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Pamela Brill
This Mommy blog puts a practical perspective on all types of products -- not just toys and gifts -- for moms and their kids. It will help retailers understand what is important to mothers when it comes to buying for their kids.
  • Stuff My Basket: Rabbids, Squeakaboos

    Less than one week until Easter; are your baskets ready for stuffing? Gone are the days when I was a kid, and chocolate bunnies and jelly beans would suffice. Ever since the Easter Bunny has stepped things up a notch to include toys and other goodies, we’ve been on the hunt ourselves in search of fun favors. If you happen to have a new baby in the family this spring, you’ll want to make this Easter egg-stra special (and candy-free). We love the Squeakaboos line from Babalu. These brightly colored, soft plush rattles are sized just right ... Read More
  • Songs for Sleepytime: Laurie Berkner Lullabies

    When I first heard that Laurie Berkner was releasing her first-ever lullaby album, I practically ran to put on my PJs and jump into bed. Having spoken with her on the phone for an article in a local parenting magazine, I can instantly recall her soothing voice, one that would be ideal for assuring a good night’s sleep for any tired tyke. Sure enough,  Laurie Berkner Lullabies offers up plenty of reasons to grab a blankie and settle down for the night. Among our favorites are  “Fireflies,” a nod to our favorite season and its magical creatures, and “Pillowland ... Read More
  • Having a Ball: Hasbro Nerf Blast Ball

    Get a grip already, Mother Nature! What’s with the one nice day that taunts us with sunny skies and mild temps…only to be faced with tomorrow’s promise of cold rain and highs in the low 40s? It’s making everyone a little bit stir crazy, and I’m not just talking about the kids! Well, if there’s anything this erratic season is teaching us, it’s to seize the day and take advantage of the outdoors whenever the weather permits. Today was one of those days meant to spent outside, so after homework time, we happily ... Read More
  • A Summer State of Mind: Ocean Charms Jewelry-Making Activity Kit

    We don’t know about you, but we’re having a hard time trying to get out of this winter rut. Sure, the calendar says spring, but it feels more like January. To help turn our thoughts to warmer weather, we decided to head to the beach…well, maybe not yet, but at least the sand and sea can inspire us to be creative. We had a chance to check out the Beach and Nature Company’s Ocean Charms Jewelry Making Kit , and loved what could be made in one afternoon, in any season. This all-included kit contains everything needed ... Read More
  • Self-Soothing Special: Love to Dream Swaddle Up

    A show of hands: How many of you swaddle your baby? If you’re a new mom looking for a way to comfort your little one, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of swaddling (how it can help babies fall asleep and stay asleep). But what you may not know is that the more natural way for your baby to sleep isn’t with her arms at her side, but with her arms UP. Studies have shown that giving babies access to their arms and hands enables them to self-soothe, and may help prevent them from rolling onto their ... Read More
  • Hog Heaven: Peppa Pig My birthday Party DVD

    When it comes to favorite pigs, Miss Piggy will always be at the top of my family’s list. But coming in at a close second is none other than Peppa Pig, the precocious preschooler from across the pond whose everyday antics add up to a ton of fun. Both my girls enjoy her show on Nick Jr. (even if the 4th grader refuses to admit it!), as they tune in to find out what type of mischief (er, fun) Peppa and her brother George will get into this time. Now, for the first time in the U.S., Peppa ... Read More
  • How Sweet it Smells: Yankee Candle Peeps Marshmallow Chicks

    Walk into any supermarket, drug store, Target or Walmart these days, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a seasonal aisle that’s not overrun by Marshmallow Peeps. This well-loved Easter basket confectionery has expanded from its color palette from traditional yellow, into a vast array of rainbow-bright chicks that have now commanded their own designated section on store shelves. (Whoever said it was bunnies that multiply?). As if the love of all things Peeps couldn’t grow much bigger, Yankee Candle has just released a Peeps Marshmallow Chicks candle just in time for Easter. One whiff of this scented ... Read More
  • Falling for New Kids’ Shows: Nickelodeon 2014-15 TV Line-Up

    We always get psyched when TV shows make their debut. For the grown-ups, we’re head over heels for True Detective and holding our breath for Believe. For the kiddos, there’s a slew of new educational and entertaining TV series coming to Nickelodeon later this year/early 2015, with plenty of crowd-pleasing choices for your favorite preschooler. (We’re particularly excited for the latest Fresh Beat installment!) Here’s the scoop on what to watch and when: Dora and Friends: Into the City!  is set in a fictional, pan-Latino city, where Dora is 10 years old, in school and ... Read More
  • Lunch in a Single Bound: Superme! Cape Lunch Bags

    Do you know a kid who’s bogged down by their bag? I see it nearly every day when kindergartners can barely manage to traverse the steep step up on the bus, thanks to a bulky backpack. It’s even more heartbreaking when it’s a preschooler who seems to be toting enough luggage for an overnight flight than a half day at school. And a lunch bag to the mix, and you’ve got a date with the chiropractor in your kid’s near future. Maybe that’s why we like SuperMe! bags so much. It’s perfect for ... Read More
  • Slumber Soundtrack: Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown

    When both of my girls were younger, Goodnight Moon was our go-to read. No matter whether they’d been angels all day, or if my nerves were frazzled by nightfall, this classic bedtime tale was a constant in our home, one whose repetitious verse and soothing imagery offered them as much comfort as it did me. So naturally, when we were given the opportunity to review the latest Margaret Wise Brown treasury, we jumped at the chance, and when we found out the origin of its publication, it made the experience all the more special. Goodnight Songs is a collection ... Read More
  • Quick Read: Carex Digital Pacifier Thermometer

    For a new parent, there’s nothing more frightening than the first time your baby has a fever. When my daughters were infants, the sight of their beet-red faces, along with their heartbreaking cries, was enough to send me over the edge. And trying to take their temperatures to confirm my fears? Truly scary for this mom. While there have been plenty of innovations in the thermometer category over the years, I wished I’d been able to take advantage of the latest development. Pacifier thermometers are the answer to the prayers of any parent who dreads the mere thought ... Read More
  • Go Out and Play: Diggin Active Squap Extreme

    Can we fast-forward to spring already? These 20-degree mornings are getting boring already, and my kids REALLY need to get outside and be...well, kids. Remnants of dirty snow doesn't lend itself well to sledding, and it's still too cold for bikes and scooters. With the forecast calling for near 50-degree temperatures this Saturday, you can bet your bippy I'll be shuffling those kids out the back door faster than you can say springtime. Because no parent is immune to the cries of "but there's nothing to dooooo...," may we offer a suggestion? Diggin Active's ... Read More