Sweet Sundae Amusement Park playsets; Pinkie Pie's “Magical” Oven playset; the R/C Scootaloo on the Go! scooter; My Little Pony So Soft Make Me Better Rarity the Unicorn doll; and Crawling Newborn Pinkie Pie and Scootaloo dolls.

Higgins Brothers

Ontario-based Higgins Brothers will debut juggling and circus toys in its new licensed Cirque du Soleil collection, which will include sets of juggling clubs; balls; rings; devil sticks; diabolos and spinning plates.

High IntenCity

Mr. Men and Little Miss Charm It! interchangeable charms based on the children's book series will debut from High IntenCity, Fair Lawn, N.J., along with pre-made gift sets. Other licenses include Hello Kitty, Disney animated characters, Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

Hills Industries

Australia's Hills Industries will be presenting a new line of modular outdoor play equipment called Playing Mantis. The collection features five separate playsets that include a Grass Roots starter set (mini slide, climbing vine, cubby tent) along with a selection of larger slides, vines, steps and swings.


Hip-Spanic, Las Vegas, will debut Lateenaz, a line of fashion dolls and playsets designed to embrace Hispanic culture and traditions. Each playset (Salon, Mall, School, Quinceanera) opens up to different play scenes and comes packed with themed accessories, mix-and-match outfits and a “Lateenaz” logo patch. The dolls have realistic body shapes, facial characteristics and hair. Free gear is also available to girls who log into the website with good report cards.

History & Heraldry

History & Heraldry, Coral Springs, Fla., will introduce new Zipper Pals, funky little characters that attach to any kind of zipper, from clothing to backpacks. There are more than 264 names and titles in the character collection.

Hit Toy Co.

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Railway System adds new remote-control playsets and engines from Hit Toy Co., New York. The sets feature instant activation; engine, whistle, and steam sounds; and the series' theme song. Also new is the Thomas' Great Discovery Playset, with a roller coaster, waterfall and steep mountain track.

Hog Wild

The desk-top Robo Vacuum from Hog Wild, Portland, Ore., can clean messes with the push of a button, while the Locket Pen combines two functions in one. Monster Benders are pose-able magnetic monsters. The Double Barrel Power Popper shoots soft foam balls up to 20 feet. The Temperature Controlled Faucet Light changes color for safety. The Rubber Band Shooter doubles as a fully functional ball point pen, and the Peeramid Bookrest Display is a shaped pillow with bookmark that props a book at a perfect angle for reading in bed.


Hohner, Glen Allen, Pa., introduces a musical toy line called Play & Rock, which emphasizes rhythm, wind and early childhood musical instruments. Play & Rock musical toys include songs and musical activities that were developed by a certified music educator for each instrument.


German toy maker Holztiger (distributed by Santa Monica, Calif.-based Chalais Associates) expands its line of wooden animals with new vehicles, including tractors, trucks, forklifts, cranes—all made of solid maple and beech hardwoods with no metal parts. The real rubber tires are removable, and the front axles move to help easier steering of the vehicles.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

The HK TDC, New York, will be debuting many new toys from its Hong Kong-area toy suppliers, which include Advanced General Group (plush, educational toys, electronics, dolls); D-Union Sportwares (sports toys); East Asia Ornament Industrial Co. (seasonal products); Eastcolight (microscopes, telescopes, spy items); Good Flying Investment Co.; Joy Champion (action figures); Maxitronix Enterprise (lab kits, educational and musical toys, electronics); Out of the Blue; Rich Garden Toys; (plush); SDA Ltd (stationary, dough, games); Tung Wing Enterprise (electronics); Walitoys & Garment (plush); Wuston Manufacturing (plastics); Yick Wah Plastic Factory; and Yip's (Harbour) Toys Manufacturing (sports and vinyl toys).


Hosung Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y., introduces organic My Natural plush bears, rabbits, cats and dogs in four assortments: the Pure Love 15-inch animals, plus the 9-inch collections of Tiny Love; Spring Love dolls in jackets and shirts; and the hand-knit True Love dolls (pictured), which sport velveteen shirts.

Houghton Mifflin

The highlight of Boston-based Houghton Mifflin's picture book and board book selection at Toy Fair this year will be the new Curious George hardcover title, Curious You: On Your Way!, which features a new Curious George adventure with illustrated classic art. It's recommended for all ages.

HSP Nature Toys

An edible seed sprout kit for ages 4 and up is the latest in the Nature Toys line from HSP Nature Toys, Brookline, Vt. The Grow & Gobble contains all the supplies and instructions that kids need to start growing their own garden, including multi-tiered sprouting trays that can sprout two different kinds of seeds at once.

I Can Do That! Games

I Can Do That! Games, Seattle, debuts two new games based on the classic Dr. Seuss book: Oh, The Wondrous Places You'll Go! Game, a card deck that takes players around the world; and the board game Oh, The Places You'll Go! The latter is a Barnes & Noble exclusive in the spring before it goes to retailers nationwide this fall.

Idea Storm

New York-based Idea Storm will debut Yamodo Good To Go, a travel version of its breakout game. It features similar game play of doodling and writing but in a tidier package.


El Dorado, Calif.-based ImagAbility is introducing the Wedgits Starter Tote Set for ages 2 and up, which is packed with 20 primary-colored Wedgits building bocks, a building board and a set of 48 design cards.

Imagination Box

The Paintable Cottage and Firehouse/Rescue Station kits from Imagination Box Co., Sandpoint, Idaho, are touted as eco-friendly and made in the USA. Each kit comes complete with eight washable paint watercolors, and features flat parts that can be painted inside and out before building the structure.


ImagiPlay, Boulder, Colo., is creating “eco-adorable” toddler and children's products in keeping with its new green direction. Mr. Pushable Duck (pictured) and Pushalong Pals—Mr. Cat, Mr. Dog, Mr. Fox and a Hybrid Car—are made of sustainable rubberwood and hand painted. New carved Beech wood rattles are coated with natural beeswax and come in elephant, hedgehog, snail and duckling styles. New Natural Dream Puzzles include a train, rocking horse, elephant, tiger and dragon. New ColorMeUp puzzles are packaged with a set of paints.

Imperial Toy

Imperial Toy, Los Angeles, debuts the CL5-2 Clip Load Dart Blaster dart gun in two colors with five darts and two bullseyes. It will launch in the fall.


New 3-D plastic puzzles from Incredipuzzle, Tacoma, Wash., include the Coca-Cola puzzle, an almost exact copy of the beverage can; and a replica baseball. Future releases this year include Mickey Mouse, Cars characters and other beverage bottles.

Inflatable Impressions

What used to be strictly offered only for rent, Inflatable Impressions, Libertyville, Ill., is bringing to retail with the new Bounceland bounce houses in Castle, Wild Reef (pictured) and Jungle themes. All inflate within minutes with no tools required.

Innovation First

The Hexbug Micro Robotic Creature line from Innovations First, Greenville, Texas, adds the Inchworm, a 7-way steering control critter that lets users direct the creature forward, backward, left and right. Also new is the Vex Mini (pictured), part of the Vex Robotics Design System that lets users build their own robot from a 300-piece kit.


InnovativeKids, Norwalk, Conn., will introduce four new iBaby photo board books this year: Mommies and Babies, Colors, Counting and Opposites. For older kids, new items include two Made With Love keepsake book kits (for mom or dad) and four new titles in the Now I'm Reading! game series: Go Fish Stories!, Letter Bingo!, Rhyming War! and Word Dominoes. Also debuting is the new The Sesquipedalian Word Game, the first in an entirely new line; Presidents: The Race for the White House, a book and a puzzle in one; and 16 new titles in the Hands-On Minds-On literacy line.

Innovention Toys

Innovention Toys, Denham Springs, La., is expanding its popular Khet: The Laser Game in 2008 with The Tower of Kadesh, a second-level surface that changes game play, as well as introducing a new expansion Pharaoh piece, which lights up from within when it detects being hit by the laser.

Insect Lore

New from Insect Lore, Shafter, Calif., is the Earthworm Nursery, in which kids can hatch baby earthworms from cocoons, then watch them dig and grow in the special multi-chambered greenhouse habitat. Everything kids need to hatch 50 earthworms is included, along with an instructional guide full of facts and activities.


The new tricycle collection from Italian toy maker Italtrike, distributed in Medina, Ohio, features a solid steel frame, rear storage, rear brake, and soft rubber grips. Tricycles also have a full seat with back rest that provides added comfort and solid rubber wheels for a smooth ride.

Interactive Toy Concepts

Toronto-based Interactive Toy Concepts is introducing new designs to its line of micro R/C flyers. The tiny MAV Ornithopter is based on a flying machine designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. The Micro Mosquito 4x4 (pictured) updates last year's helicopter, while the Mosquito MAV is an even smaller version of the already miniscule Mosquito. The i-Fly VAMP is a bat-like ornithopter with a 12-inch wingspan.

International Playthings

International Playthings, Parsippany, N.J., will celebrate its 40th anniversary with expansions to all top lines, plus the addition of a few new ones.

