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This Week's Picks: A Pocket Giraffe, A Citrus Candle Tin, Sweet Hand Milk Lotion and More

Find out how Cammie combats dry skin in the winter and what Lenise always keeps in her purse. Each week, our GDA team shares awesome gift picks and why they rock. Some of our favorites this week include a trusty tool, organic hand lotion, a s... More

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Lenise Willis, editor in chief; Anne-Marie Earl, managing editor; Alex Herring, senior editor; and Cammie Collier, art director, love reviewing new products for Gifts and Decorative Accessories . The team stays on top of the latest trends in bath and body, candles, gourmet items, stationery, home décor, fashion and more, and love chatting about their latest finds. Check in each week for more of their latest picks on GiftRap, and see more of the team on their new bi-weekly video series, Thoughts That Count.

(L-R) Anne-Marie Earl, Alex Herring, Lenise Willis, Cammie Collier(L-R) Anne-Marie Earl, Alex Herring, Lenise Willis, Cammie Collier


Carol L Schroeder

Show and Tell

My favorite subject back in first grade was called show and tell. This grade school version of Toastmasters encouraged even the shyest children to get up and talk about something they’d brought from home. Perhaps it was the future retailer... More

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Veteran retailer Carol Schroeder shares her experience and perspective on the ups and downs of being a gift retailer.
Warren Shoulberg

A Summer Wind

And so it starts again. The gift industry is both blessed and cursed by its buying structure of trade shows and markets. It is one that is increasingly rare for the broader home furnishings business and more closely resembles the fashion apparel ... More

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What gifts, et al, have to do with the shoppers, retailing and the rest of the known least according to editorial director Warren Shoulberg.
PBM Strategic Insights

What retail can learn from MTV's latest reinvention

Music video pioneer, MTV, has undergone numerous rebirths over its 36-year history and currently finds itself in the midst of another. Launched in 1981 with the music video “Video Killed the Radio Star,” the channel redefined musical ... More

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Welcome to PBM Strategic Insight’s blog where we will talk marketing research. This may include general overviews about research and its benefits, studies we have done ourselves, or studies we come across that piques our interest (and, hopefully, yours too!). Please share your thoughts and insights and contribute to the discussion.

Pamela Brill

Collectible Countdown

You know it’s almost Christmas when supermarket pumpkins and mums are being swapped out in favor of wreaths, miniature trees and bags of red and green candies. Seeing those holiday Hershey kisses reminds me that, once again, I packed away ou... More

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This Mommy blog puts a practical perspective on all types of products -- not just toys and gifts -- for moms and their kids. It will help retailers understand what is important to mothers when it comes to buying for their kids.