World Largest Rubber Ducky Arrives in U.S.; shouldn’t we be celebrating?

October 8, 2013

It seems to me that the arrival of the world's largest rubber ducky should be a major event for the toy industry. On September 27, Florentijn Hofman, a Dutch artist, towed his 40 foot creation down the Ohio River to Pittsburgh, its first port of call.

Is it just me, but isn't Pittsburgh an odd first stop and shouldn't we in the toy industry have made its arrival into a major toy event? No offense to Pittsburgh but it is an inland city and New York or San Francisco would have seemed to have been the more logical entry point.

The Rubber Ducky was invented by the legendary L.T. Lam and continues its iconic existence thanks to characters like Ernie of Sesame Street and people like Craig Wolfe, owner of Celebriducks. Whether fully inflated as in its Pittsburgh debut or half-inflated in the case of its Hong Kong unveiling, it's a big story.

Maybe the TIA should make contact with Mr. Hofman and make sure that the toy industry has a presence at each of its visits. I think that would be a "ducky" idea (groaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn). What do you think?