Calico Critters will get new families, furnishings and playsets, including amusement park rides. Imaginetics adds Cinderella and Goldilocks Storytime Playsets plus Three Little Pigs, Snow White and Calico Critters small sets and an I Love Horses set. The Early Years collection will add 20 developmental toys of a higher-end design with new contemporary packaging and styling. Three developmental Taggies licensed toys will also debut in the line. New iPlay games include Crazy Mixed-up Manic Martians; Jungle Animal Pinball; Wok 'n' Roll; Up the Water Spout spider game; What Did I Step In? memory game; and the Elephants or Ants? trivia game. New Quercetti products are the Transparent Marble Run; Tubular Tables Tube, a mechanical calculator for learning multiplication; a Filo Lacing Set; Fantacolor Daisy and Tecno sets; Tecno Toolbox; and the Trainset Toolbox. Götz dolls will add two new offerings, while the TableTop Games series adds Pool, Soccer and Ping Pong. Seven new toddler and bath toys will debut, including a cash register, the Sights 'n Sounds Splash table and the Zip Around Mountain playset, along with six music toys and nine domestic role-play sets under the Home and Play Gourmet brand. Another half dozen items will be added to iPlay's outdoor line, including the new Beach Builder sand toy line.

Entirely new brands for iPlay are Okiedog ride-ons (Cheeky Chick and the bouncing Fropper); Kitchen Littles, realistic miniature appliances, cookware and food sized for pretend play wth fashion dolls; National Geographic Amazing Animals plush; Yookidoo developmental infant toys; and Fitness Fun exercise equipment (treadmill, trampoline, glider.)


When The Spiderwick Chronicles hits theatres this month, iToys, Toronto, will finally debut the interactive Seeing Stone, based on the movie's universe, as well as action figures of the characters. In addition, new Doodlebops! toys will include the Superstar Keytar, Guitar, Drum Set, Dance Mat and Microphone, plus Beanie Buddies bean bag plush.

Jada Toys

Jada Toys, City of Industry, Calif., joins Speed Racer's merchandising push with die-cast, R/C and pull-back vehicles, vinyl figures and key chains. The company also taps into the Guitar Hero phenomenon with its officially licensed Air Guitar Rocker, an electronic “air guitar” played by waving a hand over a special belt buckle.

Jakks Pacific

Another 80 Pokeémon toys are on the way from Jakks Pacific, Malibu, Calif., highlighted by the Battle Links system of connecting bases and the Sinnoh Region interactive playset (pictured). There are also new basic figures and multi packs plus plush and vehicles. Other licensed items include Neopets collector plush, Mr. Men Little Miss collectible vinyls, a Wonder Pets Fly Boat foam activity set, additional Plug It In & Play TV Games based on of-the-moment licenses, a Disney Princess talking cash register and a Hannah Montana keyboard.

The toymaker's most notable new non-licensed items are the SpinZ pens, precision-weighted writing instruments designed for pen spinning, the latest skill craze sweeping Europe and Japan.

Jambo Kids

The new JamboKids Co., Great Falls, Va., will debut JamboKids for ages 3 to 8, a line of adventure storybooks and huggable soft fabric doll characters representing children around the world. The line teach kids about kids from different cultures and religions.

Jasman Toys

Jasman Toys, San Diego, will introduce the licensed Halo 3 Covenant Weapons with Laser Pursuit Technology, complete with IR beam-firing Plasma Pistols. Flameboy and Wet Willy R/C Skateboards; the Command Force R/C Control Tank and R/C Humvee; the Wild West Gunslinger County Fair Shootout carnival game; and the Wild West Quick Draw Gunslinger also will debut from the toymaker this year.


Link-O for two to six players, the latest from Minneapolis-based Jax Ltd., is a challenging numbers game for ages 5 and up that will have players turning in circles. The goal of the game is to place tiles end to end on the board by matching numbers on each; the winner is the first player to play all of his or her tiles.

JC Toy

The Berenguer Babies line from JC Toys, Miami, expands to include new playsets: So You! vanity; Me Too! Playtime Playpen; Me Too! Playtime Bathtub; and two My Lil' Vet sets.

New doll collections include the Nursery Playmates; tiny Mini La Newborns, which can fit in the hand; 14-inch La Newborns dolls; and the 5-inch Tiny Steps dolls, which come tucked inside a knitted baby bootie.

J.E.F. Aliens Game Corp.

A historical look at immigration and its struggles are explored in The Illegal Game by J.E.F. Aliens Game Corp., Rochdale Village, N.Y. Players ages 10 and up become immigrants who must learn how to earn money, meet people and speak a new language.

John Hinde

John Hinde's new line of My Name Sippy Cups with a patented spill-resistant valve includes 132 new designs in eight color combinations.

Joobli Studio

Shrinky Dinks are ready to party thanks to Joobli Studio, Milburn, N.J. The company debuts four themed kits: Wild West Jamboree, Tiki Dinki Island, The Enchanted Kingdom of Dink and P.T. Shrink's Silly Circus. Each includes a poster, 48 images, party invitations, a keepsake frame and accessories.

Kane Miller

Kane Miller, La Jolla, Calif., will debut 10 new picture books from six countries: No! That's Wrong! from China; Jukebox, an almost wordless homage to music from France; Minji's Salon from South Korea; Hannah Duck from Japan, which is illustrated with wood engraving prints; What's Going On? from Spain; and, from Australia, the near wordless Cat; Little Sisters...; Little Brothers...; Sally and Dave, A Slug Story and the latest Jack Russell: Dog Detective title, The Buried Biscuits.

Kapla Toys

Kapla Toys' 100-piece building blocks set is made from Marine Pine grown in renewable forests in France. As with all of the Savannah, Ga., toy maker's blocks, Kapla planks are not chemically treated, and are all the exact same size and shape for structures held together through only weight, balance and gravity.

Kathe Kruse

Ikibabs, from Kathe Kruse, Donauwörth, Germany, are towel-like plush baby toys featuring varied fabrics for maximum tactile appeal. They are available in either light blue or pink.


Singing siblings Janet and Kathy Lennon's KatJan, Inc., Branson, Mo. , adds three new multicultural rag dolls to its Best Pals line, as well as a set of mini versions packaged in a tote bag and the 1950s-styled Best Pals Tea Set, which offers service for four in a mini suitcase. The Lennons will also add Danny, a 16-inch soft doll (pictured), named after their brother.


The Kettrike Oceana (pictured) from Kettler, Virginia Beach, Va., has wide, rubberized tread on its tires and a steel frame designed specifically to prevent tip overs. Also new to the Kettler line is the rollySweeper, a working sweeper with removable collection container; the CATDigger excavator; and Scooter Thunder, a three-wheel design that grows as its rider does.


Building time is anytime with Harrisonburg, Va.-based Keva's new Keva 400 with Canvas Storage Bag set. The American-made maple construction blocks let builders create whatever their imaginations want without glue or fasteners.

Kheper Games

Adult players take turns rolling dice to perform various actions with the Bachelorette Bar Dice from Kheper Games, Seattle. Make a toast, assign drinks to the blondes … or to the fake-blondes. Also available is the Cocktail Dice drinking game.

Kid Galaxy

The thrill of flying can now be enjoyed indoors with the Elite Fleet IR Indoor Plane from Kid Galaxy, Manchester, N.H. The sturdy yet lightweight foam plane is powered by infrared technology. The company will also debut the Morphibian Stingray (pictured), an R/C vehicle that moves on both land and water and features glowing eyes and Stingray-like features. For preschoolers, there's My First RC Dinos Tyrannosaurus Rex, which spins, chomps and walks.


The Incredible Hulk stars in several new electronics products this year from KIDdesigns, Rahway, N.J. New items for 2008 include The Incredible Hulk Gamma Talkers, a pair of walkie-talkies with flexible antenna loops that turn every chat into a superhero adventure; and The Incredible Hulk Gamma Learning Laptop (pictured), which makes Hulk sound effects while teaching kids letters, rhymes and spelling skills.


Kids Give, Los Angeles, introduces a new doll to its Karito Kids World Collection: Piper Whelan, an 11-year-old from Sydney, Australia. She's the latest in a line of ethnically accurate international dolls and books designed to empower kids to make a difference.

Kids Preferred

The World of Beatrix Potter plush toys and books by Kids Preferred, East Windsor, N.J., promise an interactive experience for parents and babies. Peter Rabbit is joined by plush beanie friends Mr. Jeremy Fisher (pictured) and Jemima Puddle-duck.

Kidz Delight

Downers Grove, Ill.-based Kidz Delight's new electronic products for babies and toddlers include the Magic Mirror Laptop and Interactive Animal Cubes, Alphabet Cubes and Memory Quiz (pictured). For older kids, the Datamax ii is a kid-friendly first computer.


Hand knit cotton baby rattles by Peruvian artisans are available from Kinderware, New York, in baseball, football, basketball, cupcake and Dalmatian styles. Kinderware's line of yoyo dolls, updates of the folk art tradition, add a kitten doll (pictured). The line, which is sewn by a co-op of women in Bolivia from leftover fabrics, is tested for safety.


The Matching and Memory Game, for ages 3 to adult, from Teaneck, N.J.-based Kingka is the first educational board game invented and manufactured in the USA that uses Chinese characters as its key element. It aims to teach memory, concentration and motor skills; players of all ages can also learn 54 basic Chinese characters.


Palo Alto, Calif.-based Klutz adds nine new titles to its line of books-plus kits, including Bead Loom Bracelets, which includes a functional loom; The Klutz Book of Board Games, which has 15 game boards, custom pieces and dice; Mother Nature Goes Nuts!, a fact book; My All-Time Top 5, a spiral-bound journal and idea/activity book for tweens; Paper Fashions Fancy; Quick Draw Flip Books; Draw it Again, and Again, and Again, and Again, a reusable book with markers and 20 laminated pages; Mermaid's Palace: A Fold-out Undersea Palace to Play In; and Short Stuffs: Create Your Own No-Sew Stuffed Animals.


