Product Wire: Editor's Picks
  • Heartstrings
    Beach Bags

    Heartstrings’ new beach gear line ranges in materials including jute, canvas and chambray with leather and metallic accents for added flair. Heartstrings, Auburn, Alabama. 800.560.9816.
  • Chic Buds
    Power Purse

    Featuring a built-in USB cord for easy charging in case of emergency, this purse provides chic design and plenty of pocket space. Chic Buds, Irvine, CA. 855.362.8346.
  • Auskin USA
    Leather Love

    Leather Vintage Baskets available in vintage brown, vintage copper and vintage grey colors are ideal for holding magazines, blankets and other items. Auskin USA, Arvada, CO. 888.528.7546.
  • Mad Style
    Fashion Forward

    Unique and fashion-forward, this purse features warm colors like red, yellow and a bold green, adding a touch of fun to your style. Mad Style, Broadview, IL. 872.829.2723.
  • Ezra Arthur
    Functional Wallet

    Keep devices, cards and cash safe and secured in this handsome wallet, with an outer pocket for quick access from both sides. Ezra Arthur, Phoenix, AZ. 602.326.9944.
We can all appreciate a functional tote, wallet or purse, especially when traveling or shopping. (See you tomorrow, Dallas Market Center!) This week’s Editor’s Picks lend a helping hand when juggling all you have in tow.
Posted: June 19, 2017