NY NOW: Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers
  • Toss NY NOW
    Toss Designs’ coffee mugs featuring pithy remarks will make her giggle, sip by sip.
  • Moon&Lola NY NOW
    Easily attached to any accessory, personalization is fun and simple with Moon & Lola charms.
  • Packed Party NY NOW
    Glitter-filled accessories and attachments by Packed Party bring fashionable shimmer to the keychain.
  • Bedhead Pajamas NY NOW
    Keep four-legged friends warm and cozy with Bed Head Pajamas as they coordinate with their owners this holiday season.
  • GoodWorks NY NOW
    Gift fashionistas one of these colorful jacket keychains featuring inspirational words, by Good Works Make a Difference.
  • Finch Berry NY NOW
    Vegan soaps by Finch Berry, featuring flavored fragrances such as Grapes of Bath and Apple-y Ever After, look just as delicious as they smell.
  • Madison Bay Co NY NOW
    Pocket watches by Madison Bay Co. make great stocking stuffers for grandpa this holiday season, especially when paired with a pocket chain accessory.
  • Dynasty Gallery NY NOW
    Astronomy and archaeology meet with the world of spirits with these science-inspired bottle stoppers by Dynasty Gallery.
  • Bloomingville NY NOW
    Paired with a fun mug, tea and coffee accessories by Bloomingville make for great stocking stuffers for him or her.
  • Shiraleah NY NOW
    Packaged and ready to be gifted, men’s socks by Shiraleah come in multiple colors and themes.
  • HomArt NY NOW
    Pair a box of dog-themed matches by HomArt with his or her favorite candle for a quick and easy stocking stuffer.
  • Zodax NY NOW
    This gold cricket by Zodax will bring him luck throughout the year as it sits on his nightstand or desk.
  • Alice Sturzinger NY NOW
    Small music boxes by Alice Sturzinger offer melodic sounds for a relaxing bedtime.
  • Cufflinks Inc NY NOW
    Matching cufflinks, tie and socks by Cufflinks Inc. adorned with his favorite character or team complete his formal attire.
  • Fornash NY NOW
    Fornash’s paper weights featuring pithy remarks and personalized initials bring color and pizazz to the office desk.
  • Ah!Dorned NY NOW
    Oversized phone holder/luggage tags by Ah!Dorned make on-the-go travel fun and easy.
  • Dogeared NY NOW
    DOGEARED’s Phenomenal Woman Collection, inspired and designed by Maya Angelou, brings empowerment to her this holiday season.
  • Buttermilk NY NOW
    Buttermilk’s Crumbly Fudge comes in various flavors and is already pre-packaged for a tasty holiday treat.
  • The French Farm NY NOW
    The French Farm’s Thes DeLa Pagode teas come in small containers adorned with colorful labeling and tassels, making them great holiday gifts for co-workers or teachers.
  • Cookut NY NOW
    Cookut’s Isotherm Bottles come in multiple gender-neutral colors making them great holiday gifts for the office or family gatherings.
  • SouthBend Chocolate Co NY NOW
    Gift a bag of Snowballs by The South Bend Chocolate Company as a refreshing winter snack during this holiday season.
  • Saratoga NY NOW
    The family chef will enjoy a container of Saratoga Olive Oil Company’s flavored salts in his or her stocking.
  • Stonewall Kitchen
    Home for the Holidays scented candles and hand lotions by Stonewall Kitchen couple well with a jar of it Home for the Holidays flavored jam.
  • Annie B NY NOW
    Handmade popcorn by Annie B’s will make a tasty late night treat this holiday season.
  • Sugai World
    Little ones will enjoy organizing school assignment with Monster Clips by Sugai World.
  • Peleg dESIGN
    The Magnetic Girl by Peleg Design offers a quick solution to the loss of keys with its magnetic hook, ideal for that on-the-go friend or family member.
  • Corkcicle ny now
    Corkcicle’s stemless cups come in an array of colors, perfect for the annual Secret Santa game at the office or family gathering.
    Brightly colored containers of bubbles by Rice will be a delight for the little ones on Christmas morning.
  • Blvd
    Organize jewelry and keep it safe from tangling while traveling with this jewelry organizer by Boulevard.
  • Pink House NY now
    Nautically-themed bracelets by Pink House bring coastal flair to the holiday season.
Packed with cool gifts and trinkets, ranging from fashion accessories to office supplies, this summer's NY NOW market offered a host of last-minute stocking stuffers, ideal for spouses, the little ones and even co-workers. 
Posted: August 28, 2017