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Consumer Rebirth

November 6, 2009

There is no longer any doubt in my mind that the American Consumer is coming back strong - and the Gift Business will do just fine.
I say this because I read a survey that might seem pessimistic on the surface;  According to Hart Research Associates; "63% of U.S. Consumers say the way they spend and save has changed permanately". 

My first thought is; What the heck are the other 37% thinking?

My second thought is; I know this is phoney. 

In 1990, during some transient Green movement (remember those global Earth Day celebrations?), 80% of Americans said they would dramatically alter their consumption to benefit the environment.  That year Ford introduced the first SUV, the Explorer.  The Hummer followed soon after, as did larger homes, higher fuel bills, bottled water, electronic gadgets loaded with exotic metals, and our support of the super-polluting countries like China.   All that within an epic wave of gross over-consumption.

So if 20% of the non-greenies could launch that party, think what a stimulus the 37% of non-savers have in store for us.  I predict that this phoney savings wave will be replaced faster than my latest disposable smartphone.