Product Wire: Editor's Picks
  • Demdaco
    Tick-Tock Clock
    The Clock-n-Can by Demdaco comes with a magnetic back to hang the clock, as well as a flip-up easel for the desktop. Demdaco. 888.336.3226
  • Mark Feldstein
    Grill Master
    Grilling becomes a little less messy with this grilling apron, equipped with multiple pockets for easy access to grilling tools. Mark Feldstein. 800.755.6504.
  • GANZ
    Groom to Be
    These argyle socks make for a great addition to a groom’s survival kit. GANZ. 800.724.5902
  • Hydaway
    Man Power
    The Hydaway travel case provides protection for a collapsible water bottle throughout the day. Hydaway.
  • Glory Haus
    Daddy's Boy
    Sweet words painted onto a blue wooden frame will make proud papas smile. Glory Haus. 866.953.1762
This week's Editor's Picks make great gifts for men, from grooms to grill masters and every man (or woman) in between.
Posted: April 17, 2017