Hatfield, Pa.-based K'Nex adds two new motorized series this year: Collect & Build Road Rig (for ages 5 and up) and Amusement Park (for ages 7 and up); each series offers four sets within the theme. For older kids, K'Nex will offer the challenging thrill ride sets SawBlade, Dragon's Drop Coaster, DoubleDare Dueling Coaster and the Motorized Madness Ball Machine. Preschoolers will get nine new licensed Sesame Street character building sets, including small Elmo, Ernie, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch sets; larger Super Grover, Abby Cadabby and Elmo's World sets; and the ultimate building experience, the Cookie Monster & Mr. Hooper's Store set.


Kubit2Me, Chicago, will introduce three different editions of its tossing and talking game: Now You're Talking, which offers thought-provoking questions with a focus on beliefs, opinions, relationships and memories; Truth or Dare, designed especially for tweens and teens; and Lil' Scholars, a learning-oriented version for younger kids.


Nursery Rhymes is the latest title in the award-winning Giggles Computer Funtime for Baby software series from Leveractive, Rochester, N.Y. The software lets babies touch and tap the keys on any computer keyboard for on-screen feedback, graphics and sounds, yet locks out the computer system to protect parents' computer hard drive and files.

Life-Like Products

Life-Like Products, Baltimore, offers two new train sets this year: the 175-piece Thundering Rails Diesel Electric Train Set, which includes an F7 diesel locomotive, caboose, six cars, and scenic accessories; and the Rail Traveler Passenger Train set, which touts an F40PH Locomotive and lighted interiors.

The Darda brand also has several new sets: the 152-piece Power Loop Pyramid set (for Ultra Speed cars); the Glow Loop Scorcher, which offers complete 360-degree turns; and Demolition Derby, which has two Fast Trackers cars that can move backward and forward to avoid collision.

Lisa LeLeu Studios

Lisa LeLeu Studios, Doylestown, Pa., will release the Super Star Theater, which offers preschoolers both a main stage area with backdrop and curtains and a ticket booth area with pockets. Tickets and show time clock, snack bar and a dressing room with mirror complete the set, which can also be used as a puppet theater.

LaRet Enterprises

How to get and keep children on the healthy lifestyle path is the concept behind the nutritional snacking system called SnackerTracker by LaRet Enterprises, Albany, N.Y. The colorful magnet charts a child's daily food intake and physical activity and includes a nutritional guide.

Lauri Toys

The new Count My Fingers Puzzle from Lauri Toys, Smethport, Pa., features numbers and letters printed right on the crepe rubber pieces. All pieces have a snug fit, which helps increase fine motor skills in kids. And, like all the company's sets, this puzzle is latex free.

Lauwers Games

It's not easy getting to the finish line in Gnome Race, a family game for ages 7 and up from Lauwers Games of Belgium. Players maneuver their gnomes as they race on tricycles through an ancient forest filled with wizards. The challenges are many and the roads keep changing.

Learning Horizons

Cleveland-based Learning Horizons' new Think and Play kits for ages 3 and up include Think, Play, Travel! (pictured), which contains activities and information on transportation, states and capitals; Think, Play, Explore the Great Outdoors!, which has tools and activities for exploring nature; Get Ready For School, which contains back-to-school supplies; Discover Zoo Animals, which has furry props, games and activities; and Let's Eat, which teaches about food groups, table manners and grocery shopping.

The Learning Journey International

Phoenix-based The Learning Journey International's new Explore & Learn games for ages 3 and up include 50-piece floor puzzles like Alphabet Safari, Rhyming Universe, Counting Treasures and Colors & Shapes City. Other new items include MindQuest, an electronic quiz game and Techno Gears Mega Marble Mania.

Learning Resources

Learning Resources, Vernon Hills, Ill., presents the Lock It In! Electronic Math Challenge, which tests number skills, and the Cash Bash Electronic Money Game, which teaches coin values. Other items include the Phone Smart Teaching Telephone and the Melody Express Musical Train, which plays notes as it travels. The Egg Scramble Challenge Game offers color matching fun, while the Number Fun Farm Electronic Talking Play Mat has 10 different songs and number challenges. Both the Smart Safari Congo Bongo Monkey and Color Fun Turtle teach sequencing. In the Gears! Gears! Gears! line, new animal sets will debut.


Lego, Enfield, Conn., celebrates the 50th anniversary of its building bricks with dinosaur Duplo sets and two Thomas the Tank Engine sets. The open-ended Lego Creative Building system adds four sets, including a 700-piece anniversary set with limited edition gold brick. Eight themes in the three-in-one Creator line will debut, along with eight Technic functional vehicle model sets. The Bionicle and Lego City lines will expand with more than a dozen SKUs, including the Beach House (pictured). A new theme, Lego Agents, will be introduced with six new adventure/espionage sets. Expansions to the Mars Mission series will add seven SKUs, including transforming vehicle models and collectible aliens. Lego Castle adds seven new dwarves- and trolls-themed sets. Exo-Force adds seven new manga-inspired sets for super robot-battling action. Lego Racers adds 11 sets, including Tiny Turbos in tire-shaped cans and two licensed Ferrari models. Also in the licensing realm, four Speed Racer sets (with character figures) will debut, along with eight Indiana Jones sets inspired by the original trilogy and the new film. For Star Wars, Lego will debut 10 sets for the films and the The Clone Wars animated series. SpongeBob SquarePants will get two sets, and Batman will get four new sets, each starring a classic villain.

Leisure Learning Products

Leisure Learning Products, Stamford, Conn., will release Magnetic MightyMind activity set and the MightyMind's Big Idea Book, which uses two sets of MightyMind/SuperMind Design Tiles to build a series of 22 theme puzzles.

Little Kids

Little Kids, Providence, R.I., introduces Bubble Botz, small robotic-looking, battery-operated bubble machines with decorative antennae. Additional new items are My First Bubbles Peek-a-Boo Surprise for toddlers, and a number of new Nick Jr. releases (with different styles and features) utilizing characters from The Backyardigans, Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego Go!

Little Partners

The Learning Tower from Shreveport, La.-based Little Partners premieres in three new colors: rich ebony, soft white and dark cherry. It's both a step stool that adjusts as a child grows and a playhouse (or puppet theater, doll house or lemonade stand), once you add the accessories kit.


New York publisher MacMillan will launch multiple titles, including The Wonder of You, a hardcover companion to On the Night You Were Born; a 40th anniversary edition of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?; Carl's Summer Vacation; Mimi, from the creator of Cheep! Cheep!; My Animals board book with foam cover; Dog and Bear: Two's Company; four board book titles in the Natural Baby Series: Eat, Play, Sleep and Splash; What's Inside Your Tummy, Mommy?; Does a Sea Cow Say Moo?; The Littlest Dinosaur; and The Sandman.

Madcap Logic

New Creativity Express software for ages 7 and up from Madcap Logic, Durango, Colo., contains 16 interactive sections that teach the principles of art, and includes animated characters and challenging activities to help spark kids' creativity.

Makit Products

Kids can have a photo or artwork preserved on two new Thomas the Tank Engine-themed plate kits by Makit Products, Dallas. Kids can send a photo to Makit to be imprinted on a dishwasher-safe plate, or use special markers to color a Thomas-themed design or create an original artwork.

Maple Landmark

Maple Landmark of Middlebury, Vt., enters into the licensed toy market with products based on children's favorites Maisy and Guess How Much I Love You. Maisy the mouse can be found on growth sticks, wall racks, frames, five seasonal puzzles and a memory tile game, while Guess How Much I Love You watercolor artwork has been adapted to puzzles, wall racks, bookends and growth sticks.

Mark My Time

The digital bookmark from Mark My Time, Chandler Heights, Ariz., features a digital clock and countdown timer with alarm that alerts kids when they have completed their reading. Available in neon green, blue and purple.

Martin Yaffe

London-based Martin Yaffe International, the master toy licensee for preschool series Little Princess, will be debuting new character beanies, plush dolls, and a castle playset that's a replica from the show. Outdoor items include an inflatable space hopper, a Nessie Stick horse, an inflatable bouncy castle, an inflatable spray pool and wheeled toys.

Mary Meyer

Townshend, Vt.-based Mary Meyer will launch new toys licensed from The Brainy Baby Co., as well as five new collections of plush Taggies. The line will offer 19 new SKUs, including the new Fun Time Taggies soft rattles; Squeezie Taggies plush animals; ABC Rattles; Taggies Play Pals, which double as puppets and plush; and Baby Taggies animals. Also new are two non-licensed baby lines: the Lamby Love boutique collection and the Precious Puppy contemporary boys collection. Additional new items include Silly Sox puppets and Puzz Pals (pictured above), a soft activity toy/puzzle in one.


New from Quebec, Canada-based MasteRay is a strategy game for families, 4Chess. It incorporates the same classic rules of chess with new options, including team play.


Tucson, Ariz.-based MasterPieces will debut new Bella Sara items licensed from Seattle-based Hidden City Games, including puzzles; Bella's Magical Adventure Game with 3-D board; and the card-based Bella's Memory Matching Game. In crafts, new items include the Fuzz Art customizable poster; Paint by Number; Stitch a Craft kit; the Ultimate Party Pack, which makes six journals; a Bead Kit; a 600-piece Design a Purse kit; the Ultimate Activity Box; and a Scrapbooking Kit.


Spring lines from El Segundo, Calif.-based Mattel include a host of new Barbie lines. Highlights include the iDesign Ultimate Stylist CD-ROM game, which merges digital fashion design with separate packs of add-on fashions girls can import; accessory packs for the Barbie Girls MP3 player; Totally Hair dolls with braiding and coloring features; two-outfit Day2Nite dolls; sports-themed career dolls; and Color Change Mermaids and butterfly-winged dolls from the Barbie Mariposa DVD. Replicas of Grease characters are available for collectors.

