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Talking Walnut

Pamela Brill
This Mommy blog puts a practical perspective on all types of products -- not just toys and gifts -- for moms and their kids. It will help retailers understand what is important to mothers when it comes to buying for their kids.
  • Time Flies: Maple Landmark My Activity Clock

    “Tempus fugit,” my grandfather used to say. For those unschooled in Latin, the expression means time flies, with the implication that you’re having fun, of course. I wish I could say this is the case for my 6-year-old, but she’s already crying the boredom blues…and it’s only the second week of summer vacation! When I tell her we’re heading to the beach, she reminds me that we “did that already.” To the library? “I already have enough books.” (Not a phrase I could personally ever relate to.) Well, since this kid has her eye on ... Read More
  • Designer Denim: Peaceable Kingdom Jean Tats

    How cool are your blue jeans? Probably not as hip as you’d like them to be (seriously, my mom jeans could use a makeover). If you happen to have some crafty tweens who are already crying the summertime blues, but are way past the Rainbow Loom craze, have we got a product for them (and you)! Peaceable Kingdom’s Jean Tats are a simple way to update your favorite pair of jeans without involving any tears, rips or dye jobs. Easy as pie, these tattoos don’t require any special tools or any hard-to-follow instructions either. Simply cut them ... Read More
  • Crafternoon Special: Elmer’s Early Learners

    Here we go: summertime in the suburbs, and that means plenty of afternoons spent leisurely lounging by the pool and making my way through a long list of beach reads undisturbed…NOT! With two kids about to descend upon my daily routine of quiet and productivity, that fantasy is about to be shattered. Because my creative kindergartner will be with me for much of her summer break, we’ve got to get those creative hats on and start thinking. I tend to look for craft supplies that don’t require too much parental supervision (not only to encourage her independent ... Read More
  • On Golden Pond: The Lake Where Loon Lives

    My aunt and uncle have a summer house in New Hampshire, a place I remember from my childhood as one of peace and tranquility. While nature was all around us, it was the stillness of the lake, momentarily shattered by the cry of the resident loons, that I am able to recall instantly. If you’re not familiar with this species of bird, you come to know them by their haunting call, one that lingers long after you’ve packed up and gone home for the summer. So when I received my copy of The Lake Where Loon Lives, I ... Read More
  • Head First: Rubber Duckie and Friends, Aden + Anais Shampoo and Conditioner

    If your baby’s first bath was a momentous milestone, imagine what her first shower will be like someday. My own daughter’s transition from bath to shower was a bit late in the game (she was especially fearful of the water continuously hitting her face), but if Rubber Duckie & Friends had been around, the experience probably would have been a lot less traumatic…for both of us. Playfully designed in the likeness of a rubber duck, frog or other smiling-faced animal friend, this removable head attaches easily to any shower arm for an independent shower-taker, or it can ... Read More
  • And the Crowd Goes Wild: World Cup Soccer-Themed Toys

    Right now, I’m in Brazil (mentally speaking, of course). While I wish I were relaxing on one of their beautiful beaches, the place I’m in is a far cry from the sandy shore. We’re packed in like sardines at the Sao Paulo stadium, but hey, it’s worth it just to see J. Lo and Pitbull in the midst of an Amazon rainforest made up of walking trees and dancing flowers…Poof! I’m wide awake now, but as they say, a mom can dream, can’t she? If you or your kids want to live out ... Read More
  • A Bright Idea: Kushies Night Lights

    This past weekend, I did not have one of those ‘lightbulb moments’ in parenting. After returning from a quick sojourn to the beach with the kids, I failed to pack up my daughter’s nightlight that I had remembered to bring along in the first place…and only realized my blunder at bedtime. (Mind you, this is a kid who can not, will not live without some semblance of light in her bedroom.) In a pinch, we wound up swapping another nightlight in its place, but only temporarily, natch. I keep thinking that if we had a nightlight that stood ... Read More
  • Drink Up, Dad: Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Next weekend is Father’s Day…have you picked out a tie yet? Yes, we know it can’t be easy for to buy something for the guy who has everything…and it’s even more challenging if he’s not into golfing, grilling or playing with his big-boy tools. To add a little spice to his day, why not go a la Boardwalk Empire and pick up some hand-crafted moonshine? Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine makes 10 different flavors passed down from old family recipes, and packs them in moonshine jugs and jars that make extra-special gifts. From Original Moonshine ... Read More
  • Kid Biz: 101 Bizainy Summer Activity Kits

    The ice cream truck has been making its rounds in our neighborhood, signifying the unofficial start of summer. The unmistakable sound of that piped-in music seems to act as a siren call for my 10-year-old, a budding entrepreneur who is eager to drag out a table and chairs and set up a makeshift lemonade stand (thankfully, we have very kindhearted, generous neighbors). Even though she considers herself a seasoned veteran when it comes to selling summertime refreshments, it couldn’t hurt to learn a thing or two about making her business even more successful. If you have a kid destined ... Read More
  • Just Chill: The Coolit

    When my younger daughter was a toddler, she loved eating a bowl of soup…but the soup didn’t always love her. She’d scoop up a spoonful of hearty noodles, shovel it into her mouth and scream bloody murder because it was “tooooo HOTTT!!!” No matter how long I kept vigil over the stovetop, I could never get that temperature just right (even the ever-fickle microwave couldn’t quite master temperature effectiveness). It seemed I was doomed for a life of servitude: forever blowing and waving frantically over piping hot bowls…until my mother casually suggested tossing in a ... Read More
  • Sayonara Summer Slide: Play and Learn with Wallace

    In just a few short weeks, I’ll have a kindergartner graduate home for the summer. She’s learned so much this past year, and I can only imagine how much she’ll absorb once first grade starts up. Because our school district has a half-day kindergarten program, we supplemented her education with an enrichment program a few days a week: a great way of extending the learning and enabling her to grasp new concepts not covered by the Common Core. Sure, summer gives us a breather when it come to the frenetic pace of the daily grind, but I ... Read More
  • Satisfying Read: Hannah's Night

    My favorite kind of books are picture books. I could spend hours in the children’s department of a bookstore, leafing through the pages of the gorgeous illustrations and uncomplicated verse. It won’t matter if my kids eventually outgrow these books, as I keep them on my own bookshelf just to peruse when I have a moment to dream and wonder. After all, isn’t that what a good book is supposed to do: allow you to enter a new world and escape reality for the time being? It doesn’t matter if that place is familiar or foreign ... Read More