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Carol L Schroeder

Thank You So Much

January 14, 2013

Compendium Thank Yous"Show appreciation to those who make your business possible: your employees." This is the lead-off slogan for a 2013 campaign entitled A Thankful Life being spearheaded by the Seattle-based gift and stationery vendor Compendium. The company's goal is to inspire the writing of 1 million thank you notes, and they suggest that you start by writing one to each of your employees.

Here are Compendium's tips on how to make these notes to your staff particularly meaningful:

  • Be Specific. Mention a contribution that your employee made to the store. Did they handle orders quickly? Did they address each customer with a smile? Personal details show that you notice and appreciate their efforts.
  • Choose Strong, Positive Phrases. Go beyond a simple "thanks" with statements such as "Time is precious. Thank you for sharing yours." and "You inspire those around you."
  • Consider Adding a Quote. A thankful quotation can bring a touch of inspiration to your note. Examples include "A good person is a gift to the whole world." and "Some pursue happiness. Others create it."

Compendium's web address, reflects the company's approach to business. Their products, which include journals, desk accessories, children's stationery, gift books, greeting cards and boxed notes, often include motivational quotes like those they recommend for showing your gratitude to your employees. Most of their products are printed on recycled paper, which our customers consider a plus. Compendium was recently recognized as the Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business, and you can learn about their efforts to help the environment and their community in this short video.

As part of Compendium's A Thankful Life Campaign, they are offering their customers a free box of note cards, according to marketing coordinator Angeline Candido. Compendium will also be sending out special monthly tips and stories on living a life of gratitude. You can sign up for their emails by sending a message to with the subject line "A Thankful Life Email". And I hope this will count toward their goal of 1 million notes: I'm thankful to Compendium for their good work, and for sharing their gratitude ideas with all the shopkeepers who read this blog!

Due to trade shows and other travels, there will be no Specialty Shop Retailing blog entry for the week of January 28.