In non-Barbie categories, offerings include new Polly Pocket lines with themes like Ultimate Pool Party, Sparklin' Pets and Fab-tastic Fashions; and Little Mommy baby dolls.

Hot Wheels adds a Crashers assortment of destroy-then-rebuild cars, several launcher and track sets, and celebrates the brand's 40th anniversary. Matchbox adds to its Mega Rig assortment with rescue-themed vehicles and branches into fire fighter role-play toys. Disney/Pixar's Cars merchandise continues with two-pack assortments of the movie's character vehicles in new scales and proportions, plus a dragstrip playset. For the smallest superhero fans, Batman's Batwing jet joins the DC Super Friends collection.

The Radica brand adds to U.B. Funkeys with a new Funkiki Island assortment; plus a Brain Games 2 handheld game and 20Q in spring colors.

Matter Group

In Xeko Mission: China, from New York-based Matter Group, the traditional Xeko card game that teaches children about ecology has a new twist. This title, for ages 8 to 12, features the animals of China (giant pandas, snow leopards, king cobras), and teaches both math and science.

McWiz Games

Quebec-based McWiz Games will introduce BrainStonz for ages 12 to adult, a fast game of strategy in which players must be the first to complete a line with four polished river stones across the wooden board.


Montreal-based Mega Brands include new releases for all its popular lines. The Neo Shifters will get three new sets, while the Plasma line willl get buildable Plasma Hatchers and the collectible Plasma Kreaps.

The magnetic racing Spheron series will get two styles of the Single Car Launcher; a Triple Launcher; and four styles of the Gravity Launcher.

For preschoolers, three new playsets will debut: the Tiny N' Tuff Buildables: City Vehicles set; Luigi's Garage, a continuation of Cars Disney/Pixar license; and the Word World Barn, which offers A to Z blocks and a DVD.


MerryMakers, Oakland, Calif., brings to market new dolls based on children's book characters, including Dog and Bear dolls from the picture book series of the same name; an 8-inch Princess Baby Doll from a new picture book by Karen Katz; and an Are You My Mother? doll, which depicts the classic character from the 1960s P.D. Eastman book.

Mezco Toyz

Mezco Toyz, New York, will introduce Hellboy 2: The Golden Army action figures, deluxe figures, rotocast busts, keychains and backpacks; collectible figures based on the television show Heroes; and action figures, Screen Grab dioramas, rotocast busts, keychains, and messenger bags tied to The Spirit comic book film. Under Cinema of Fear, Mezco is releasing a fully articulated Jason Vorhees figure and a second series of 7-inch tall collectibles that includes Jason from the sixth film in the Friday the 13th franchise, along with Leatherface and Freddy Krueger and Nancy.

Mindtwister USA

Quadrago from Mindtwister USA, San Diego, is a new fast-paced strategy game whose board offers a rotating center. Like the company's award-winning Pentago, this offers players a chance to dramatically change the layout of the pieces, making for a more challenging play experience.

Monkeying Around

Monkeying Around, Rochester, N.Y., will debut the Super Challenge Book for ages 8 to adult, which offers challenging connect-the-dot fun, including double-page puzzles with new methods for connecting points to reveal pictures as well as puzzles connecting coordinates and symbols


New accessories from Pinellas Park, Fla.-based Monogram International include Hannah Montana and High School Musical Light Up bracelets in four color combinations; Marvel Bust Banks featuring Spider-Man, Venom, Wolverine, The Thing and Hulk; a Hulk Movie Bust Paperweight; and 12 new Portrait Bracelet key rings in classic Disney Minnie Mouse and Princesses, Tinker Bell, Enchanted Tales Princesses (Cinderella, Belle, Ariel), Cheetah Girls, Hannah Montana and High School Musical. Each features portraits of favorite characters in various poses with faux fur and gem accents.

Morning Star Games

Morning Star Games, Santa Monica, Calif., will launch Zoo Detectives, in which different wild animals roam away from their zoo habitats. It's up to players, ages 7 and up, to find the animals and return them, overcoming obstacles along the way. Challenges might include helping a sick lion or feeding the hippos. Along the way, players learn interesting facts about more than 240 animals.

Motorhead Miniatures

The artists at Motorhead Miniatures, Davie, Fla., will debut 1:18 scale polyresin lowrider figures timed to the 30th anniversary of Lowrider Magazine, as well as debut era-themed figures (pictured above), including Sixties Sweeties and Vintage Vixens (1940s), for display with model cars and trains.

My Creative Fun

Based in San Diego, My Creative Fun will launch a Circus kit (pictured) that can be decorated with color markers or any other suitable paints.

Mudpuppy Press

Galison's Mudpuppy Press, New York, is introducing Rhyme Time Ring Flash Cards; a Garden Bugs Mini Play Scene Sticker Set; a monsters-themed Magnetic Figure; newly formatted Around the World 63-piece puzzle; and a new Mermaids design for its locked diary collection.

Naq Games

Naq Games, Laguna Hills, Calif., will debut the Naq strategy game, which lets players use a subject card as a starting point in creating general questions in an attempt to stump the other players.


New Products from Neat-Oh Universe, Rochester, Ill., include the ZipBin Softie Wheelie, which opens to reveal a race track, garage area, winner's circle and parking for 12 vehicles; and the ZipBin Softie Racer, which is shaped like a race car. Two die cast vehicles are included in each set.

New Harbinger Press

Newharbinger, Oakland, Calif., will debut the Transition Times series of books designed to help parents of kids ages 18 months to 5 years deal with difficult transitions. Each contains an illustrated story for kids, followed by advice for parents. Learning to Listen, Learning to Care, an empathy workbook for kids, and the The Baby Emergency Handbook will also debut.

Nikko America

A highlight of Plano, Texas-based Nikko America/Erector's 2008 offerings is the fully motorized R2-D2 Wireless Webcam, which comes bundled with a VoIP Phone, Skype Software, a Skype account and lightsaber remote/USB phone. Nikko will also debut a new 1:16 scale Dodge Challenger Street Mayhem Tuner; a 1:10 scale Dodge Charger Police car; the Aqua Dodger underwater vehicle; a 1:10 scale Firebird muscle car; and a 1:14 scale Ferrari F1.

Norfleet Design a House

The Mighti-house from Norfleet Design A House, Washington, is a patented, multiple-model, scale miniature house building set. Each house is easy to assemble, decorate, expand, and equip with built-ins and fixtures.

North American Bear

The 30th anniversary of Chicago-based North American Bear Co. will bring a new collection of Muffy VanderBear Couture outfits and an expanded My Own Monsters line that includes seven new friends: Crazy Eyes, Ow, Bumbido, Buster, Fredricka, Morty and Eye (Love You). The Topsy Turvy Doll line of dual-sided dolls will add Sleeping Beauty, while Flatso will get a new spin-off line, Flatso Baby Gift Totes, gift assortments that package four Flatso dolls, a soft activity book and a Joel Franken CD inside a vinyl tote.

North Star Games

North Star Games, New York, will debut Say Anything: What Do Your Friends Really Think? Players ages 8 and up answer questions like “What would be the coolest thing to have in a mansion?” The fun is in discussing the pros/cons of each answer and betting on which one the judge will choose as a favorite.

Nova World

The Brush & Talk Pet from Nova World, City of Industry, Calif., features technology that brings its Pampered Girl's Pets plush to life. The stroke of a magic brush makes the Brush & Talk Pet speak with interactive phrases for more play time between owner and “pet.”

Nowstalgic Toys

Nowstalgic Toys, Baltimore, has bought the rights to Squirmles, and will bring the line of fuzzy, climbing creatures from the 1970s to a new generation of children. Nowstalgic will also re-introduce TV Magic Cards and TV Magic Show.


Brooklyn, N.Y.-based OgoSport will introduce the OgoSport CopterDart, a new take on the classic lawn darts game but with soft foam wings and plastic tip, making it safe for indoor play. The OgoSport CopterBall (pictured) and Mini CopterBall, with soft foam wings, will also debut.

Origin Toys & Games

Origin Toys & Games, Greensboro, N.C., will introduce expansion packs and a double set for its Askew game, which challenges players to successfully hang all their rods from hooks without any being knocked off.

Out of the Box

Party Pooper, the latest game from Madison, Wis.-based Out of the Box, invites players to figure out who's the party pooper and who's the party animal with help from more than 400 game cards.


The Mega Mantis, an aluminum insect building kit from OWI, Carson, Calif., features a constructible praying mantis insect toy that can be assembled from bendable aluminum parts. Also in the aluminum building kits line are the Samurai Scorpion, Angelic Butterfly and Rhino Beetle.

Pamela Drake

Alphabitz, from Berkeley, Calif.-based Pamela Drake, is an educational game kit in which children strive to make letters and words using only colored sticks.

Paradise Horses

Paradise Horses, Greenwich, Conn., expands this year with Coriander and Cowboy, jointed horses that feature easy-to-brush manes and tails, flexible bodies and mouths that opens to accept a bit or carrot. A rider, Elizabeth, from the Barn Buddies collection, can fit on both new releases.

Patch Products

Beloit, Wis.-based Patch Products' latest games include Buzzword Junior; Go Ape!, a card game that puts a new twist on Go Fish; I See Three!, a preschool memory game; Perfect Sense, a riddle game; Repeat Pete, a fast-paced game of mimic; Tastes Like Chicken, a mixed-up animal matching game; and Tickles the Turtle (pictured, previous page), a silly game of luck and laughter.

