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Pamela Brill

Gung Hay Fat Choy: Blue Orange Games

February 1, 2012

Bllue Orange GamesHappy Chinese Year! In our house, we don't just celebrate this holiday by munching on egg rolls, but trying to immerse ourselves in a bit of culture. That means picking up some special library books for bedtime, wearing red (for good luck, of course) and seeking out games like Dragon Face. If you're a checkers or chess player, you'll appreciate this game of strategy. But there's a bit of a twist to this version: when you jump over your opponent's piece, you not only capture it, but with a flip of a disc, the piece becomes your own. Because, like most holidays, Chinese New Year is largely about celebrating with loved ones, Dragon Face is a great excuse to make a Family Game Night. This is a beautifully designed game that deserves to be played all year long.

In a Nutshell: In honor of the Year of the Dragon comes a game that any chess/checkers player will relish. Polish off your Chinese New Year festivities with fortune cookies, tea and Dragon Face

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