Suburban Hill's Poland/Czech Republic Tour Continues

November 28, 2011


Editor's Note: Suburban Silk/Suburban Hill's Edward Vanegas and Paul Changsingthong are off on buying adventures once again - this time to Poland and the Czech Republic to scout the popular holiday markets, as well as see the sights. Once again, they share their adventures and observations.


Thursday, November 24

• Took a city bus for $1.00 to a nearby city/town for a great 3-hour tour of the Salt Mines. These natural sea salt mines are 1200 years old. Discovered by villagers who used up the salt from a nearby spring, they began to dig and within 15 meters found a vein of salt. Those early villagers and miners over 800 years created the world's larger deposit of salt...Using pick axes, the miners carved out the salt for delivery to the surface 400 ft above. Now empty carvern rooms are toured by guides with small groups... amazing....

see you all soon, leaving in the morning for short flight to Prague, Czech Republic....

Krakow Old Town
Krakow Old Town
 Krakow Old Town at nightKrakow Old Town at night
 Krakow Salt MineKrakow Salt Mine Salt Chandelier
Salt Chandelier in Krakow Salt Mine

Salt Chamber Hall

Friday, November 25

• We are the intrepid travelers. Arrived early 7 am to the Krakow airport for our flight to Munich, connecting to Prague... but... fog, fog... No planes in or out. All flights for morning cancelled. We wait for 1pm to fly direct to Prague; we may actually arrive before our earlier flight. Waiting at Lufthansa Star Alliance lounge for the morning.

Saturday, November 26

• Prague, what a truly amazing place on earth. When we walk the streets of Philadelphia we love our 250-year history; today we are walking cobblestone streets that are 1,000 years old and the churches, museums along the way prove it. We are on a great free walking tour with about 20 people from around the world. The Christmas markets are all set up and ready for the tree lighting tonite at 7:15pm. Though we understand there was some trampling of people last year because many thousands came out and filled the historic clock tower square. The ornaments. The Czech foods ... We take a walking tour of the great castle later today.

• It's cold, but doable, long underwear, turtleneck sweaters, down jackets, knit caps and gloves; we walk a lot which helps. We will take a tour of the 1300-year-old Prague Castle in the morning. Tonight's schedule is to watch the tree lighting, have hot wine, (already had hot pear juice with cherry brandy), visit the market stalls for Christmas gifts to bring back to our store like carved marionettes, bohemian glass ornaments and more.

Salt Chamber Hall ... very impressive