Paw Prints

The Original Pound Puppies return after 20 years courtesy of Pound Puppies Inc., represented by the Paw Prints Group, Eatontown, N.J. The basic, 13-inch plush come with adoption papers, a take-home kennel carrier and a DVD. Other styles include an interactive 12-inch Happy Tails Puppy, 6-inch Newborn Collectables, 4-inch Back Pack Pups keychains, and 24-inch Jumbo Puppies.

Peaceable Kingdom Press

New board games, travel games, stickers, puzzles, paper doll playhouses and more—33 items in all—will debut from Berkeley, Calif.-based Peaceable Kingdom Press. Hightlights include the Game Time! Write & Wipe Activity Totes, which each offer 18 dry-erase pages of activity fun tailored to a different theme, such as magic, pirates and Egypt; and Spin & Go, a board game offered in themes like Monster Madness, Milk and Cookies and Spunky Monkeys.

Peapod Toys

The new SweetPea3 MP3 player for kids from Peapod Toys, Calgary, Alberta, features a built-in speaker, eliminating the need for headphones, plus simple three button controls, LCD display and carrying handle.

Peek-A-Boo Stuff

The Peek-A-Boo Bag line from Peek-A-boo Stuff, Draper, Utah, is a 6.5-inch, squared corduroy bag with plastic front that reveals toys hiding among its white beads. It's a child's job to find all the hidden toys. Girl, Boy and ABC styles are offered.


Austria's Gowi Sand and Water Toys, as well as shape sorters and stackers, are coming to America courtesy of Pel-USA, Cheektowaga, N.Y. Pel is also re-introducing Magnetic Blocks in 15- and 21-piece sets.

Pencil Grip

Development by Design special needs toys from Los Angeles-based The Pencil Grip will expand to including all-ages Play Packs, activity card decks with skill-based games; Snap Bags linking beanbags; Bumpity Blocks textured foam blocks; Explorer Rings activity bead rings; and the Meteor Ball, with five modes of music and ideas for 50 creative movements.

Penton Overseas

Carlsbad, Calif.-based Penton Overseas will introduce its first series of “eco-educational” books with My Bag & Me! by Karen Farmer. Other new releases include Days of the Week at the Zoo, a board book; My Big Book of Magical Stickers; Lyric Language Live, a set of a 70-minute DVD, CD and sticker activity book; It's Potty Time for Boys and It's Potty Time for Girls; Write, Slide & Learn; 'Your Baby Can Read' Word Cards; and LinguaFun, a card game and CD. Penton will also debut four new titles in the Carry-Me board book line from U.K. publisher Make Believe Ideas, along with the Duckie Duck board book and character plush and three new interactive books: Five Noisy Ducks, Hide and Seek Vehicles and Hide and Seek Colors.

Plan Toys

Plan Toys, Palo, Alto, Calif., will debut the Road and Rail Set with Station House/Storage Chest Duo, the latest in its line of wooden playsets. It includes both rail and road track pieces, two trains, three cars, a bus, little people and trees. The train station converts into a storage unit.

Play Along

Play Along Toys, Deerfield, Fla., celebrates the 25th anniversary of Cabbage Patch Kids with new 3-inch Lil' Sprouts babies with Patch Ponies and two new playsets.

Care Bears Collectibles will debut adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystal eyes and sterling silver-plated accents, four this spring and another four in the fall. Special Edition Heart of Gold Bear Care Bears will have Swarovski crystal eyes and 14K Gold plated accents; each comes with a DVD of a 1984 Care Bears' TV special.

The Child Guidance line will be re-introduced with licensed role-play items based on Barney, Clifford, Max & Ruby, Curious George, The Wiggles, Teletubbies and Miffy. Play Along's other licensed preschool toys include The Wiggles plush, games and playsets; a Curious George R/C Tricycle and new plush with DVD; and Barney Dance and Play electronic toys. An electronic Silly Talk SpongeBob SquarePants and traditional plush of the character will also debut.

The company's Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian action figure line includes 3.75-inch figures, battle figures with special moves, and a Deluxe Castle playset. Role-play swords come in three styles, while a Narnia Battle Armor set includes a crossbow, helmet and dagger.

New Hannah Montana items include a Singing Holiday Doll; a Malibu Beach House; four fashion dolls and an In Concert Doll dressed in outfits from the concert tour.

New NASCAR products include Helmet Racers, replica helmets that double as launchers, and Pit Stop Racers, motorized and rechargeable cars, among other items.

Puppy In My Pocket & Friends sets expand to include wild animals in a new Jungle Pets collection, along with a Little Homes collection, Fun and Play Accessory Packs and a Puppywood Mall deluxe playset.

Play Visions

New flying toys from Play Visions, Woodinville, Wash., include the Flyro Gyro, a toy plane that stays aloft; Loop 'n' Zoom, a wheel with a retractable cord inside that moves by pulling the cord and spinning it like a lasso; and Thredz, a line of squishy string balls in bright colors.

Playmates Toys

Among Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Playmates Toys' many licensed playthings is the first Disney Princess branded baby doll, the My Baby Princess Crawl Baby. It will come in Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel versions. The company's Disney Fairies tie-ins will include the “I Can Fly” Talking Tinker Bell.

A license for Eon Kid toys results in a Deluxe Iron Fist and other role-play toys; figures and vehicles; and a 12-inch interactive figure. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return with a basic figure assortment and two new themes. figures that spin on their shells. and mini figure two packs.

The Land Before Time line includes basic, walking and mini figures, plus bean bag and large plush, while Strawberry Shortcake dolls, ponies and vehicles are based on a new rock 'n' roll themed DVD. New Berry Babies in small and larger scales are also planned.

Struts Fashion Horses for 2008 include Paris Covergirls and On Location, plus accessory packs, playsets and a vehicle.

New electronic products include: My Life, a console that lets users create their own virtual character with downloadable fashions; Draw 'N' Dream, a digital art studio with add-on software featuring kids' properties; and Idjits, an electronic handheld game based on the gross collectible card series.

Playroom Entertainment

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Playroom Entertainment has several games up its sleeve, led by Pick A Paint, in which players paint objects in a grid; Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter, the latest edition to the strategy game in which players try to keep as many bunnies alive while trying to eliminate their opponents' bunnies; Secrets of the Sea, in which players must decide whether to take the risk of diving deeper for treasure; Time After Time, a sequencing game; and Where the Buffalo Roam, a strategy game.

Pressman Toy

New TV-licensed games from New York-based Pressman Toy include ESPN Jeopardy! and the travel-friendly ESPN Jeopardy! Attaché Game, both sports trivia games; The Office Trivia game, based on the NBC sitcom; Disney Wheel of Fortune; The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Tipton Challenge Game and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Double the Fun Card Game. New licensed product from the Smithsonian Institution includes educational games and puzzles. The company's new Pokémon games include Guess that Pokémon; a dice-game called Pokémon On a Roll Game; and a card game, the Poké Ball Flip Game. Additional new items include Big Roll Bingo and themed versions featuring Scooby-Doo and Hello Kitty. New puzzles include Wonder Change season-changing designs; 3-D-Puzzle-in-a-Puzzle puzzles and Kung Fu Panda puzzles

Pretty Ugly

The Uglydolls family of plush from Pretty Ugly, Kenilworth, N.J., expands to include Poe, Babo's Bird, Pugly, Plunko and Ugly Ghost, plus two formerly retired relatives in new orange versions: Suntan Target and Cinko.

Privateer Press

Miniature tabletop game maker Privateer, Seattle, will release a pre-painted collectible miniatures game, Monsterpocalypse, designed by the creator of Hordes and Warmachine. Sets will include more than 80 figures in the initial launch as well as larger-scale monsters, destroyable city structures and vehicles. The company also expands its family card game Infernal Contraption.

Publications International

Publications International, Chicago, expands its electronics-enhanced children's titles with several designs, including The Dance Mat Book, which teaches five dances and includes a dance mat. Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street characters and Disney Princesses are featured. Other new designs are The Flashlight Adventures Sound Book; The Light Peg Learning Book; new Story Reader titles featuring Little Einsteins, Disney Fairies and Mickey Mouse; and The Batman Steering Wheel book.


Pyramat, Los Angeles, will tempt video gamers with several new wireless gaming chairs, including the 5500 Sound Rocker (pictured); the PC Gaming Chair; and the Laptop Sound Booster, which turns a notebook computer into a home theater.

Pywacket Games

St. Cloud, Minn.-based Pywacket Games introduces Cromlet, in which players compete to claim Cromlets of the highest point value; and Gemlok, in which players collect precious gems and keep them safe from the competition.


Minneapolis-based Q-Ba-Maze (pictured) is introducing new colors—red, yellow and clear—to its construction system's 20- and 50-piece sets.

R&R Games

R&R Games, Brownfield, Texas, introduces the Horse Fair Card Game, where players pick best in show. It comes with 10 miniature collectible horse figurines. Also new is Covert Action, a fast-action card game that can have as many as 14 players. Players race to take down the leader of the opposing team or discover the mole inside their own team.

Rainbow Brush

Markers from RainbowBrush, Key West, Fla., can be used one at a time or connected for a customized rainbow of up to 100 different color combinations. New RainbowBrush books are 52 pages and feature 10 ready-to-draw sheets plus five markers. Gift box kits are also new.

Random Line

With the new Squiggle On-The-Go nature line from Randomline, Morris Plains, N.J., artists spin a wheel to determine whether to turn their pre-printed squiggly line into an animal, insect or sea creature. Pads each have 100 unique squiggles.


