Product Wire: Editor's Picks
  • Greenleaf PW
    Smell the Roses
    Featuring notes of white tea, amber and cotton blossom, Bella Freesia soap will fill the steamy shower with floral pleasure. Greenleaf, Spartanburg, SC. 877.473.3653
  • Lisa Hoffman PW
    Scented Jewels
    Lisa Hoffman Earthen Warrior Gift Set features a Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Bracelet adorned with rose-colored beads and a filigree leaf charm, a Calming Fragrance Vial scented with blooming rose and African violet, and a silk sleeping mask. Lisa Hoffman, Los Angeles, CA. 855.238.5472
  • Heartstrings PW
    Luck of the Clover
    The Clover Collection is offered in a pendant necklace, ring, earrings and bracelet option, all plated stainless steel in gold or silver. Heartstrings, Spartanburg, SC. 800.560.9816
  • Mountaincow PW
    Floral Personalization
    Adorned with roses and personalized initials, her lunchbox will be the center of attention in the break room or at the lunch table. $34.99. Mountaincow, Providence, RI. 800.797.6269
  • Lucky Feather PW
    Rose Gold
    The warmth of rose gold combined with the colorful graphic of the cards they are displayed on makes these earrings feminine and flirty. $14-$22. Lucky Feather, Studio City, CA. 818.947.0496
Flowers and other plants add a sort of sweetness to fashion and fragrances, welcoming a sense of nature and femininity. This week’s Editor’s Picks features flowers, ideal for her.
Posted: July 3, 2017