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Easing The Burden Of Building A Successful Gift & Home Business

Growing and running a gift and home business can be equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. The rush of a new season brings with it a flurry of activity and interest, and when things go as planned, hopefully a substantial influx of cash for the business.

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But like many things in life, running a business is often unpredictable and even cyclical. No one understands that dynamic better than the owners of sales rep agencies that serve the gift and home industry.

Sales rep professionals and agency owners are on the front lines every day, representing hundreds of new and unique businesses and showcasing their products to the world. Sales rep professionals have worked with business owners on both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between – from businesses feeling flush with cash after a successful season to those with invoices and bills piled sky high, uneasy about whether they will have enough cash to even make it to the next season.

Without the proper cash flow management process in place and sufficient back office support and infrastructure, challenges like seasonality or large, unexpected orders can throw a gift and home business way off track, potentially even permanently. And with too many clients facing seemingly insurmountable pressures, even the sales rep agencies are at risk of bearing the brunt of these challenges.

Many successful gift and home businesses have turned to factoring and purchase order financing to give them the working capital they need to run and build successful companies. With factoring, a form of secured lending that allows businesses to convert receivables into cash, gift and home businesses get paid early for the goods and services they have already delivered. They can borrow money not only on their receivables, but also their inventory, to keep pace with seasonal demand and timelines. And when coupled with purchase order financing, a gift and home business has the ability to finance large purchase orders so there is no disruption to the company’s cash flow or their business operations.

Rosenthal & RosenthalFinancial partners, like Rosenthal, that are familiar with the gift and home industry are not only experts in the challenges and opportunities facing small business owners in the space, but they have extensive databases of gift and home customer information. This added benefit helps to solidify and expedite the credit protection process and ultimately frees businesses of potential bad debt. With the right financial partner, gift and home business can focus on improving their cash flow, without the worry of rigorous regulations or other restrictions that typically come with loans from traditional banks.

By taking advantage of the right mix of financial resources – and relying on a financial partner like Rosenthal that knows and understands the industry – gift and home business owners can remain focused on growth and capitalizing on new opportunities for many seasons to come.

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