Make 'N' Break Extreme is the next generation of Newton, N.H.-based Ravensburger's race against the clock family game in which players use differently shaped building blocks to create unique structures. The company's puzzle line grows with the addition of PuzzleBall, a line of spherical puzzles in 540-, 240- and 96-piece counts with matching display stands.

RC Art

The RC Art Color Bug is a ladybug-shaped R/C toy that draws pictures with snap-on markers. Accessories for the Color Bug include a play pad that holds refillable sheets of paper and different shells to customize the look of the bug.


The character-based Caring Corners Mrs. Goodbee's Dollhouse from RC2's Learning Curve unit, Oak Brook, Ill., comes alive to guide children through compassionate play. The character's eyes pop open from behind the shutters, and her lips light up when a child rings her doorbell. The playset unfolds to six rooms on each side of the house, each with electronic features, and a tie-in website offers age-appropriate games and online activities.


Jazzles, a literary property from Readent, Islandia, N.Y., expands out of the multimedia world to include self-create toys—plush, a karaoke microphone, dress-up products and arts & craft packs.

Rhino Toys

Rhino Toys, Santa Cruz, Calif., introduces the Oball Rattle for infants; the Oball & Bat, with special “scoop 'n' store” feature that lets kids self-launch and hit the Oball; and Oball Stranz, which can be stepped on but bounces back to its original shape.

Rockabye Baby!

Los Angeles-based Rockabye Baby! proves you're never too young to start head banging with its latest release, Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of AC/DC, due in March. Future CDs will spotlight The Pixies, Black Sabbath, Kanye West, Depeche Mode and Prince.

Rocking Chair Studios

Silly Games game puzzles by Melinda Fabian are the latest from Rocking Chair Studio, Kintnersville, Pa. Pieces can be mixed to create silly creatures, critters or vehicles. Twelve-piece puzzles include Silly Critters, Silly Butterflies, Silly Creatures, Silly Vehicles, Silly Dinosaurs, and Silly Cats and Dogs.

Room It Up

New room decor and lifestyle items from Room It Up, Stuart, Fla., include a Roller Duffle; Mini Backpack; Lunch Tote; Beach Towel Sets and Lap Desk.


A life-size Batman from Roommates, York, Pa., will guard any room. Other new peel and stick appliqué kits include Barbie, jungle animals and Hoppy Pond, a design featuring frogs in a pond surrounded by flowers and butterflies.


New active play products from Anderson, S.C.-based Roylco include Busy Bodies Exercise Cards, Body Poetry: Animal Action Cards and Yoga Cards. Also debuting are the Scents Sort Match-Up kit, the Animal Dominos matching game and Touch and Reveal math flash cards.


Imported from Holland by Texas-based Marathon Sales, RS2Play's Brickadoo is a construction system that builds complete structures one brick at a time. Sets include a trowel, mixing bin and base plate, press-out figures, and furnishings. Base plates from separate kits fit together to create a city.

Russ Berrie

Oakland, N.J.-based Russ Berrie introduces Dance Party plus, dressed in authentic attire from the '40s through the '70s. In the Shining Stars line, new plush includes Ballerina Bichon; Bats; Birthstone Bears; Fourth of July Eagle; Easter Friends; Graduation Owl; Autograph Graduation puppies made of canvas; Holiday Friends for Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day; and an Activity Tote that also serves as a plush carrier.


New York-based Sababa Toys introduces NBA Electronic Shootin' Hoops Basketball, featuring sculpted likenesses of several NBA All-Stars. The company will also debut All About Baseball, the first adult-specific trivia game licensed by MLB; Mythology: The Game; and Blurt, a fast-paced word game. Other new items will include Clearly Puzzled, a line of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles imported from Japan; licensed Hello Kitty desk accessories that double as playsets and a new wireless version of Kenner Toys' Snoopy Toothbrush circa 1972, following its uccessful re-marketing of vintage Fisher-Price toys.


The Bugabike from Sabamba, Montreal, helps kids get used to a two-wheeled bike without resorting to training wheels thanks to a pedal-less design that keeps kids feet close to the ground, ready to restore their balance when needed.


New collectible figures from Safari, Miami Gardens, Fla., include Mythical Realms Sea Dragons taken from Greek mythology; Rodeo Bill in Frontier Land and Rancher Family in Frontier Land; Wildlife Wonders, a jumbo-sized soft series; and Kevin the Underwater Explorer, a diver figure.


Montreal's Saizon will roll out a line of pre-assembled Stikfas Action Figures, including the Black Ops Team set; the 1627 series, which offers four historic European figures; and the Darkland series, which has four colored skeletons.


Sakar, Edison, N.J., will shift into high gear with a new line of licensed Speed Racer electronics, including digital still and video cameras, alarm clock radios, walkie-talkies, flashlights, MP3 players and text messengers. The company will also offer similar items based on Marvel's Hulk and Iron Man movies. Additional new releases will include electronic math, memory games and word games and the Girl Gear Pink Daisy computer for tweens.


Sandylion Sticker Designs, Ontario, adds several wall decor items: Decorative Wall Stickers, Decorative Wall Borders, Decorative Mini Wall Stickers and Decorative Growth Charts. There are also Mural Wall Stickers based on Disney properties: Disney Princess, Winnie the Pooh and Cars.

SAS Group

Tarrytown, N.Y.-based SAS Group's Light Force Floambot is a 7-inch robot armed with two light-up weapons. The kit includes three tubs of Floam, one in black and two in a new sparkle formulation.

Saturnian 1

Fun Gripper products from Saturnian 1, Plymouth, Mich., use a patented, three-layer gripper material that makes the toys easy to grab, throw and catch. The line features kites, balls, spinners, hoops, a play parachute and other designs.

School Zone

Educational publisher School Zone, Grand Haven, Mich., launches a line of Little Hand Helper workbooks (Cut & Paste: Scissor Skills, Hide and Seek: Number Skills, Tracing Trails: Pre-writing Skills); two new flash card sets with lenticular printing; and a new line of baby and preschool products that includes Clever Baby Cards, Infant Mirror Cards, Peg Puzzzle Learning Cards, See-Through Story Cards, Wooden Peg Puzzle Books, Magnetic Books, Magnetic Tins; Write and Reuse Game Boxes; and Spinwheel Board Books.


A remake of '60s-vintage Flatsy two-dimensional dolls leads off the latest offerings from Schylling, Rowley, Mass. Six Flatsy dolls debut in the initial assortment and come with accessories. The company's Peter Pirate collection includes a tin Domed Keepsake Box and an Alarm Clock.

Scratch Art

Scratch Magic Scratchin' Fashion Bridal Stickers from Scratch Art, Avon, Mass., let kids mix and match clothing and accessories and sparkling scenery stickers to design their own wedding scene. The debut themes are Island Wedding and Royal Wedding. Other designs in the Dress-Up Sticker Scenes assortment include Beach Fun and Singing Star.


Seattle-based Screenlife's 2008 Scene It? DVD games include the Deluxe Disney Channel Edition, featuring clips from several Disney Channel series; Disney Edition To Go!, a compact version of the original game; Music Edition To Go!; Deluxe Seinfeld Edition; and Deluxe Star Trek Edition, with clips from all six Star Trek series and all 10 of the Star Trek movies.


Scribblemats, South Hackensack, N.J., debuts its first Scribble Puzzles: Under the Sea and Travel with Zoo Friends. Each puzzle features 24 chunky pieces and four non-toxic crayons.

Scruncalli Dunchie Toys

Arctic Eco figures from Scruncalli Dunchie Toys, Sunrise, Fla., are made from recycled materials. Designs include Bubu the Penguin, Anuk the Baby Seal and Pantu the Baby Polar Bear. Also new are Twisted History: The Samurai Edition 12-inch figures, which explore themes of medieval Japan.

Selecta Speilzeug

A handy pacifier often means comfort for baby, so this year Germany's Selecta Spielzeug is offering Viking and Pirate pacifier chains.

Set Enterprises

Time to get connected with Set Cubed: The Curious Game of Clever Connections from Set Enterprises, Fountain Hills, Ariz. Players create Sets up, down and across the board. The more Sets created, the higher the score.


Shainsware, Los Angeles, offers one-size-fits-all recycled rubber bracelets and cuffs that fit most wrists and ankles. Kids can customize their Shains with letters, numbers and more than 36 recognizable icons.

Shocker Toys

Buffalo, N.Y.-based Shocker Toys' 3-inch Shockinis action figures will add an Indie Spotline assortment based on independent comic book characters; a Who Wants to be a Superhero? assortment with characters from the Stan Lee series; and a Metalocalypse series, inspired by the Adult Swim series.

Silly Willy Fun

Zen is a stacking game from Silly Willy Fun, Hemet, Calif., with a tower structure that moves and shifts. Players shape the tower into a state of equilibrium to complete their turn.

Silver Dolphin

San Francisco's Silver Dolphin grows its Spinning Globe series with Spinning Globe Planet Earth, a 3-D guide to Earth. The History in Action series will add Roman Gladiator. The Lenticular Series adds Space and Atlas books. The Explore Within series adds Egyptian Mummy and Pirate Ship. The Amazing Baby Series births the First Guide to Baby Signing. The Slot and Slider series adds One Little Bunny and Guess Who. The Crime Lab series offers Trap the Spy and Catch the Thief kits. Also new are 101 Things to Make and Do with Googly Eyes and 101 Things to Make and Do with Jewels.


