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Information on gift show dates, seminars, events, travel and accomodations plus Direct from Market reports on new products, trends and people.


  • Carol L Schroeder

    Savvy Store Solutions

    Carol Schroeder

    February 11, 2014

    The Dynamics of Pricing

    On a recent flight to attend a gift show, I discovered that my seat-mate had paid less than half the amount for her airfare than I had paid for mine. Welcome to the world of dynamic pricing! Technically dynamic pricing means that the price of an item is determined by a specific customer's ability to pay. In actuality, it means that prices are set based on what a specific customer is willing to pay. I probably bought my plane ticket later than my seat-mate, when fewer seats were available on the flight that fit my schedule. The airlines knew ...

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  • What Works Online

    October 14, 2011

    Tips for Online Promotion While At Market

    Most advertisers I work with finish their advertising programs the week leading into a market and move on to showroom set up. But Web statistics from our own sites show that online traffic continues at a steady pace during a market and even goes up slightly during the event. Readers looking for the latest news, new product launches and special offers check in from their mobile devices throughout the event. Those who can't get to market, view market news videos and special market newsletters. Here are some quick tips to keep driving customers to your showroom or website throughout ...

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  • Caroline Kennedy

    Dancer in the Aisles

    Caroline Kennedy

    June 25, 2007

    A 'Murphy' Kind of Day

    Last Thursday evening, as I am packing and getting ready to leave for the Dallas gift market, thunderstorms raged through central New Jersey where I live. Lucky for me, I think to myself, that I am not flying out tonight. I know what thunderstorms can do to flights trying to depart or arrive.   Friday morning and I am up and out before the crack of dawn to catch my 6:50 a.m. flight for Dallas. I have a full schedule set up to hit the ground running as soon as I arrive, starting with one appointment, followed by a ...

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