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Pamela Brill

Her Crowning Glory

May 13, 2011

Silly CreaturesTomorrow is my daughter's 3rd birthday, and I can hardly believe it. Actually, I take that back. Some days, she tells me what to do so often, I feel like we've already skipped ahead to the teenage years! Seriously, though, I know that by the time we get to her next birthday, she'll come home from preschool donning a homemade birthday crown. (My older daughter has a collection of them from over the years.) While I appreciate my girls' teachers' efforts in fashioning these hats from paper, the paper construction never quite holds up to the wear and tear of make-believe play. What a wonderful idea to have a smartly designed birthday crown that can be used again and again! Organic Birthday Cotton Crowns are just that. Lined in super soft cotton and adorned with sparkly sequins, these sturdy hats rest easily atop your birthday boy or girl, thanks to their stretchy fabric and hook-and-loop closure. Each hat comes with Velcro-backed fabric numbers 0-9, so your child can wear it to commemorate each year. And if your little partygoer has enjoyed too much cake and ice cream, just pop the crown into the washing machine and it's as good as new.

In a Nutshell: Just the right fit for the little queen (or king) in your kingdom, this sturdy crown will last for many birthdays and dress-up extravaganzas to come.

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