Simtec, Irwin, Pa., introduces FunSlides Face-Off Frenzy Power Band Hockey to its carpet skating line. The game works on any indoor surface and comes with two goalie mallets. An Expansion Kit lets four people play.

Sivad Game Co.

The new Roundtable Games from Sivad Game Co., Mesa, Ariz., consists of four strategy games designed to be played on a common game board called the Roundtable. The set includes chess, checkers, wordstack and roulette.


Spring additions to Seattle-based Skullduggery's line include three girl-oriented Cast and Paint craft kits. The baseball themed Cast and Paint Signature Pitch lets parents make a casting of their favorite little league player's throwing arm.

Snap TV

Santa Monica, Calif.-based Snap TV will launch Web Cardz for 2008, with each package featuring a collectible figurine and 30 game titles. The figurines function as game pieces for a tabletop tile game and as a USB key that unlocks an accompanying website.


Soundprints of Norwalk, Conn., introduces new Studio Mouse products that encourage kids to write, spell and read. The Imagine & Write series now includes Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, Tinker Bell, Fairies, Cars and Princesses licenses. The Zip & Carry series adds Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse SKUs. The Smithsonian Alphabet Books Collection also adds additional titles, as do the American Favorite and AVMA Pet Tales series.

Sourcing International

Bugs is Signal Hill, Calif.-based Sourcing International's newest Grow-A-Head theme. New critters include Butterfly, Bee, Ladybug and Grasshopper. Kits come with a seeded head, vase, plant facts and instructions.


SpecCast, Dyersville, Iowa, introduces new die-cast replicas of real-world building equipment, including a Schield Bantam crane, a LeTourneau Super C Tournapull tractor, a 1954 White WC22 tractor cab and lowboy combination in John Deere graphics, and an International TD-24 crawler.

Spiraling Hearts

Spiraling Hearts, Huntington Station, N.Y., expands its kids' yoga activity books with two new books, plus a Mandala coloring book with activity cards set and Extra Large Sun Salutation Cards.

Springfree Games

Rush 81 is a new board game from Spingfree Games of Markham, Ontario, that includes 81 puzzle pieces, each with a unique position every time you play. The challenge is to finish a hand before anyone else.

Spy Alley

You're It is a fast-paced party game from Spy Alley, Maple Grove, Minn. Players are prompted by card to grab a cube that keeps them from being “it,” then race to reach the cube that's opposite the card before their opponents.

Square Enix

Square Enix, Los Angeles, unleashes new Final Fantasy VII Play Art action figures of characters Cloud (with bike Hardy Daytona), Sephiroth, Yuffie, Vincent, Red XII and Cait Sith.

Step 2

The Step 2 Co. offers two new play environments: the Creative Projects Table and a no-tip Puppet Theater (pictured). The new Retro Diner is styled after classic 1950s roadside eateries that features a grill and fryer, juke box and play food.

Strategic Space

New tabletop games from Strategic Space, New York, include the space-themed Star Hopper; Samsara, with a wheel-shaped board reminiscent of Tibetan mandalas; and Master Spy, a strategy game reminiscent of Battleship.


New accessories from Streamline, Valley Cottage, N.Y., include mini travel alarms and furniture, like the new indoor/outdoor mushroom table and toad stools. Also new are 20-inch Fantasy Flowers with twinkling lights and 16-inch Gnome Banks. Tech toys include Jelly Lenses to create special effects on digital pictures and Rechargeable Animal Flashlights in Cow, Pig and Frog designs.

Street Surfing

Additions to the Newport Beach, Calif.-based Street Surfing product line include helmets, accessory kits and carry bags, all designed for use with Street Surfing's Wave and Ripple boards.

Successful Kids

Davidson, N.C.-based Successful Kids' Blunders board game teaches manners and polite behavior. Books, CDs and electronic games are planned.


The Colours Collection by Taggies, Spencer, Mass., is a European-inspired assortment in a brighter color palette than Taggies' traditional pastel hues. Products include a new ball, bibs, Sleep-N-Play outfits and Love Notes blankets.


In P.U! The Guessing Game of Smells from Talicor, Plainwell, Mich., players race around the board, along the way identifying smells found on the game's cards. In Fun with Colors, primary and secondary colors are paired with associated shapes and objects; a numbers version is also available.

Techno Source

Techno Source, New York, will introduce Miss Genie for girls 6 and up, a personal advisor who comes to life on an LCD screen and answers girl's questions with help from built-in speech recognition technology. New games include X vs.Y, which pits men against women with questions like “Who knows more about the opposite sex?”; Guess What I Am!, in which players put their faces through the space of a mystery card and turn into one of 30 characters; electronic tabletop and handheld versions of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? that challenge players to answer 11 questions correctly in a row; and a handheld version of Phase 10.


Alexandria, Va.-based ThinkFun offers Ducks in a Row, a two-player strategy game; Chocolate Fix, a Sudoku-like card game; Top This!, a 3-D patterning game; Serpentiles, which tests visualization skills; and The Rush Hour Ultimate Collector's Edition, a coffee table version of the puzzle game that includes 155 leveled challenges.

Three Cheers for Girls

The latest Rock Royalty collection from Florida, N.Y.-based Three Cheers for Girls is a set of lap desks, diaries, jewelry, glam kits, watches, tattoos and wigs. Three Cheers will also introduce four themed collections of accessories and giftware: Fly By M.E.; My Tunes; Birthday Bash; and I Luv Horses.


The Camp Out Adventure Playhouse from Time 2 Play, West Covina, Calif., is a 5-foot structure with room for little campers to gather around the fire. The colorful graphics add an outdoor look, and the battery-operated fan and inflatable logs simulate the sound of a crackling camp fire.

Tiny Love

Gymini Monkey Island, from Tiny Love, Garden Grove, Calif., is an activity gym with 18 different ways to get babies moving, plays nursery rhymes, sounds and lights, and has a carrying case. TummyTime Fun play mats offer seven developmental activities and come in frog and ladybug designs.


Made in Italy, the Gyminic line of fitness products distributed by San Diego-based TMI Toymarketing International includes Hop Balls, Rody Horses (pictured), Activity Balls and nipple-studded Aku Rings.

Tomorrow Incorporated

The Tomorrow Toys line from Los Angeles-based Tomorrow Inc. now includes Jellybean Friends, candy-colored and scented plush; Britepack, a backpack with LED lights triggered by movement; and Talking Mama Bear (pictured), a plush toy that plays back recorded messages when touched.

Tonner Doll Co.

Tonner Doll Co., Hurley, N.Y., expands its Harry Potter doll series with a limited edition, 17-inch Cho Chang at Hogwarts. Another limited doll is the 8-inch Leader of the Pack dressed in faux fur. The Effanbee Doll brand debuts Little Miss Macintosh, a 19-inch limited edition vinyl and plush body doll, and Vintage American Tiny Betsy, an 8-inch limited edition with a new “swing-out” arm joint that allows the doll to raise her arms in a new way.


A 12-in-1 set (pictured) joins the Toobeez make-your-own play environment system for early learners from Toobeez International, Wayne, Pa.

Tot-a-Doodle Do!

Tot-a-Doodle-Do! Crafty Kids Craft Kits from San Diego-based Tot-a-Doodle-Do! now include Cardboard Train, Making Your Own Play Dough and Creating an Animal Mask. Each comes with a 30-minute live-action DVD.

Toy Quest

Los Angeles-based Toy Quest will add to its Banzai line with the BlackOut Tunnel Water Slide; BlackOut Blast Water Slide; Color Stream Battle Blaster; Cyclone Twist Water Slide; Croc Chomp Water Slide; and the Skimboard Surfer. The new NFL Probots (pictured) are 8-inch-tall pro football action figures from the future. The SpyClops Camera Copter is an R/C helicopter that features an integrated digital camera that records video directly to any SD card. The Tekno line expands with Newborns, life-like pets that express their emotions. K9 Cubes are poseable dogs living in a cubic world. New to the Mad Science line are the Alternative Energy Race Set, Electromagnetic Cannon, Supreme Light and Optics Machine and the Electricity Experiment labs. Planetcare is a new eco-friendly line that includes hand-crank toys, organic plush and wooden toys made from 100 percent recycled material. The Touch Table EES (Electronic Edutainment System) has a 21-inch touch surface that rotates from flat to upright for television, DVD viewing or video game playing. Cuddle 'n' Connect plush dial and connect kids to mom or dad's cell phone with a simple squeeze. Splat Bugs spray water.

Toy Vault

London, Ky.-based Toy Vault launches products based on '80s cult classic, The Princess Bride, including a game, plush, dolls and talking keychains.


Cooper City, Fla.-based Toyriffic's army keeps growing. Its Covert-Ops brand adds two WWII series 12-inch figures, a U.S. Army paratrooper and U.S. Marine Private 1st Class. Its Viet Nam series debuts with a circa-1968 U.S. Marine Radio Telephone Operator. The Modern series adds a U.S. Army Cold Weather Soldier, U.S. Marine Ambush Sniper, U.S. Army Gulf War Sniper, U.S. Marine Combat Team Commander and U.S. Marine Sergeant Major. New accessories include an Assault Boat and Command Center Tent.


The FunFlyStick, a “real” magic wand that levitates objects at the press of a button, will debut from Unitech Toys' Toysie division, Foster City, Calif.


The Bug Vacuum Set from Auburn, Wash.,-based Toysmith lets kids collect and study bugs then return them to their natural habitat. It features a trigger-activated bug vacuum with observation tube, built-in magnifying lid, two nose cones, pipe sucker and a pair of tweezers.

