Decade Recap: GDA's 100th Anniversary Videos

100 Years with GDA

After the dust settled on Gifts and Decorative Accessories’ special 100th Anniversary issue, the edit team did a little of their own research and further discussed interesting facts about each decade. This video series will take you through each decade of the issue, including the 1920s, The War Times of the 1930s and 40s, the Post-War Boom of the 1950s, the Swinging 1960s, The Decades of Growth, the age of Millennials, Present and Future, as well as the top 100 gifts of the century.




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  • War Time: Entertaining Accessories

    War Time: Entertaining Accessories

    War Time: Entertaining Accessories

    During the 1930s and 1940s, the game of Bridge was all the rage, and it created the need for very different hostess necessities. Editor in Chief Lenise Willis and Managing Editor Anne-Marie Earl discuss game night at their house and how it differs. (Video sponsored by Kurt S. Adler.)

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  • Mountain Mamas video

    1920s: The Evolution of the Candle

    1920s: The Evolution of the Candle

    The edit team discusses just how far the industry has come, starting with simple pillar candles and candleholders in the 1920s, through the decorative wicks and vessels we see today. Video sponsored by Mountain Mamas.

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