Pamela Brill

And Many More: Poppy Cat Birthday Treasure DVD

May 14, 2014

Poppy CatIt’s my younger daughter’s 6th birthday today, so it seems only natural that I asked her to help me review a new DVD that was not only about birthdays, but that stars one of her favorite characters. The Poppy Cat: Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures DVD stars the beloved kitty from the Sprout TV series by the same name who is making her video debut. In this 80-minute release of seven episodes, Poppy and her gaggle of animal friends are again off on a fantasy trip, as they journey through magical lands and meet new friends. The reason this series is such a hit, in our humble opinion, is because it allows kids with big imaginations to feel right at home–and this DVD follows this same path. In the title episode, “Birthday Treasure,” Poppy celebrates her birthday in a magical way, as she receives a treasure map as a gift, which prompts her and her best buddies to discover a treasure trove of surprises. Other memorable episodes include “Bad Robot” and “Marshmallow Mines,” a favorite of my sweet-toothed daughter. No matter where Poppy and her friends go, pack your imagination and join them.

In a Nutshell: A delightful DVD for Poppy Cat fans and anyone who loves the world of make-believe.