Gifted Stories

Diane Falvey
From retailers to manufacturers and all of the players in between, in the gift industry everyone has a story. Some stories are heartfelt, others are about the business of “gifting.” Some stories are even a little bit controversial. Editor-in-chief Diane Falvey wants to share those stories, and the business insights that come along with them, with our Gifts and Dec readers.
  • Want to Learn More About Our Gifted Women?

    In the June issue, Gifts and Decorative Accessories featured interviews with nine women at the top of their fields in the gift industry. We had such great conversations with these women, but space is limited in a magazine, so we featured the highlights. Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting the full interviews from our conversations here on because the insights and stories these women shared were nothing short of inspiring. Look for them on Wednesdays and Fridays. We kick off the interviews today with Dorothy Belshaw. Click here for her full interview. Read More
  • Tell Us Your Story, Today!

    You’ve heard about the REAs? The Retailer Excellence Awards? Well this year is Gifts and Decorative Accessories' 64th annual REA event, and we want you! We want you to tell us your stories. Independent retailing can certainly be full of challenges. And we know that you have to be smart, creative and willing to take action when opportunity strikes. Wouldn’t you like to share that information with your peers? Then enter, here, and tell us about yourself. We want to know: How did that redesign help bring more traffic into your store or increase sales? And what did ... Read More
  • From Startup to Success: Hot Skwash

    I met Daria Knowles, the founder of Hot Skwash, at this January's Las Vegas Market. Her temporary showroom was so busy, we had time for a quick handshake and a quick “We’ll talk soon.” When we caught up on the phone a couple of weeks later, Knowles told me Hot Skwash came about as she turned to her creativity to make money from home. “I was a stay at home mom and an avid knitter. I started to think, ‘What can I make?’” Knowles said. At first she tried crocheted mohair flowers with vintage pins. Next it was ... Read More