PRODUCT WIRE: Editor's Picks
  • Compendium
    Life Styled
    Compendium’s Life/Style notebooks are designed with an artist’s touch for instant inspiration on each page, featuring bright, bold types, watercolor prints and painterly textures. 64 lined pages. Compendium, Seattle. 800.914.3327.
  • Cor Pendant
    Essential Jewelry
    Cor Pendant merges fashion and wellness with sophisticated elegance. Its sleek and modern design features a Cor Wick™, cleverly hidden inside, infused with a high-quality essential oil blend that’s emitted throughout the day. $125. Cor Pendant, Connecticut. 203.947.4396
  • Shbootie
    Love Your Shoes
    With Shbootie, a rainy day won’t ruin your parade, or your shoes. It’s a custom-fit, waterproof glove for your shoes that still allows you to show them off. Perfect for brides and shoe lovers. Shbootie, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Eurosoap
    Botanical Beauty
    Nourish dry skin to silky smooth with a hydrating blend of shea butter, glycerin and Vitamin E that is delicately fragranced with intoxicating Rose de Mai. European Soaps, LLC, Seattle, WA. 206.361.9143
  • RosyRings
    Something Rosy
    Apothecary Jar candles are available in several botanical scents including Moss + Mint, Basil Sweet Orange, Tilled Earth and Flannel Flower. 2 oz., $7.50; 9 oz., $17. Rosy Rings, Denver. 303.297.1951.
  • DCSS
    Sponsored Content
    Best Damn Beard Oil 3x the size of baby beard oils. Natural/organic ingredients. Smells like a walk through the Redwood forest. Made in USA. Duke Cannon Supply Co., Chicago, IL. 855.354.4438.
  • kyocera
    The Perfect Pan
    12.5-in Ceramic Coated Nonstick Wok with Lidis ideal for braising, pan frying, roasting, searing and stir-frying. $119.95. Kyocera, Costa Mesa, CA. 800.537.0294.
  • blessingflower
    Jewelry that Blooms
    The Blessing Flower is a rare desert flower that blooms instantly with just a few drops of water, and will continue to re-bloom for 30 years. From $101.99. The Blessing Flower. 800.407.2073
This week's product picks will have you organized, smelling great and looking your best, and it's not even resolution time yet.
Posted: October 17, 2016