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Best practices for independent gift retailers

Everything gift retailers need to know about display, promotion, signage, events, technology and store equipment.
  • EeBoo Partners with Shopatron

    NEW YORK – Children’s gift, craft and book manufacturer, EeBoo is partnering with Shopatron , an e-commerce service provider, to capture more consumer interest for its products, More

  • Patent Trolls Targeting Retailers

    WASHINGTON – Patents Trolls, entities that purchase broad patents with the intent of suing retailers and other end-users that allegedly infringe on those patents, are increasingly targeting retailers and costing the economy billions per year. More

  • Spencer’s to Purchase Brookstone

    EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NJ – Spencers Spirit Holdings is in the process of purchasing Brookstone, which has been on the brink of filing bankruptcy. More

  • KS Retailer Celebrates 25 Years

    LENEXA, KS—On February 6, Past & Presents, a specialty card, gift and home store in the Lenexa, KS area, will celebrate its 25th anniversary. More

  • Offbeat News: Worst Holiday Presents Survey

    Gift_survey from Tada!

    LOS ANGELES - A post-holiday survey of 6,611 online shoppers found that socks and gift cards were the least appreciated holiday gifts this year. More

  • What's New?

    That is probably the number one question asked, heard and answered in this industry. There are probably many of you out there who wish you had a dollar for every time you heard it; you would be financially quite comfortable-perhaps not like Mega Millions lottery comfortable-but comfortable enough to take the worry out of paying the bills. More

  • Tis the Season... to Plan Ahead

    And I hope you are, because that is a good sign for your business. But I also hope that you are not too overwhelmed at this time of year not to have a little time to begin planning ahead for the new year. Before you know it, you will have welcomed the new year in with a toast and then you will be headed to market with your open-to-buy in hand, ready to restock your shop with fresh inventory, and even-dare I say it-begin ordering for Holiday 2014! More

  • Gift Retailer Wins 2nd Place in Gifted Wrapper Contest

    NEW YORK—Melinda Cantor, owner of Only You Gifts in Islip, NY, won second place in the 17th Annual Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest. She was among seven other finalists chosen nationally to compete. More

  • Gifts and Decorative Accessories 25 Gifted Retailers for 2013

    GDA Gifted Retailers Report

    Gifts and Decorative Accessories' gifted retailers go international in 2013 with a gift retailer from Auckland, New Zealand, among those chosen as representative of a typical and successful gift retailer. More

  • Niquea.D Opens First NYC Boutique

    NEW YORK—Schurman Retail Group, owners of Papyrus North America, have opened the first Niquea.D flagship boutique in New York City. More

  • GDA Names 2013 Retailer Excellence Award Winners and Industry Honorees

    REA logo

    NEW YORK - At a gala affair last night, the winners of the 62nd annual Retailer Excellence Awards were revealed, along with the winners of the Outstanding Manufacturers' Rep and Retailers' Choice Manufacturer/Vendor of the Year Awards. More

  • Catholic Gift Shops Tap into More Lifestyle Products

    Victorious Lamb

    SOMERSET, NJ - Catholic gift shops in the United States are moving beyond the typical rosary beads, prayer cards and other religious souvenirs in order to better capture its 60 million-plus customer base. More


  • Carol L Schroeder

    Savvy Store Solutions

    Carol Schroeder

    April 16, 2014

    Aligning with Others

    Cooperation and collaboration are essential to the success of most small retailers -- whether it is through your local buy local movement, Chamber of Commerce or merchant association.  Now there is a new tool available to help business owners connect, thanks to Eric Groves,  a former senior executive of the online marketing company Constant Contact. Groves is the co-founder of a start-up business called Alignable, which describes itself as a free, online social network where business owners can connect, collaborate and learn from each other.  He described it as a “LinkedIn for local businesses” in a recent interview with the Boston ...

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  • Carol L Schroeder

    Savvy Store Solutions

    Carol Schroeder

    April 8, 2014

    New Rules of Retail

    “Fifty percent of retailers and brands will disappear,” according to the future predictions made by Robin Lewis and Michael Dart in their recent book The New Rules of Retail: Competing in the World’s Toughest Marketplace (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010). And as dire as this may sound to independent retailers,  it turns out that the authors don’t even factor us into their study.  They are actually saying that 50% of the consumer businesses that compete with us are endangered! Whether this is good news or not is a matter of interpretation. However their study of changes in shopper behavior obviously ...

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  • Carol L Schroeder

    Savvy Store Solutions

    Carol Schroeder

    April 1, 2014

    Minimum Wage, Maximum Concern

    Changes to the minimum wage laws will have a major impact on retailers across the country.  And yet I think we would all agree with President Obama’s statement that “no one who works full-time should have to raise their family in poverty. Right now, a full-time minimum wage worker makes $14,500 a year—which leaves too many families struggling to make ends meet, with a family of four with a minimum wage worker still living below the poverty line.” In 2013 the President called on Congress to raise the Federal minimum wage in stages from $7.25 to ...

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