Talking Walnut

Pamela Brill
This Mommy blog puts a practical perspective on all types of products -- not just toys and gifts -- for moms and their kids. It will help retailers understand what is important to mothers when it comes to buying for their kids.
  • Collectible Countdown

    You know it’s almost Christmas when supermarket pumpkins and mums are being swapped out in favor of wreaths, miniature trees and bags of red and green candies. Seeing those holiday Hershey kisses reminds me that, once again, I packed away our advent calendar in a box that I can’t get my hands on in time for December 1st! It’s one of those kinds with pockets for each day that you can fill with small toys, candy or other trinkets…but it seems to have lost its original allure (in my house, at least). If your family is ... Read More
  • Tooth Be Told

    Twas the day after Halloween and there was much candy to spare…could this mom get her kids to brush their teeth on a dare? If it feels like dental hygiene falls by the wayside on those busy, harried school mornings, you are not alone. My kids often concoct any excuse in the book to avoid brushing. (Lucky for me, I’ve finally caught up on the ol’ run-the-brush-under-the-water trick.) Of course, if your kids are younger than mine, you probably have more control over their brushing…or do you? For reluctant newbie brushers comes The Brushies, a line of ... Read More
  • Having a Ball: Ogosport

    There aren’t too many baby toys that also appeal to toddlers. (Have you ever seen a 2-year-old shaking a rattle? Didn’t think so.) When these kids have a captive audience, they love to show off their strength, as if to say, “Hey, someday when you’re older like me, you’ll be able to do this, too.” Imagine, then, if the tables were turned and it’s the infant who’s proving his prowess as a playmate. Enter OgoSport’s Bolli, a tactile and sensory ball that’s as safe for little ones as it is cool for ... Read More
  • The Future's So Bright: Babiators

    It sure feels like summer now. School is winding down, the sun is shining and the kids are outdoors (well, if you can pry them away from their phones, that is…) While we are all set with sunscreen and cover-ups, spending time outside also requires a pair of sporty shades…but trying to find ones that are a cross between a cheap throwaway brand and designer glasses is a tough call. Of course, you want to choose sunglasses that are actually made with protective lenses, but that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Babiators are just the ... Read More
  • Rainy Day Play: Calafant

    Another raindrop, another indoor afternoon. After an unseasonably cool spring, with yo-yo temperatures making us moms scurry back and forth between unearthing flip-flops and keeping heavy jackets within easy reach, I question what’s on tap for summer. If the forecasters are to be believed, we’ll be continuing this crazy dance that hovers between hot and humid and wet and wild. And that may mean the kids spending a lot more time indoors than we might like. Before you lose your cool before it actually gets hot, consider stocking up on some fun, relatively inexpensive items to keep kids ... Read More
  • Andy Warhol Coloring Book, Crayons in a Soup Can

    Do you know what you’d like for Mother’s Day? For me, it’s an easy request: peace and quiet for one whole day…(yeah, I know. Not so simple). All kidding aside, we know what great lengths our kids (and husbands) go to to make us moms feel special. But if they only realized that they didn’t have to try so hard, it might make the day a lot more meaningful. When most moms seem to crave a little more me time, maybe there’s a creative way to make that happen. I think my local library ... Read More
  • Taking Care of Business: Critter Litter

    Happy Earth Day! If your weather is as nice as ours is today, it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fact that spring has finally sprung. If April showers have upended your outdoor plans, then a good book may be just the ticket. Yesterday, I had the privilege to read to a class of second graders for an Earth Day celebration, and one book in particular captivated this rambunctious crew. Critter Litter: See What Animals Leave Behind masks itself as an educational read with a hidden surprise on each page. Each photo spread is dedicated to ... Read More
  • Tween Talk: Cici Reno

    If you read my blog, you know how much I love books. Cultivating a passion for reading is something I have been doing since my daughters were born! With that being said, I’m thrilled to introduce my guest blogger who happens to be my almost (gasp!) 12-year-old daughter. She recently read and reviewed an advance copy of Cici Reno #MiddleSchoolMatchMaker, due out this month from Sterling Children’s Books. Read on to find out what she thought of this book and whether it’s something you might like to pick up for your own middle schooler: Cici Reno is ... Read More
  • Easter Basket Bonanza

    Have you made your Easter basket store run yet? I was at CVS this past weekend, and from the looks of the nearly-empty shelves, the Easter Bunny has already come to town! Whether you are a seasoned pro or an admitted newbie at filling baskets, it’s always fun to include a variety of options (including the sugar-free kind) for kids of any age. This spring, we tracked down some alternatives to all those Peeps, jelly beans and chocolate eggs worth making room for. For baby’s first Easter or for a younger child comes the adorable Kaloo Les Amis ... Read More
  • Diaper-Ready Bag

    With a hint of spring in the air and warmer weather well on its way, we can expect to see a caravan of strollers making their rounds. If you will be among the many fellow baby-toting moms, here’s a bit of advice from this seasoned mama: Pack lightly. If there was one thing that used to drive me bonkers as a new mom heading out to the park or playground, it was how unbelievably bogged down I was, schlepping all this stuff around. Between a clean diaper, wipes, snacks, a hat, sweater (in case of a breeze, God forbid ... Read More
  • It's in the Bag

    If I had a nickel for every time I’ve used a plastic sandwich baggie, I could cash out and skip playing Lotto. Seriously, we go through dozens of these bags every week: from packing snacks and small lunch items, to storing craft supplies and other items I can’t seem to get handle on otherwise. Part of me feels guilty every time we open yet another one (hey, at least I recycle the box!), but as a busy mom, these baggies have become one of my most indispensable items to date. Imagine then how I felt when I recently ... Read More
  • Brain Food!

    The annual school Science Fair is upon us once again, and that means it’s time to start thinking up clever topics. I’m always amazed how the lemon light bulb and potato-powered battery make their appearance every year. Maybe this year, they can head back to the produce department, and let another veggie take center stage…like the zucchini. Never Insult a Killer Zucchini! is a delightful new picture book that pays tribute to this elementary school rite of passage. If you’ve been wracking your brain to help your kid come up with a prize-worthy experiment, this book ... Read More