Top 17 Impulse Buys for Your Register
  • Cookut beerd openers
    Bottoms Up
    These Beerd bottle openers, all dressed up for the winter, would be happy to help knock off the top to a cold one. Cookut France. 800.726.9510.
  • Avenue 9 bottle opener ring
    Always Be Prepared
    This bottle opener ring is a sneaky and fashionable way to always be prepared when 5 o'clock comes around. GiftCraft, Avenue 9 collection. 877.387.4888.
  • Andrea foot spa
    Foot Props
    After a long day of work--or shopping--getting off your feet and treating those tootsies to a little pampering is a welcome respite. Andrea.
  • CR Gibson paper clips
    Snazzy Supplies
    The office doesn't have to be all work and no play; these stylish paper clips and this fun magnetic bookmark add a touch of Elle Woods to otherwise boring documents. CR Gibson. 800.243.6004.
  • Design Ideas ice cream holder
    No Shame
    Grab that spoon, skip the bowl and throw away the lid. This pint of ice cream is about to be devoured, while this ice cream holder keeps hands from getting ice-cold. Design Ideas. 800.426.6394.
  • Illume candles
    Indoor Woodland
    Bring the sweet smell of the woods and warmth of fall into the home with Cider Woods tea-light candles. Illume. 866.480.4551.
  • High Cotton coasters
    On the Surface
    These coasters put it all out in the open with honest, snarky remarks, while also protecting table surfaces from damaging moisture. High Cotton.
  • Kitsch hair clips
    All Pinned Up
    These fashionable hair clips provide great inspiration for easy up-dos and are great for ladies looking for a new look or pick-me-up. Kitsch. 855.4KITSCH.
  • Lucky Feather birthday bracelet
    Birthday Bands
    Birthday bracelets are fun but simple add-ons to make the birthday girl feel just a little more special. Lucky Feather. 818.947.0496.
  • Petal Lane Home magnets
    Fridge Fun
    Kitchen décor, especially small items that can be added or swapped to instantly brighten a room, is on trend this season. These magnets are an easy way to spruce up the place. Petal Lane Home. 435.896.9531.
  • Sibilia trinket boxes
    Upgraded Giftwrap
    These tiny, hand-painted metallic boxes are the perfect way to wrap a small gift, like a ring or pair of earrings. Sibilia.
  • Suck UK walking erasers
    Supplies That Walk
    These wind-up walking erasers are useful, but fun, too! Suck UK.
  • Up with Paper pop-up notes and cards
    3D Thoughts
    Miniature greeting cards and notepads are perfect for adding a personal sentiment to any gift. Customers can add flair to their message with a pop-up card or notebook. Up With Paper.
  • Spinster sisters bath soap
    Spinster Soaps
    These bath soaps by Spinster Sisters Co. are not only the perfect size for a quick addition to a gift bag, but they also smell wonderful and have a funny name--making them great for both a gag gift or thoughtful gift. Spinster Sisters Co. 1.844.SPINSTER.
  • Suck UK 3D notes
    Fluttering Notes
    These 3D Butterfly sticky notes can be used to make work or school fun--or even as decorations for greeting cards, cork boards or scrapbook pages. Suck UK.
  • About Face Designs signs
    Desk Jollies
    Breakup the work day with a little laughter with these snarky signs. About Face Designs. 800.742.1766.
  • Barr Co. lip balm
    It Is Your Beeswax
    These lip balms are handmade in the USA and include Vitamin E and beeswax. They also protect lips with SPF 15 and come in the delightful flavor of Spanish Lime. The Barron Collection. 800.791.4321.
We extensively cover product trends, display techniques and all matters of getting the customer to the register—with their hands full, of course. But what about once they’re there? Just because a customer is already in line to buy doesn’t mean they are done shopping. Impulse buys and add-ons displayed by the register are the last chance to tap into that emotional buyer. So while at Las Vegas Market, we kept our eyes peeled for some of the coolest add-on items that had even us wanting to scoop one up on the way out the door. Check out these top 17 impulse buys that you would be wise to keep by the register. 
Posted: August 7, 2017