Treasure Chest Pets

Oversized, removable pillow heads, the TC Pets from Tuscon, Ariz.-based Treasure Chest Pets, feature foam plush bodies that organize accessories with secret compartments.

Trophy Music

Trophy Music, Cleveland, promises three rings of fun with its Circustime line of festive, clown-inspired tambourines and similar musical products.

TryOut Toys

TryOut Toys Entertainment debuts Sphereplay Contact Juggling, a package that includes everything a beginning needs to learn to balance, roll and manipulate a sphere around the hands, arms and across the body.


Night Yackle from Troutman, N.C.-based Ttalf Corp., is a glow-in-the-dark version of its X-shaped tossing balls.


The next generation of Oakbrook, Ill.-based Ty's Beanie Babies will arrive this year as web-enhanced Beanie Babies 2.0. Each Beanie Baby 2.0 is adorned with a blue and gold lightning bolt button.

Uncle Milton

Westlake Village, Calif.-based Uncle Milton continues to add tech elements to its products. New items include the Treasure Seeker Metal Detector; Robot in My Room; the R/C Skunk; the Pet's Eye View Camera; the StarScope Telescope; the Night Sky Navigator; the Deep Space Telescope and the MegaView TV Microscope. The company also adds Aquasaurs Deluxe, “prehistoric” creatures that hatch from eggs, to its core habitat line.

Underground Toys

London-based Underground Toys expands its Doctor Who line in '08 with new action figures and accessories.

University Games

San Francisco-based University Games' Colorforms line introduces the Fancy Nancy Dress-Up game, plus a standard playset, a Fold and Play travel set and a travel-friendly Fun Pocket. Kung Fu Panda and Wow Wow Wubbzy versions are also planned. In its core games line, the company will debut The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Fantastical Field Guide Mystery Game; Cro-Magnon, a game of ancestral skills like primitive speech, model making and charcoal sketching; Beware of the Dog; The American Handy Game for Boys, a game of old-fashioned task mastering; Murder Mystery Mansion; and Smart Ass the Card Game. The BePuzzled division adds a 200-piece Spiderwick Chronicles puzzle and four new titles to its Murder Mystery Party game series.

U.S. Playing Card

Two new family card games featuring Bicycle brand cards are due from the U.S. Playing Card Company, Cincinnati, the spy-themed 4-Mation and Take the Train, a quick to play sequencing game.


Old favorites Jenga and Yahtzee get a new look from USAopoly, Carlsbad, Calif., in versions bearing licenses from Harley-Davidson (Jenga) and the Boston Red Sox (Yahtzee).


Multicultural and multi-ethnic dolls from Vannuzza, New York, will premiere this year; each doll has her own story book about her life, country of origin and culture.

Village Square

New Harmonica necklaces from Village Square, Durham, N.C., feature real Hohner harmonicas, just 1-inch long, and that can play eight notes. All are mounted on a 30-inch waxed cotton cord.


Voxal, from the Midvale, Utah.-based company of the same name, is a 3-D puzzle formed by three identical flat pieces and that, once assembled, allows builders to experience what it's like to go from two-dimensional to three-dimensional space. Four styles are in the initial assortment.


For gradeschoolers, Chicago's VTech offers the Cyber Spy Notebook, a language learning laptop with more than 100 activities and a secret mission feature; and the Cyber Rocket, a handheld loaded with 40 kid-friendly brain-teaser games. New for preschoolers is the My Friends Tigger & Pooh Phone, My Friends Tigger & Pooh Alphabet Activity Center, Little Einsteins' Discover Globe, Little Einsteins Learning Laptop, Winnie the Pooh Plush Phone, Winnie the Pooh Little Pooh Beehive Spinning Top and the Winnie the Pooh Little Pooh Spin & Learn Hundred Acre Wood.

Waba Fun

New from Erie, Colo.-based Waba Fun is the debut of a Pinklets assortment for its Superstructs construction toy system. In themes like Fairy Garden, Pinklets sets include plastic rods, connectors, wheels and decorative EVA flowers, leaves and wings.


The Art Block Pattern Cubes from Taipei, Taiwan-based Weplay feature dual-color cardstock that creates visual effects to help children get familiar with actual and virtual spaces. The Weplay Rainbow River Stones (left) are colorful blocks. The Maze Balance Board tests balance while kids maneuver a ball through a built-in labyrinth they manipulate using only their feet.

What-If Productions

The Dark Glow Bear, from Toronto-based What If Productions, uses special glow-in-the-dark fabric to light the night for up to 12 hours. Three SKUs are available: Teddy-B, Teddy-Kin and Teddy-Graham.

Wiggity Bang Games

San Diego-based Wiggity Bang Games' FlapDoodle, a version of Quelf for younger kids, encourages players to be creative in performing stunts like “Invent two new ways to wave goodbye and demonstrate them.”

Wild Planet

New Spy Gear items from San Francisco-based Wild Planet include a Signal Launcher, an air pump launcher that sends foam signals soaring more than 40 feet in the air; the Satellite Listener a portable listening device; the wrist-mounted Dart Blaster; Spy Blaster Trap, a motion-sensor alarm that fires foam balls; Ultimate Spy Watch; Agent Tool Kit; and the Wireless Tracking System, an electronic motion-detector that works through walls.

Wild Republic

Wild Republic, New York, reintroduces Morphs with new animal species, dinosaurs and figure sets, as well as compatible Morphs Cars and Morphs Environments sets. Also new are new hanging plush monkeys, a Steve Irwin Wildlife Adventure Series, Cuddlekins, Blanket Pillow Buddies, Audubon Birds, Paws and Claws domestic animal toys, Know and Grow development toys, adventure box sets, wooden puzzles, wind-ups, wall walkers and puppets.

Wildlife Artists

Wildlife Artists, Bethel, Conn., unveils the Conservation Collection, plush toys with lifelike details. It will also expand its Trendy line depicting both land and aquatic animals, and a Big-Feet collection with several new penguin styles.

Wildwood Media

British Columbia-based Wildwood Media debuts Little Humbugs, child/butterfly creatures with an eco-friendly message, through books and dolls.

William Mark Corp.

William Mark Corp. introduces My Mystery UFO, a toy that uses no batteries or remote control, as well as the Copter Rocket, which can soar up to 200 feet and then chopper down to a safe landing.

Winning Moves

Family games from Winning Moves, Danvers, Mass., include Big Taboo, a version of the classic Taboo with three additional ways to play; Scrabble Me, an all-players-at-once version of Scrabble; a retro-looking Parcheesi Royal Edition; Careers, a relaunch of a game first released in the 1950s; Monopoly 1935: Deluxe Wood Edition; Have You Herd, a farm animal trading game; and The Princess & The Pea, based on the classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Upcoming brain teaser games include three Brain Ade Teaser titles. The Got A Minute game line adds a timed word game, Play On Words. The Rubik's Puzzlers line adds Rubik's Icon, with the cube in shades of black, silver and white; and the spaceship shaped Rubik's UFO.

A Wish Come True

New dress-up items from A Wish Come True, Bristol, Pa., includes the Rosetta princess dress; the English Garden tutu and matching floral halo; the Heart Princess Tote Bag with tiara, tutu and wand; the Fifties Tote Bag, with poodle skirt, scarf and sunglasses; and the Starlet Tote Bag, with flapper dress, gloves and microphone.

Woodstock Percussion

The Woodstock Music Collection from Woodstock Percussion, Shokan, N.Y., adds a Conga Drum, a four-piece Woodstock Band set and Jingle Fish, a fish-shaped tambourine.

Young Scientists Club

New astronomy/sky-themed products from Young Scientists Club, Jamestown, R.I., include Star Pilot, which helps kids locate constellations; The Magic School Bus—The Secrets of Space, which lets kids construct a night-vision flashlight, solar system mobile and constellation box; and Soaring Into Flight, a kit with activities that explore methods to defy gravity.


Toronto-based Zabazoo's Ruskshuk is the game of rock balancing. Stonees encourages abstract and structured creativity using building blocks.

Zeiger Enterprises

Trenton, N.J.-based Zeiger's imports include a Doll Carrier basket carrier, Doll Cradle and Doll Pram, along with its first rocking horse, sourced from Poland.

Zing Toys

Zing Toys, Bend, Ore., uses magnets for simple Flip-n-Stack games in themes like Acrobatz, Monkeys, Tiki Island. Zing's Chip Shotz Golfer lets desk-bound links lovers play with a tin golfer that shoots magnetic balls. It includes little tin hazards, green and moveable magnetic hole and pin.


New products from Bannockburn, Ill.-based Zizzle include new SKUs for its Spotz button maker, including accessory/jewelry kits at lower price points. High School Musical gets several tween electronics. Hooked On Phonics adds a talking pen. Sports fans get an ESPN handheld sports trivia game and a motion-sensor sports action game, X-Games digital pets that double as pedometers, and a digital camera that captures hard-to-get video and still images.


Santa Monica, Calif.-based Zobmondo! Entertainment comes to Toy Fair with several iterations of its Would You Rather…? party game, including a kids' card game and a brain teaser card game; a Twisted, Sick and Wrong version for adults; two travel-sized versions; an electronic version for tweens; and pocket-sized books based on the same concept.

Zocker Toys

Water toys are a focus for Zocker Toys, Sacramento, Calif. Its Digital Underwater Camera Mask records underwater photos and video hands free, while Seas Squirts (pictured) shoot water up to 30 feet. Back on dry land, 3-D Foosball differs from a traditional foosball table by virtue of a transparent dome over the field, allowing players to send the ball over competitors' heads.

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