Men's Gifts Abound: 11 Products for Him
  • Olivina
    He might put up with his lady's fruity body wash taking over his shower, but what he really wants is to smell like a man. This line by Olivina Men, which includes candles, body wash, lotion and fragrance spray in such scents as Bourbon Cedar and Ginger Beer will have him feeling like the strong, rustic man he is. Olivina Men.
  • mens corksicle
    Nothing says "manly man" like whiskey and cigars. This whiskey glass combines both! Corkcicle's cigar glass has a special spot to hold his cigar. Corkcicle866.780.0007.
  • Blaze rustic cups
    Remind him of that favorite fishing trip, camping adventure or lake-house getaway with a chunky coffee cup, perfect for his hands. Blaze International800.942.4929.
  • Mens Brick Soap
    Nothing makes a man feel more successful than building something with his own two hands. This Brick Soap and Soap Brick Wall Set let him freshen up, while reminding him how strong he is. Gentlemen's Hardware866.285.4407.
  • Bey-Berk International
    For the more polished guy, this barware set lets him drink his favorite adult beverage with class. Plus, he'll enjoy showing off just how prepared he is. Bey-Berk International
  • Stanley cups
    Give him an actual Stanley cup with his durable product line. He'll take his next camping, fishing or hunting trip to the next level with a vacuum-steel growler, flask and shot glasses. Stanley
  • kalastyle icelandic soap
    These soaps are natural and simplistic with only the necessary ingredients—and those from Iceland, no less. Icelandic soaps by Kalastyle, like Icelandic Kelp, Volcanic Ash and the newest Icelandic Moss, will get him clean without the fuss or frills. Kalastyle800.755.5252.
  • fantasy gifts tree journals
    Nurture his artistic side with these leather journals, featuring trees and earth elements. The pages are thicker and unlined, so he can write or draw. Fantasy Gifts914.375.6100.
  • Tool bottle openers
    Man cave, workshop—same thing. The next time he reaches for a beverage, he'll enjoy being reminded of his love for mechanics with these bottle openers shaped like tools. Two's Company800.896.7266.
  • wooden frames two company
    These picture frames have a heavier weight and woodland charm—the perfect way to add photos of loved ones to his home, while still maintaining a masculine touch. Two's Company800.896.7266.
  • skeem design fragrance sticks
    Instead of a candle to freshen up his home, try giving him a log he can burn. It's a more masculine—and fun—way for him to spruce the place up. Skeem Design215.978.6240.
This show season, many manufacturers are sporting their new lines for him. Men's gifts have become very popular in the field, and we don't think they're going away anytime soon. After all, gifts for him are quite the baffler for lady customers. From manly bath-and-body products to rustic mugs to clever barware, these fun, but useful gifts are sure to bring to please that hard-to-shop-for guy.
Posted: July 28, 2017