Pamela Brill

Three Times the Fun

May 12, 2011

EvenfloWhen you're a new mom, you become the relentless target for products that "grow with your baby." From the crib that converts to a big-kid bed, to a potty seat that becomes a step-stool, there's an onslaught of baby gear destined to save you time and money for that precious college fund. I don't know about you, but by the time my kid reaches the next stage of development, I've forgotten that the product she's using has a life beyond its intended purpose! Well, newbie moms, don't be like me and try not to miss the boat on this one: everyone's favorite product for the ready-to-play baby has plenty of room to grow. The ExerSaucer Triple Fun Activity Learning Center is a playmat/stationary center/activity table all in one. I remember we didn't take our ExerSaucer out of the box until well past the newborn stage. With this model, you can use it as soon as you like as a safe, comfy place for baby to lay on and be stimulated by her surroundings. Once she can hold up her head, turn it into an ExerSaucer with plenty of exploratory activities. And after your little toddler has become more active, she can show off her newly developed motor skills via the S-shaped activity table. Now, that's one product that keeps on giving.

In a Nutshell: The life of a baby product doesn't have to be short and sweet. This all-encompassing playtime item will become a playroom mainstay for longer than most of those other baby shower gifts.

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