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New Product Disaster

August 18, 2009

I recently worked with a company (a great company) who hired a fancy-pants marketing guy and sold a huge big-box program.   Sounds good right?   Well they fumbled on the execution and got ALL the product back.   This killed their cashflow, clobbered their credibility with their bank and forced them into a turnaround. 

Talk about Hero-to-Zero. 

The turnaround was highly successful and 10 months later they are posting healthy profits with solid cashflow. 

Selling, developing, marketing, designing – that’s the fun part of this business.   Big plans, big PO’s and big notches in our belt are stuff our dreams are made of.  

Execution, project management, accountability, dotting I’s and crossing T’s – BORING!   And missing these are the things are what nightmares are made of.  

Mistakes are part of business and part of being human.   And very few mistakes are fatal.  In fact, the only consistently fatal mistake I see in business is not getting help (forced or voluntary) when needed.    As we prepare for the recovery, think through your moves carefully, as this is the worst time to stumble.


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