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Kristin Sprague

What to Expect When Marketing to Those Who Have Been Expecting

Mothers are a very in-demand marketing audience, and the good news is they are not hard to reach. They are easily accessible, and they are always buying. And it is probably not a surprise to know that moms as a group are driving social media trend... More

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Kristin Sprague is the Digital Publisher at Progressive Business Media. Her role is to be forward thinking in the digital progression of their clients as well as their publications (Furniture Today, Casual Living, Gifts and Decorative Accessories, Kids Today, Home Accents Today, Home & Textiles Today). An early adaptor to digital marketing, Sprague is committed to educate and inspire by sharing simplified and successful practices on current and emerging trends across the entire digital marketing landscape through this blog. Kristin encourages you to reach out with any digital curiosities or topics you would like to hear about.
Chris Nicely

Offbeat: Film Crews Unearth Lost Atari Games

As I mentioned in an Offbeat story a few weeks ago, the small town of Alamogordo, New Mexico is the home of a landfill rumored to contain truckloads of jettisoned Atari games and equipment that the company dumped after punishing sales in 1983. Now... More

About This Blog

Forever in pursuit of levity, contributor Chris Nicely serves up a dish of offbeat, odd, and viral stories from around the web.
Pamela Brill

Thrills and Chills: Just Pretend Kids Enchanted Ice Princess

Is Frozen fever still alive and well in your house like it is in ours? Amazing how much staying power sisterhood and one cool snowman truly has (sigh…). And with Halloween just a few weeks away, we can only imagine how many Elsas and Annas ... More

About This Blog

This Mommy blog puts a practical perspective on all types of products -- not just toys and gifts -- for moms and their kids. It will help retailers understand what is important to mothers when it comes to buying for their kids.
Warren Shoulberg

Remember Retailing?

Every once in a while, you hear about a retailer doing such wonderful things that it makes you remember once again why it’s such a fascinating business and why – if this is what you do – you got into it in the first place. Well,... More

About This Blog

What gifts, et al, have to do with the shoppers, retailing and the rest of the known least according to editorial director Warren Shoulberg.
Carol L Schroeder

A Shopify Shop?

Facebook has been featuring many ads for “Shopify” over the past few months, and if you’re like me, you don’t have any idea what it is. Some new startup program, I assumed, but it turns out that the Canadian company Shopify... More

About This Blog

Veteran retailer Carol Schroeder shares her experience and perspective on the ups and downs of being a gift retailer.
Caroline Kennedy

One Day Sale Redefined?

I know that this has really been going on for some time, but recently a Macy’s ad caught my eye. The headline ran big and bold: ONE DAY SALE The next line gave the date and time. That was followed by a line in parentheses: (IT’S A ... More

About This Blog

With her veteran's-eye view, editor-in-chief Caroline Kennedy comments on the highlights and sidelights of our gift industry and the everyday world around us.



What is the most interesting new product/line/company you saw at the summer markets?

This month, we asked Kristin Winters of Cabana 19 in Red Bank, NJ, Nancy Allodi of Vintage Charm in La Grange, IL, and Liz White of Mason & Madison in Middletown, MA, the most interesting thing they found. Kristin was impressed with Triple C's... More

About This Blog

Every month in the magazine Gifts & Decorative Accessories asks three of our retailer advisors a topical question regarding store operations, customer service, employee management, rep relations, merchandise management or some other such matter of relevance to the success of their — and your — business. It’s our way of helping retailers help other retailers. By posting the monthly “We Ask” question online you too can participate and contribute answers that might be of help to other retailers.